'Invisible', Now Downloading

2 Feb 2014238
It's Invisible, it's a new song, it's raising funds for (RED) to fight AIDS and you can download from iTunes.  
Downloaded it already? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

And check out this film from the studio with the band laying down the track and Bono recalling ideas and inspiration behind it. 'The early lyrics were set on a train coming into London for the first time. I remember sleeping in Euston station, being broke... coming out of the subway into the spring of 1979, being 18 years old, it was punk rock in London...'

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The whole song and the words "theres no them only us" just got me. Can´t wait to see them singing :). Perfect, the best, full of magic, beauty and surprises. Just can´t stop the song.
good but not great
A good conventional song. I really love the surprising, convention-destroyer side of U2. Invisible is not a part of this one.
Brilliant Song
Invisible is so perfect. I like it since I've seen the commercial for RED.. anyway.. Thanks so much U2 for coming back.. Look forward to hearing your new album and TOUR IN JAKARTA..pleaseeeeeee..
Great song
This is a song that grows on you. Reminds me a lot of the achtung baby album. Can't wait for the rest of the album !!!
new U2 song
I really like the song, it does grow on you! A new sound, but it's U2. :-)
It's an amazing song.. i cannot stop listening to it over and over and over.. did i mentioned over? yeah... it's a great song!! can't wait so see them live!!
good song but not great
its good its nice and i like it, but if its true what edge said about it (- I think ["Invisible"], of everything on the album, is probably the one that represents the many different things that we're trying to put into the album) then im sure that the next album it don't will be a great album only like nloth, a good but an forgettable cd, i hope that edge forget the syntezisers and remember what he knows to do, play the guitar and be the protagonist of songs with his greats riffs and solos, please bono dont let your obsetion to be number 1 on charts won to your great talent, remember that roar of katy perry is in the top ten of many countries, so if you want to make songs like roar please dont launch the album and go to tour directly... i hope more from the band that i love and i know they could make it better so come on!!!!
Superb, spinetingling song!
Wow, another amazing new song! It gave me goosebumps on the first listen, even in the middle of summer here in Australia. Can't wait to hear the rest of the new album.
Eternal Beat: LOVE!
Thank you Bless you-*!!! Every consciousness that is "me" exploded, swirled and danced with excitement for this truth. Light Love God ! Eternal Beat radiating Love and appreciation-dancing, laughing-wearing dark sunglasses listening & smiling a secret happiness as I walk down the street. I love U
ive been listening to this non since sunday, cant wait till the record drops.!!!!!!!!!!
What an Excellent Tune!!!
It sticks with you just like the older U2 songs from the 90's from albums like Achtung Baby. It gets a thumbs up!!! :-)
Can't wait!
I love the song and can't wait for the new album/tour ;)
U2 is coming back
Industrial Rock , technology and punk&rebel spirit. I hope so
Amazing, just simply amazing..... Kudos to U2!!!
A promising sound again...
Listened to it a few times in a row and then i found out it brought back memories of that sweet 90's sound. Don't get me wrong but the Achtung baby / Zooropa / Pop period is still written on my soul. Hope that the new album is going back to that.
Well worth the wait!
Awesome song guys! Looking forward to MORE new material!
Sweet Spot
I wasn't sure at first. I'm so used to attaching meaning to my U2 songs. I was uncomfortable not knowing. Then I got the house to myself, cranked the stereo, danced in that sweet spot between my speakers and fell in love...over and over again. Oh what a joy. :)
W O W and the journey continues
"Invisible" sounds like somebody has become a new person with a clear look at the whole situation, after surviving a long fight within a long depression & feeling like a piece of shit. Somebody has grown and knows much better himself now and is singing out loud about it. Great song structure, great sounds, great lyrics. U2 is still U2 and again a level better when it is about quality in music with taking the high road, risk, sound, technology, style and authenticity including being close to the folks in every sense. Thank you so much for a 30 years journey with the music of "4 jerks and a police escort" like a strong friendship. Can I say that, that U2's music feels like a friend to me? I can, because their music has never left me. So many songs have big potential to grow with you and so they stay. Or I am just stucking and don't realize it lol. And this journey continues now. We expect thge opener "Invisible" is not like the rest of the upcoming new album, but we know too that this is typically for the band....ans so on blabla..... W A L K O N, you're walking the right path for the planet with O N E mankind. You still making me love it spending my money on you. If I can help make this world a better place I will.
I can't stop listening
if anyone knows a way to quit, let me know! :-D I love the use of electronics and lyrics are among the best of U2, exciting and moving!
I'm addicted to Invisible!
An industrial electronic with acoustic, dry and sharp drums, resonant guitar that really reminds kraftwerk and added to a dirty guitar progression, simple lyrics and a youthful anger that really reminds Ramones. It's another formula. So far, this song reminded me the simple way to express the feeling that on Boy, and dirtier structure of Achtung Baby. But there, unlike Achtung Baby, which is also used in the industrial sound, but had added with Arabic music and dense lyrics, there is an energy of other times in Invisible, a young punk vein with a more mature sound. I see the song as the Boy with a hint of industrial sound. I just admit that torture until the entire album is being truly masterful, but I'm sure the same way that we have not forgotten you, you will not forget us. There is nothing to question the relevance of the band. There are topics that you would like to exhibit and this is natural, natutral like being a rock band trying to make noise in the parental home, just for fun and desire to be heard. I am a Brazilian fan, excuse any spelling mistake. And God bless you.
Reinventing Music
Mixed emotions
I'm very excited to hear the new music from U2 but I'm feeling mixed emotions. The song is very catchy, positive and energetic. That's good. But the leitmotiv (is it played on keyboard or guitar?) is much too simple! Also, the opening beat feels strange. Where is Larry? Having said that, I am an old rock music fan, so maybe it was more intended for new U2 fans.
Best single since 'Streets'
Im a huge U2 fan (roughly 14' 2") and my favourite period is ZOOTV which was full surprises, I think this is perfect U2 bringing together a different approach and that heart on sleeve emotion. I remember hearing 'Streets' when it was released, and this song comes pretty close for shivers down the spine! Brilliant.
Jack & Annie.b.
Very good should grow on us. wish it was a bit longer......Roll on the new album
There is no them, there is only U2!
Downloaded it Sunday night and have been listening to it non stop. Great new song that really gets and stays into your mind! This really raises the bar for my expectations of the new album! Please bring it out soon guys! U2 did it again and will once more prove they are worth the wait!
Good, but not Great...so far!
I like it on first blush. I will have to listen to it 100 more times before I can say if it is great.
Great Song
Looking forward to the New Album
GREAT SONG!! I love the sound and lyrics. If this is an indication of what the new stuff will be about then WATCH OUT!!! I LOVE IT!!! We need this!!! Need it bad!!!!!!
tears of mars
Poi-kilos the greek word for the word manifold Grace from, 1Peter 4:10 - it says that we "are stewards of the manifold Grace of God" which means Grace on every side...Manifold/Poi-kilos = Grace on every side. This is what I think about when I here this song....it penetrates the recesses of my soul with Grace on every side.
Jon Halliday
Invisible - Perfect for this Job
A beautifully crafted song - which will appeal to millions - which is exactly what was required to leverage the max cash out of BoA ! The melody and lyric are perfect - would love to hear an acoustic version some time. Great to have this after the awesome 'Ordinary Love' and reworked version of 'Breathe' - Just loving the trickle through of new material - Great Work !!
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