The official video for 'Invisible', directed by Mark Romanek.

Shot in black and white, in a Santa Monica airport hangar, with an audience of 1200.

A sixty second clip from the video, premiered on February 2nd during the Super Bowl, launched a partnership with (RED) and Bank of America in the fight against AIDS.

In 36 hours downloads of #U2Invisible raised more than $3m.  On iTunes all proceeds from 'Invisible'  continue to go to (RED) for the Global Fund.  Download here.


22 March, 2014
Great Song
Love it. Love Edges guitar. Sick of the winges saying U2 are finished because album delayed etc. Two things will happen once album is released: 1. All the U2 fans who have criticised the band will be the first to buy it ( it will sell 10m plus copies as a minimum) 2. The supporting indoor tour will sell out in every city of every country that it visits in record time. One final point - U2 are the best band in the world.
07 March, 2014
Incrível! Increíble¡ Amazing! I loved this song! :D
03 March, 2014
F*!king brilliant. U2 always have the most original and amazing music videos. Love the lyrics to this song as well. Such an uplifting and empowering song. Possibly my new favourite U2 song.
01 March, 2014
The song and the band. <3 The guys are looking amazing, ready for a tour!
28 February, 2014
Such an awesome song and Video, I absolutely love it!!!!
25 February, 2014
It's a perfect song! <3 U2FOREVER <3
21 February, 2014
Los viejos fans sabemos que esta en constante evolución, asi que esta excelente esta nueva canción, viva México!
21 February, 2014
They're back !!!!
What a way to announce the return of the best band on the planet. Amazing sound and can't wait to hear it live wowwwwwwwww
20 February, 2014
Bienvenidos de nuevo! / Welcome Back!
Como me gusta veros por aqui de nuevo!!! Like to see you here again!!!
19 February, 2014
needs an ending
potentially a great song but it's missing an ending. it doesn't sound finished. it needs a riff or solo near the end to take it into orbit.
17 February, 2014
long time ago to see you back
greate, very good Sound, thats exactly the time now! regards from Markus in Bargteheide!
16 February, 2014
Your the Best !!
Love you guys! Can't wait for the new album. Hopefully a tour so I can see you again. Miss you . Lynette from Thomaston Maine USA
16 February, 2014
This is deadly
yeah can't wait for the new album and tour hopefully, ta ta U2
16 February, 2014
This is perfect. I cannot wait for your new album.
16 February, 2014
thanks U2 for this song and for red
I love this band of men. This song describes the state of many people, including me. I have always felt that in their songs they want to talk to us and help everyone live their lives. thanks guys
16 February, 2014
thanks U2 for this song
I love this band of men. This song describes the state of many people, including me. I have always felt that in their songs they want to talk to us and help everyone live their lives. thanks guys
15 February, 2014
Innovative video and touching song that literally strikes a chord with where I am right now on this journey. I've grown as U2 as grown. Thank you for being a world famous band that is involved in the world. You're songs have always been on point with the present state of things and y'all never shy away from the spot light when things get a lil hot. Fan for the duration, Kelly S.
15 February, 2014
sheer brilliance !!!
Great song and great video... i am even more hungry for their new album, roll on i have missed my 4 gorgeous Irish lads, especially my guitar hero Edge ♥
15 February, 2014
Great Energy
Still got it! Great video that captures the energy of U2 Live!
15 February, 2014
Descontando los días para el nuevo tour.... Como siempre, muy Grandes.
15 February, 2014
Can yoiu imagine...
...a Whole stadium using a flashlight like in the video???? Only thinking about it gives chills in my spine. I really want to have this feeling LIVE!!! Come on guys, give us a new record and a new tour.
15 February, 2014
please on iTunes video
I'm excite! Please deliver this video on iTunes. Invisible and Ordinary Love.
15 February, 2014
Energy is visible
This video captures a lot of U2´s talent to deliver stunning live performances and the archaic images of water beautifully emphasise the music´s power. Once again, it´s a pleasure to see the band build up a great connection to the audience and hearing fans sing along I remember the enthusiasm we all feel during a U2 concert. I look forward to seeing my favourite band live again.
14 February, 2014
Me and my hubby really love this song. Cant wait for the rest. And wen u2 come bac to brisbane.
14 February, 2014
Great song
14 February, 2014
I love it!! Wonderful video. I love, love U2.... Kisses from Brazil. Juliana Fortunato
14 February, 2014
yes... U did it again
i love it. singing hundred times, great work guys!
14 February, 2014
Like it so much \( ^ ^)/
So great song with wonderful lyrics, I just can't stop listening to it )))) I think, that soon all my family will learn lyrics too :D (wanting it or not ;D)
14 February, 2014
Love it
It's beautiful <3
14 February, 2014
Kickass Song!
The video does not do the song justice, this is a kick ass Song!
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