It's No.1

11 Mar 200959
From Australia and Canada to the US and the UK, 'No Line On The Horizon' has shot to the top of the charts all over the world in its first week of release.

The new album has debuted at number 1 in 30 major territories around the world: UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland.

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One Love!
Of course its number 1, its a u2 album. Good Album not the masterpiece I was waiting for, Breathe is a classic, so to White as Snow! When r the presales for Ireland????????????
Thor u2
Thor U2
I really love the album, especially "Magnificent" (a must for a single), "Unknown Caller" & "Breath". Already I regard this album as another U2 classic, even "Get On Your Boots" has now grown on me although initially I was disappointed with it,makes sense now to me where placed on the album and I get it! Never loose the faith and can't wait to see them at Wembley in August. Great also going to see them in Regent Street a couple of weeks ago!
With only a few anthems on the album, it's far from their best, they've nicked stuff, and we're not hearing the best from bono's voice. Shame - although better than Pop.
The Boy In The Well
Like crossing the sky to be with the one
Layer after layer of sonic joy! It gets better with each spin. The future needed this big kiss. xxxx
NLOTH is an awesome album. I am glad that the band took their time and chnaged a direction a little. The songs are all different. I have been playing it constantly these past few days. Can't wait to see them on Tour!!
The Stoned Philosopher
This album is U2phoric!!!
No line on the horizon? No competition on the horizon, more like... this album is great and I still have to take it all in. Moment of Surrender gave me goosebumps on the first listen. Magnificent is the most U2 of songs on the album but is awesome and I'm looking forward to seeing it live... and I love NLOTH (the song)... NLOTH is great too - the boots B-Side. A superbly strong opening to a U2 album (bettered only by JT and Achtung). :o)
NLOTH is Awesome!
I was in the hospital and had recently woken up from a medical induced coma where I was asleep for two weeks. I was in total in the hospital for about a month. As my mind started to clear a bit is when the U2 album was coming out. I was still week and could not move, my hubby downloaded thier album and played it for me set on repeat. My mind still foggy I only heard words like, "Stand Up and take a step, Restart and Re-boot yourself" also many other inspiring words which gave me the strength to begin to move. I am still in the process of recovery and still listen to my beloved group U2 and thier awesome album which will forever be in my heart and have such a strong meaning for me.
# 1 in the Philippines
Now visit us please! ;)
It 's nr 1 in Holland, their "second home". I don't care about chartpositions, it's U2 you know!
Greater Things to Come...
The most innovative album which keeps on growing on you since Achtung Baby. Magnificent is THE song. I have had several experiences of crying uncontrolably and uttering curious but releasing words when hearing that song! There is certainly some spirit to it... Rock on Bono & Co!
wasn't sure at first, but i love it now!!! can't wait for live show!!! there's something about that drummer!! WOW!!!
The Album is fantastic, I can't wait to hear Bono sing No Line on the Horizonlive... The crowd is going to go nuts!! :-)
totally mysterious
just an unbelievable piece of mastery from U2 again. This album takes you places I never knew existed. Cant wait to see them in conert again..its been a long 4 years without you....but your back...and boy are you back with brilliance......simply brilliant.lads.
i'm very very happy ... U2 to the top of the charts Silvia
Maybe It's Just Me
I love. No. LOVE the album. But, is it just me, or does anyone else hear snippets and sounds from previous works? And I am not talking Edge's guitar tone... Listen to Achtung B'sides, Zooropa and Passengers. Vocal effects, synth sounds... No harm in extracting gold from an existing vein, eh?
Fantastic and innovative album well deserves all the plaudits and the few who have given negative commentary must be "Numb" well done guys
No Line...Indeed!
I truly think that this album is the best you gents have come up with, very coy move U2...coy indeed!
Mexico Loves U2
I went to buy the CD the day it was released, The wait at work was too much to handle, but went I get off work and ran to the record store to pick up my copy I got a ticket for speeding, and the end it was worth it, Thank you u2 for giving this experience!!! almost out of this world, Love the record, Its Mistic, Brilliant, WOW, Gracias u2 y no se olviden de Mexico por favor, espero volverlos a ver en Monterrey, gracias.
A pleasent awakening
Boots got me a bit worried,then i heard the album and it all fell into place. From the perfection of Magnificent to the haunting vocals of White as Snow this album has it all and alot more ,which will come with many hours of enjoyable listening. Its not Actung or JT but NLOTH,a 5 star classic!
Congrats U2!
I'm not surprised to hear No Line On The Horizon is number 1 all over the the first week of it's release! This album is heavy and just Magnificient!
Boris Marrone
It will grow as time goes by.
They did it again. Shot to nr 1 in most countries around the world. The question is whether this album willstand the test of time.No doubt NLOTH is an album that will only grow as time goes by. The young pop-kids might need some time to digest this piece-of-art, however as time goes by NLOTH will turn out to be one of U2's most daring albums.Both musically and lyrically it is exceptionally strong. Boris
I get it
I am one of the many others people who have the NLOTH, great album, great band... what can i say!!! Saludos from Mexico.
Truly Awesome. "No Line on the Horizon" proves why U2 is at the top of their game, even in this transition album. It's true, every beauty does need to go with an idiot!
The cream has risen to the top!
great updated web-site lots of useful real time information such as tonight's broadcast its going to be a fun year - it seems that some fans are pretty high maintenance but thats normal each time a tour in announced what ever happened to Terri from Propaganda? she was great - and very patient
Great news!
Number 1 in Brazil too! That´sso cool!It´s an amazing album, can´t get enough of it. Congrats U2.
....the record rocks!, Breathe is THE song!...the asthetics are cool as £*!K!, ......roll on the live shows and lets get some serious celebration going on people!!!!.....
It had to be #1
It goes without saying that this album is on another planet! Its not so much #1 in the world as it is out of this world!
I think that no line on the horizon is a good record, but not the best u2 album ever, but it definetly deserves to be at the top for a long time.
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