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7 Mar 201335

'I never had to push my way into a U2 show, that was a bit of a moment.' (Bono)

Written and recorded during the Abbey Road sessions in London in 2006, Window in the Skies  was one of two new tracks on the 'U218 Singles' compilation.

As well as becoming a Top 5 hit, the video, directed by Gary Koepke, was touched with genius. A dazzling edit brings together a stellar cast of rock'n'roll icons: Elvis Presley to Marvin Gaye, Patti Smith to Jimi Hendrix, Billie Holiday to Iggy Pop. Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam are lost in the audience. The Washington Post called it 'a triumph of postmodern reconstruction.'

If you missed the video, take another look. Then tell us in the comments below your all-time top three videos for a U2 single.

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This was very moving - the combination of U2's music and Bono's voice with clips from other great musicians. So glad there are these creative individuals in the world who produce such wonderful things that fill us with love, joy and hope. Other great videos are One (trabi version) and Stay (I love the setting and atmosphere on these), although it is difficult to single out three "best" ones.
what was the question?
oh my. this is amazing. i don't recall seeing this before. top 3 - 'Streets' to this day - every time i see it, i remember the first time i caught it on MTV (back when it played videos). 'Electrical Storm,' and whenever they come out with official 'Mercy' or 'Every Breaking Wave'... surely one of these will get my vote :)
Stay top one
1) Stay 2) Even Better Than The Real Thing 3) Electrical Storm Mention to: - Original Of The Species - Beautiful Day
U2 top 3
with or without you one- buffalo version where the streets have no name- sun devil stadium [rattle and hum] the intro. alone does it for me.
mc5 in a U2 video...
i´ll never imagine to see the mighty MC5 in a U2 video... God bless Rob Tyner..
awesome video
this is a fantastic video and well made it contains a lot of my other idols too, Kurt Cobain/Nirvana,Patti Smith,The Ramones,Morrissey,Elvis,Roy Orbison plus many others :) this video made me smile a lot as i believe in that the power of music unites us all,we need music to live !!!!!!!!!!!
best 3
1. The Sweetest Thing 2. With or Without you 3. Pride ( In the name of love)
Videos In My Head
Windows in the Sky - Tokyo Concert (only time I've heard it live and it rocked) Love and Peace or Else - Chicago Opening Number (far better than Blinding Lights)
1. Original of The Species 2. Stuck In A Moment (Flys vs. Lemons) 3. Stay
Even Better Than The Real Thing. Where The Streets Have No Name. One (Buffaloes Version)
hard choice
1:Streets 2:New Years Day 3: Lemon
Top 3
1- Walk On 2- Numb 3- Window In The Skies Hon. Mention - Original of the Species
My Top
1.Electrical Storm. 2.Vertigo .3.Beautiful Day
Where The Streets Have No Name One Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
My Top 3
Lemon Please Electrical Storm
Love them
1.The Fly 2.Stay 3.Stuck in a moment
My 3
1) Even Better Than The Real Thing 2) Gloria 3) Numb
My three
1. Original of Species, 2. The Sweetest Thing, and 3. One (at the bar).
Avion Espia
My top 3
3.- Gone (live from Mexico City, December 3rd). 2.- Original of the Species 1.- Stay. When I watched the movie the video made perfect sense. Cheers!
My favorite videos
With Or Without You, New Year's Day, The Fly
I can't beleive I never seen thatr before. Super cool.
Window in the skies
I liked it , very different, love the song though, has it ever been played live ?
song with awesome background... "stellar cast - stolen from the past by... Forest Gump movie, we steal it back!":)
One of the best...
...U2 songs and a great video.
my 3 favourite videos
It's difficult to pick a favourite in all these great clips. But I've managed to make a top 3. 3. All because of you 2. Lemon 1. Staring at the sun
Are there others?
1. Electrical Storm (lyrics, Larry!, pretty girl, incredible shadows while Edge makes the guitar cry). 2. Beautiful Day (lyrics, uplifting song in the airport, Bono "stealing" an apple). 3. New Year's Day (early days, lyrics, boys playing in a freezing area, wow!)
Top 3 with Honorable Mention
Here they are in no particular order: Last Night On Earth; Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of; All I Want Is You. With honorable mention going to Window In The Skies and One (buffalo version).
Reggie Thee Dog
Love this video...
What a wonderfully epic, entertaining video. Window in the Skies along with Where the Streets Have No Name, and Please are the 3 videos I enjoy the most.
Los mejores 3 videos
1. Elevation 2. Where the streets have no name 3. All I want is you
Top 3
My top three are: 1)Electrical Storm, 2)The Unforgettable Fire and 3)Who's Going To Ride Your Wild Horses
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