'In the name of love…'

27 Jan 20219

'In the name of love… '

As more tracks from the band 's video library are upgraded to HD, the latest are from 1984 's long player 'The Unforgettable Fire'.

Including three cuts of 'Pride (In The Name of Love) '.



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1984 Dortmund
Hello ... I am a fan of the early years of the band, in Latin America I met them in 1984 approx ... I love their music forever, I have been with me all my life, and I thank you for that. I can ask you to complete the show from Dortmund 1984 and officially released? That or any other Unfire tour show ... Please.Pablo from Argentina
Version 3?
There is version 3 of pride, features the faces of the band members and was filmed by Anton Corbijn.
As soon as the Pride video finishes, the intro to Wire comes into my head. Glad that albums are in my head, in the world of 'shuffle streaming'!
November Tale
It was 13 November 2010 remember my name when the news came out the radio about the singing bird in an open cage, that Aung San Su Ki was in freedom: I was Pride and euforisch. I started to write letters to U2.com and they didn’t disappear! 10 years later, We? start climbing an new mountain. I listen now to a Son g of The Nits live about The Dutch Mountains. I hope for the people of Birma that the journey of eguality is without teargas! Wishdom and love from underground Oldenzaal town, Detlev Lassche. Miss You Sugar.
Excellent! Can't for "All I Want Is You"
Glad to see these videos in 4K. Looking very much forward to "All I Want is you" - one of my favorites of the whole catalog and very neglected.
Video art in special places
The remastered videos of this timeless classic have a great quality. It´s interesting to compare two versions of U2 performing in a theatre populated with a few kids and adults. Both the black & white and colour version beautifully shows the big energy and passion of young U2. I also love the one from Slane Castle, which proves the band´s preference to choose special places to perform. In the huge room with ancient paintings U2 found such wonderful and inspiring surroundings to play together.
Blu-Ray with remastered videos
Great to see U2 team is working on videos to get them HD or even sometimes 4K version on YouTube channel, but after you'll remaster them all please release them on proper Blu-Ray 4K disc, as YouTube has really quality limitations and it's hard to watch sometimes that you put so much work on such great 4K video, but on YT is available pixelized with high compressed audio. :/
Very good this project of yours. Congratulations. To improve, take the 2006 tours back and release them to subscribers in HD, 4K. And U23D (2007/2008) despite being for cinema, launch it there for subscribers, promote content, there is so much good to attract people.
4K remaster is really mindblowing!
I remember I saw this video back on 1984. I liked the band before but this song really was the spark that set the flame for me. From that moment on I was a fan of this band and the album with great titlesong Unforgettable Fire made it even bigger for me. To see this video in 4K HD is really superb. Unfortunately the video for Unforgettable Fire isn't remastered in 4K, probably due to the way it was recorded. That one is in Full HD, great to. Fantastic move from u2 to get all their videos remastered. I really enjoy the announcements for new remasters. Every week 2 or 3 videos. Thanks to u2songs.com for sharing the news on Twitter and Facebook. Keep doing this great work!!!!
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