'Just Give Me What I Want...'

11 Dec 201224
It opens with Breathe and closes with "40".
It has fifteen tracks - you already know that Electrical Storm, New Year's Day and Get On Your Boots are in the mix.
When we asked you to predict the other tracks on 'Edge's Picks', the limited-edition CD that comes with 'From The Ground Up:U2.com Music Edition' everybody guessed we were at a place called Vertigo.
So here it is, live from U2360°.
And (did we mention this?) when you subscribe (or resubscribe) to U2.com you also get some very fine instant downloads including No Line On The Horizon, Spanish Eyes and Desire. Hello Hello...

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The Ultimate Setlist
1.Breathe 2.I Will Follow 3.Electrical Storm 4.Your Blue Room 5.Vertigo 6.I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight 7.Sunday Bloody Sunday 8.In A Little While 9. Get On Your Boots 10.New Years Day 11.Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of 12.Hold Me,Thrill Me,Kiss Me, Kill Me 13.Scarlet 14.Miss Sarajevo 15."40" Can't wait for the book and cd
I predict this order as being the set for Edge's Picks: 1. Breathe 2. Get On Your Boots 3. I will follow 4. New year's day 5. In a little while 6. Mercy 7. North star 8. Electrical storm 9. Stuck in a moment 10. Your blue room 11. Miss sarajevo 12. Vertigo 13. Hold me... 14. Discotheque 15. "40" Hope the cd and book come soon!!!!! Cant wait to see what the Edge decided!
Party Girl
I'm not sure why but I'd be very disappointed not to see it there...
i've said a few times already i'll say it again. since it was never released as a single and it wasn't included on How to dismantle an atomic bomb i hope "Mercy is added as a bonus download seeing as how spanish eyes was never a single. it was released on a single but it never actually had its own single release. again, just putting that out there, edge if you're picking out the downloads please consider "Mercy as a download, listened to recorded verison on youtube from the concert and i loved it!
all the songs you posted would be great, but if you've already recieved U22 bad is already on there. and the release of From the ground up: edge's picks are only songs from the U2 360 tour not songs from the bands 31 years of music.
Where is Return Of The Stingray Guitar ?
What a amazing song.....!!!! Make it on the CD or as a bonus track!!!
Where is the anthem?
Sunday Bloody Sunday should b a basic, I've always considered it an anthem to freedom since it reminds us of dark times
Crazy Tonight
If Crazy is on Edge's Picks, I hope it's a version from the latter portion if the tour, when they were working Discothèque into it. It'd be nice to have the transition from that to Sunday Bloody Sunday on the disc. My only real problem with U22 was it didn't have the transition from One to Streets with sime sort of cover snippet (e.g. Amazing Grace, Hallelujah, etc.) between the two. It just wierd to me having Streets organ just start without it opening the show.
Ok so a list of tracks with 1. Breathe and 15 "40". Well in the middle lets see. 2. I will follow 3. Sunday Bloody Sunday 4. A sort of homecoming or bad 5. Where the streets have no name 6. pride 7. stay 8. mofo 9. miricle drug 10. luminious times 11. vertigo 12. deep in the heart 13. rejoice 14. seconds
Not The Acoustic Part !
I hope The Edge's picks won't center around the acoustic part of the 360 show...come on !! Edge is pure electricity !!!
When is it arriving
Sure hope to get it before Christmas. It's the only thing I want for Christmas. Loving the downloads. U22 is still being played over and over again. Can't get enough of it.
Which tracks are eliminated
We are down to 19 songs after Pride has been included as a bonus download. Which four have been eliminated. I say Stringray Guitar, Scarlett, Crazy (We already have it) and SBS (We already have it with Duals), A of H, Hold me, In a little While, IWF, Miss Sarajevo, Mothers of the Disappeared, Party Girl, Stuck, and Your Blue Room. I think Edges picks may center around the acoustic part of the 360 setlist.
no "crazy tonight"
i hope "i'll go crazy if i dont go crazy tonight" is not on edge's picks because there's already a live version from dublin on the "artifical horizon" subscriber cd from 2009 or 2010.
I tried to figure out the songs included by guessing which song names could match the shape of the white lines we see on the CD image used to promote the package, I did it seeing the page they use as intro to this website. So, this is what I think it will include. Songs with ? mean I am not really sure about that song but I think most of them match the white lines that I barely can read. 01.- Breathe 02.- I Will Follow ? 03.- Get On Your Boots 04.- New Year's Day 05.- Electrical Storm 06.- Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of 07.- Your Blue Room ? 08.- Vertigo 09.- I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight 10.- Sunday Bloody Sunday 11.- Scarlet ? 12.- In A Little While ? 13.- Miss Sarajevo ? 14.- Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me 15.- 40 So, what do you think? I know that In A Little While and Miss Sarajevo are not on the spot they usually were on the 360° Tour, and u2.com made the U22 and the Edge's Picks setlists trying to resemble a 360 concert, so those songs being there would be weird but that's what I see on those spots. I am not totally sure anyway. I think this would be a great setlist... I really hope I am not wrong about Your Blue Room, we all want it on the CD or at least as a download. By the way, I thought Pride (In The Name Of Love) may be there but another suscriber said it will be on the downloads along with NLOTH, Spanish Eyes and Desire... maybe.
Pride is now available for subscribers...!
Lecky bill storm
The price of electricity will never get as high as this version. Pure electric without the gas........x
This is Awesome...The SHOW is helpless without Vertigo...BUT...we need CRAZY tonight too AND Your Blue Room as the previous comments say !!!!
Vertigo, we already knew this
What are the other 8 tracks?!?! Please Your Blue Room!! Angel Of Harlem! Mothers Of The Disappeared! Miss Sarajevo! Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me! And because Breathe is the opener, maybe Return Of The Stingray Guitar for the last surprise download!? Please!!!
Giving Us What We Want
'It opens with Breathe and closes with "40". ' It sounds perfect.
Larry Mullen Jr.
Is a beast! I love him!
From where?
from where?
hello hello... hahaha
Sounds Perfect! Cannot wait for my bundle to come in!!
snow mountain
I have been hanging with Mr Deepak Chopra and the Super Brain. He had us picture a snowcap mountain, and I was listening to your music while it arrived so start from here?
Avion Espia
¿Dónde está?
Where is Frank? Where is the International Space Station? Where is Your Blue Room? Is it in orbit? Is it on the Live CD? Is it on the downloads? Is it anywhere...? Please, let it be there. Cheers!
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