'It's a love song'

6 Oct 201710

'It's a love song'

Filmmaker Tatia Pilieva has created a remarkable short film to accompany U2's new single  'You're The Best Thing About Me'. 


A short documentary about love and separation featuring a newlywed military couple, high school sweethearts, a Syrian refugee family in Greece and a young couple from Mexico City.  The film follows each couple for the final 24 hours they are together before one partner has to leave.

'It's a love song,' explains Pilieva, of 'You're The Best Thing About Me'. 'What's interesting is not the bringing people together; it's the separation.'

Born in the Republic of Georgia, Pilieva immigrated to New York City as a teenager and studied film at the American Film Institute. Her 2014 film First Kiss - when she invited 20 strangers to smooch for the first time on camera—became a viral hit (123 million views and counting) and won a Gold Lion at Cannes.

'The key for me is that when these people are saying goodbye, they are still very much in love,' she said. 'I didn't want to film a bunch of breakups. I didn't want to put that into the world. I wanted to put out something positive. Yes, it's positively heartbreaking, but there's love all over it.'

Read our interview with director Tatia Pilieva.

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In this time a great message of true Love. Thank you U2, to be always amazing!!
Viva México!!
In a world so mixed up, a clear message, Beautiful, Thank You, GaryU2
Beautifully done.
Very real, very touching. Thank you, Ms. Pilieva, for sharing your work - and as always, Thank you, U2, for the amazing music.
sad and true..
it's beautiful, sad and real at the same time..very touching..
Share the Love
Just shared the video on Facebook with my wife of 24 years. Julie Sorensen, you are the best thing about me.......from the very first moment. share the video with someone you love.
Cant imagine
You can't imagine what this song (and video) mean to my girlfriend and me. Last 6 years of our relationship has been in a long distance because of work, finally getting married in December
So beautiful and sad at the same time!!! This is very touching!!!
This is a great video concept
I especially like this video because it shows various families sharing common feelings of love and anticipating missing their loved ones. Many times Refugees are viewed as somehow different or not the same as us but here you see they are just like the rest of us. I shared this video here https://www.facebook.com/RISChristians/ (Refugees, Immigrants Supported by Christians.
Very emotional. Every human feels this. Beautiful...
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