It's 'Magnificent'

18 Mar 2009223
U2's new single will be 'Magnificent' and turns out our friends in Coldplay are ahead of the game. They've been playing it before they come on stage on their current tour.

Mercury Records will release the new single on May 4th and the track has been getting plaudits ever since 'No Line...' was released.

The Times in London called it 'stunning' while Q magazine called it a 'slow-building anthem with the ambience of The Unforgettable Fire'. High praise indeed.

And as the good people of Coldplay twittered the other day, ' a truly beautiful song'. Thanks guys.

So what does everyone else think ? Good choice?

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The right choice
Magnificent is the perfect choice for the next single from No Line. It's a wonderful song and I think it will do well on the radio, and for record sales too. When I heard it first on Letterman, I knew it would come out next after Boots. Perfect!!
Truly Magnificent
I think Magnificent should have been released first. It is a true U2 song and is absolutely incredible. I keep hitting rewind on the CD player and I also think it should be the song they open the shows with. Thanks guys for a great song and album!!Love u and the music
Choice of Single MAGNIFICENT . . .
. . . a single MAGNIFICENT choice! U2 truly captures that viscerally rapturous whirlwind of Faith Hope and LOVE in their signature way they know how to do. My soul takes flight when the song plays and it never wants to come back down. Infinite, Eternal, Everlasting.
Magnificent 7
As great as the Clash Magnificent 7song... Magnificent has an highly potential great song! It is already a U2's standard. I agree with all of you , it should have been the 1st single...Boots... is too 'radiopowerable' Old fan from France (Fougères, Brittany)
What can i say it's magnificent! I hope they come out to this at Wembley! Best song ive heard in years!
Without a doubt the best track of the album and should have been released as the first single.
I must say I feel so lonely here because I think this song is definitely NOT the best song of the album, not to say the worst. To me, U2 are always choosing the worst songs of their albums as singles. If they wanted to release a 5 min-song they should have picked FEZ-being born, a much better song than Magnificent.
Chad Wise
NLOTH is a truly great album, and I have enjoyed it more and more each time I play it. Magnificent has a wonderful feel about it, and, in my opinion, is the second best track on the CD. For me, Unknown Caller is a masterpeice.
already in the Belgium charts!
Magnificent entered the Belgium top50 charts already2 weeks agoand was the biggest climer the week after (only by downloadsellings). Magnificent was also my favourite song (great intro!) U2 isstill BIG in Belgium. Hope to see themat Brussels/Antwerp in 2010. Thx to i managed to buy tickets for Cardiff. Looking forward to it!
This proves that once and for all that U2 is the greatest rock band of the Mid 80's, 90's and 20th century. Their musc is timeless and U2have created many anthems for many generations. I look forward to seeing them live in Toronto! 1, 2, 3 NIGHTS HOPEFULLY. First time I saw them live I was hooked December 7, 1984 Massey Hall. It sure is a Beautiful Day to have U2 Back on the airways and performing live once again.Truly Magnificent!
Killer bass line Adam! Thanks. Love the song.
I agree, I would of like to have seen this as the first single from the album. Two predictions 1) It will be a show piece of the up and coming 360 tour e.g. like Streets.... 2) The album will go back to No 1 when it is released.
new single
great song for second single but crazy tonight, breathe and White as snow still my fav songs on album
Pure U2
For me Magnificent is pure U2, a huge stadium song that is set to be the anthem of the summer of 2009, it gives me goosebumps.
juuust superb. the sound of freedom.
wrong again
As with boots this is not a song thats particularly strong,or worthy of attracting airplay as a single.Shouldve gone with Breathe or Crazy tonight.Snowy of Bolton
I think Breathe would make a beautiful single. Several of my friends loved it when they heard it for the first time. Magnificent is too much 'sounds like U2' for them.
Magnificent Album
Great song but Moment of surrender is my favorite followed by Stand up. Can't wait to see them live! Thanks for the pre-sale!!! 
a wonderful song, obviously the Coldplay guys have great taste!
Magnificent Choice
Good choice to bring out Magnificent as 2th single! .Hoping Moment of Surrender will be next
Why question
this is a great second single and i'm glad they went with boots at their first. boots got you thinking, what are they doing, which direction are they going, much like the fly did. o the boys are kicking back some, having some fun. then you get the cd, you listen to it, you feel that heavy weight of what they just put on you and you smile, why? because it's U2, it's what they do, make you think and to make you care again, thanks for the new music, with so little out their this will get me through the rest of the year.
Could have been the third single
When I heard GOYB as first single it was a huge surprise. Although the song is not the best one (and actually, I don't listen to it very often) the decisionwas smart: "let's create controversy because it is a non-typical U2 song; people will feel something new is coming". MAGNIFICENT is a very good song, but I would have prefer NLOTH (version 2) as the second single.BREATHE should come next.
open set list with ......
I agree with smiller1794, 'Magnifient' is a great opener for the tour, then straight into 'Boots' or even 'Vertigo'
Just Magnificent!
Very good choice! Beautiful lyrics and such a joyful music. It rejoices me deeply each time I listen to it!
great great great magnificent
it will also be magnificent on 7 july san siro hope fez is part of show it would a great opener.....let me hear the sound..let me hear sound
A Great Sing Along
I can't wait for them to play this live. It will be an anthem in stadiums just like "One" and many others. Moment of Surrender is just phenomenal. I love all the songs, but what always gets me are the melodic hymn of "Moment of Surrender" and the upbeat "Breathe." The Lyrics in all the songs are just great.
Magnificent birth
On the 11th March, my second baby, William Thomas was born into water at home. Right near the end of the labour, when I thought I could no longer do it (!!) my husband blasted out the song Magnificent in the house and I found the energy and motivation I needed. It was a really emotional moment. Very shortly afterwards, William was born. Thanks U2. As always, soundtracking my life for me!!
What a great song! The best EVER! It was so good to hear it just before Coldplay came on, crowd got into a frenzy! Please U2 come to Australia!
love it
I love this song...I love the bass, I love the guitar and I just love it...I also love moment of surrender...its a very haunting song...with amazing Edge solo...yummmm
I have been playing this song everyday since the CD came out. This CD is just a work of ART. I just can't get enough. Now when I sit in traffic I look forward to it so I can play the whole CD. Peace
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