In London for the MTVEMA's

15 Nov 20177


In London for the MTVEMA's

Saturday it was Trafalgar Square in London where the band performed nine songs for seven thousand lucky fans... and the cameras of MTV. Trafalgar Square looked fantastic,' reported Neil McCormick in the Daily Telegraph.

‘With the lions lit up in red and blue, Nelson shining in white light and the gushing fountains brilliantly spotlit. Striking vertical LED pillars created a futuristic backdrop to the venerable monuments, a Blade Runnerish melding of the old and new providing a dazzling sci-fi setting for the concert.'

This was what Get Out Of Your Own Way looked like.

Here's Saturday's set list: Sunday Bloody Sunday,  Pride (In The Name of Love), Get Out Of Your Own Way, You're The Best Thing About Me, Beautiful Day,  Elevation, Vertigo, One,  Get Out Of Your Own Way, One.

Sunday it was Wembley Arena and the MTV Europe Music Awards where host Jared Leto presented the band with the 'Global Icon' Award and described them as "a way of life."

"Their songs are prayers. Their concerts [are] a church. They challenge us. They inspire us. They remind us that every moment in our lives in an opportunity to rise above and be part of the possibilities of life rather than its problems."

As Billboard reported, Adam dedicated the award to Island Records founder Chris Blackwell.  and Bono reprised Stormzy's ‘Blinded By Your Grace Pt. 2' 

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My fave band ever!
I wish I could win a prize that included spending one day with you in your recording studio. It must be amazing and a heaven-on-earth experience to be able to listen to you bringing life to all this beauty. I love listening to each of you, and to all of you, you are, u.n.i.q.u.e!
Disagree with the downward spiral
U2 have yet again, put out another awesome album. I think people that diss an artist/group when they are trying new avenue's in their work, must be unhappy in general. Granted I don't care for a few of the bands albums (But I still appreciate what they did put out as its not an easy task I'm sure) however this album and the Songs of innocence album have been 2 amazing albums to listen to. Think its great when an artist does what THEY want to do and I think we as fans, need to be a supportive audience and appreciate the time, money, and hard work an artist puts into their art for us, THE FANS. At this point in their careers, U2 could of walked on years ago and not looked back but that's not who they have been shown to be and this album proves that. Thanks members of U2, for yet another amazing album!
I absolutely love all of the songs that have been released to preview so far on But, if someone told me I could only pick just one as my favorite off of the new record, Songs of Experience, I would have to pick this one: "Get Out Of Your Own Way". After one listen, the melody and all the instrumental tracks kept replaying in my heart. I love it. That bass track is intoxicating. I keep going back to listen to this song over and over again. And, it is always such a pleasure to add a new U2 record to my Christmas list. It never gets old. I can't wait to get the entire record. Beautiful work of art. Thank you, U2.
Downward Spiral
Hmmm. First listen of that song...ouch. No hit there. What has happened to this band? Driving home tonight I popped in "No Line"; will that be the last great U2 album? I saw the boys twice on the Joshua Tree tour; have tix for Vegas for the next tour. Hopefully they will lean heavily on past greatness.
Global own, too! :-)
It appears that Jared Leto ttook the words right of my mouth. This is me and U2: "Their songs are prayers, WTSHNN and Unknown Caller. Their concerts [are] a church (360 and The Joshua Tree--I am looking forward to more). They challenge us (when younger, I did have some trouble understanding some, not anymore, though). They inspire us (Beautiful Day and City of Blinding LIghts). They remind us that every moment in our lives in an opportunity to rise (Ultraviolet) above and be part of the possibilities of life rather than its problems (Breathe)." This is my personal playlist as such, not wanting to leave out all the others, because each one is unique, just like my favourite music gods ever. Thanks for existing U2!
Great performance of 'GOOYOW'. Is the full performance ever going to be shown on MTV uk.
I was there one of the 1000 superfan winners right up at the rail infont of Adam it was brilliant and i went home a happy man carrying a placard that we were given thank you U2 & MTV
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