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1 Jul 20226

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'I didn't start out as a singer, for sure. And when I tried to sing like The Clash or whatever else, I just didn't have a great rock and roll voice...'

Ahead of the autumn publication of his memoir, Surrender, Bono has been the guest of Lauren Laverne on the BBC's long-running radio show Desert Island Discs. 

In the iconic BBC show, which first aired in 1942, the ‘castaway' guests choose eight musical tracks, a book and a luxury that they'd take to a desert island. Bono's luxury item is a Spanish guitar, but he says he'll have to improve his playing since damaging his fingers in a cycling accident.

"I remember saying to the band after the accident, 'I don't think I can play guitar. And they were looking at me [saying] 'When could you ever?'".

The 45 minute programme airs again in the UK on BBC Radio 4 today, Friday, and is also available 24/7 on BBC Sounds.

Here's 'Eight things we learned from Bono's Desert Island Discs' and you can listen to the show here.

Pre order your copy of Surrender here.

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Great words of music and family
As always Bono´s words are very personal, sincere and charming. The answers to the questions offer great insights into the music he loves, U2´s development, sense of community within the band and his family life. I´m touched by the memories of his mother, the grief after she had passed away and the new family he found with Ali and U2.
Don’t rush the End
A conversation where the interviewer asked thoughtful and at time prickly questions of another human being....regardless of how famous they might be. She was well prepared and at times defiant...and as Bono states, that is the essence of romance.
Concert in Romania
Dear All, Please came in Romania to sing with and for us. We all love you and we are waiting you for more then 20 years. I promise you that you will not regret this experiance. I love you guys with all my heart! Emma
Desert Island Songs
Cool listening to the Simple Minds. I bought an EP in 1981, Sister Feeling Call, definitively where Someone Somewhere in Summertime came from. And yes, god bless Welsh singing.. I was on a rugby tour of Wales in 1974 and I will never forget 30 male voices singing to us in a pub in Neath. They had beat us 3-0 on the pitch, a good battle, but their singing had the most powerful effect. Still, no Tom Waits? Thanks
A few surprises
Bit of a revelation about his half-brother. But kudos to him for keeping it quiet. Also, the chest operation - I knew there was something seriously wrong (the start of the E&I gigs with the heart monitor was a give away). Didn't know he'd visited St James, Piccadilly (they've a great vicar there). Surprised there was no Ramones track. Dylan choice was inspired. Loved the self-deprecating humour - especially about playing the guitar! Great session. Just got me more excited about what will be in the book ...
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