In Times Square for World AIDS Day

2 Dec 201417
Welcomed to the stage in New York's Times Square by former President Bill Clinton, U2 Minus 1 hosted some pretty special guests for World AIDS Day - Chris Martin of Coldplay, Carrie Underwood, Kanye West and Bruce Springsteen.

Introducing the surprise show President Clinton read an email Bono had sent him earlier in the day: 'Twenty-six years ago it wouldn't have been possible to have a concert in Times Square on World AIDS Day because to be diagnosed with AIDS was a death sentence. A few years ago when Secretary of State Clinton said that we could end AIDS, a lot of people didn't believe it. But this year, for the first time ever, more people were put on life-saving medicine than were diagnosed with AIDS. We are going to win this fight.'

As reported earlier, Bono, recuperating from his recent accident, couldn't be with the band for the (RED) Thank You presented by Bank of America ...  but some pretty special friends had agreed to step in.

'It's my great honour to introduce, with their special guest Chris Martin, one of the greatest bands in the history of rock music, my friends U2...'

Wearing a t-shirt with the slogan 'SUBSTITU2', Chris was right at home singing with U2 Minus 1.
'They kicked things off with "Beautiful Day", ' reported Rolling Stone. 'And the Coldplay frontman poured himself into the task, clearly thrilled to be filling the shoes of one of his biggest influences. "Dreams come true," he said, "for young and old people alike." They wrapped up with a powerful "With or Without You," and anyone who closed their eyes could have easily believed it was Bono there in Times Square.'

Edge stayed on stage to introduce a strong set from 'the reigning Queen of Country' Carrie Underwood before Adam and Larry were back to welcome 'the most groundbreaking artist in music today'.  Kanye West was a forcefield, delivering a powerful eight minute medley of 'Power,' 'Jesus Walks,' 'Black Skinhead,' 'Stronger' and 'Touch the Sky.'

To close the evening U2 Minus 1 were back on stage and breaking into the familiar opening bars of 'Streets'... with The Boss himself,  before closing the night with 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.'
'I want to send this one out To Bono in Ireland,' he said, 'Be well my friend'. 

Here's how Hot Press reported it. 'Bruce Springsteen took on the lead singer's role, as U2 powered into a superb version of 'Where The Streets Have No Name'. Finally, there was time for an emotional 'Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' with Bruce delivering a wonderfully soulful rendition backed by an enthusiastically, vocal crowd. There was a final Irish twist too, with the Boss throwing in a reference to Hozier's 'Take Me To Church...'

Were you in Times Square for the show? Or did you catch it online?  Add your reviews in the comments below.

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U2-1 Times Square on World AIDS Day
First of all, perfect healing to Bono !!! Great job to the band, Bruce, and Chris for stepping up to make the Times Square event happen !!! The minus one really punctuated the difference one person left out can make. All God's children are precious !!! - Aaron Wolfson
I was there front row...
As cool as the Boss and Chris Martin are... only BONO is meant to sing U2 songs!
Times Square
Beautiful live :)
B´Man, YOU are the ONLY ONE!! No one else can sing like you…YOU ARE U2…with Larry, Adam and The Edge. Come back and get well well soon. The world miss you!!!
Les Waugh
Only one Bono!
Great that Chris Martin and Springsteen stepped in true pro's, but there is only one front man and voice that can sing the songs like they were meant to be sung, just didn't feel right with no Bono out front. The songs didn't ignite like only Bono and the boys can make them. Get well soon Bono you are missed.
We were there!
Well done all. We missed you Bono. #GetWellSoon We had a great time in NY with everyone, and for a great cause!
missing Bono's voice
Bono, I think you are irreplaceable...get well!
Scott Cleaver
Great job done well
I think Chris Martin and The Boss did a fabulous job over all...and kind to donate their time too. Bono is so hard to replace at the best of times...but your presence was missed big time!!! Awesome to see the guys strutting their groove :) Bless you all :) Scott
excellent job by lads!
but Bono was really missing...
great show
Pity Bono wasnt there but I tell you what. Chris Martin is great and as for Bruce backed by the 2 pure class. More Coldplay collaborations please. Get well soon Bono
well done - get well
Well done by Chris and Bruce, was great to see Edge, Larry and Adam live on stage! But, Bono, you're badly missed. Take your time for full recovery - I guess the wait is harder for you than for us - don't catch up schedules but rather make it a full recovery. Big, careful HUG to you Bono! Love, Sonja
Amazing show!
I was in the crowd for this very special day. All of the performers did an incredible job but above all else it really made me appreciate the talent and charisma of Bono. Get well soon!
Missing Bono's voice
Chris and Bruce did a good job, but You are irreplaceable Bono :)
World Aids Day in Time Square
Chris look thrilled to play with you guys but you all looked pretty excited to play with the Boss. Great cause, great idea to have the fill ins for U2-1. Hope you feeling better Bono.
The Boss plus 3!
I just watched online, there's a big and amazing show! Larry must have a Late in the future, great host with Adam!! At the end of the show, there's no U2 minus one, was The Boss plus 3! Awesome gig, great versions of a two U2 classics songs! #GetWellBono
One great night... U2´s songs were amazing played by others singers... but Bono is the man for U2. Hugs from Brazil!!
What can i say, early present again! get well soon fella, Gazza
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