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'When the Ramones recorded their debut album in 1976, it heralded the true birth of punk rock. Fast and frenetic in their leather jackets and torn jeans, the Ramones gave voice to the disaffected youth of the seventies and eighties, influenced countless bands, and inspired the counterculture for decades to come....'

Since the release of Songs Of Innocence, the band have been talking about the influence of The Ramones on their early development, reflected nowhere more powerfully than in 'The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)'.

Joey's brother Mickey Leigh, quoted in our earlier story, has written a compelling memoir about growing up with a brother who became a rock star. And as Bono says on the cover of I Slept With A Rock Star,  'Joey Ramone kick-started my career as a singer...'

Read an excerpt, watch Mickey Leigh and Legs McNeill discussing the book or get hold of a copy yourself.

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The four of you
I'm going of the subject here but listen up boys. I can hear your influences in your early works. These influences have helped to shape you and I hope changed you for the better. I'm talking about as a band and as four individuals. I must tell how how you influence me as a middle aged man the wrong side of fourty. You get me through. That's it you help get me through it and that's enough it's all I want and it's all I need. Thank you for sticking around and keep on rocking in the not so free world!
"End of the Century..."
Looks like a good read. If anyone ever wants to see the best ever Rock-umentary, and i mean the VERY BEST, then try get a copy of "End of the Century-The Story of The Ramones". It is fascinating!! You will be glued from start to finish. It has been on BBC4 (UK) a couple of times over the past few years. It is the ultimate film/docu made about any band. These guys were sheer RockNroll, and it is a 100% warts and all insight into each individual member. Made back in 2003. If you ever have to do a 'Thesis' on being in a band... this film will get you your Masters Degree! Its a total pleasure to watch, and you will watch it again and again. Treat yourselves! On another note, I think it would be great if U2 played some intimate shows in different Dublin venues, like The Olympia or even in Bruxxelles Pub. Phil Lynotts statue is erected outside this pub (it is always courteous to say "Goodnight Phil" to him when you leave this great legendary Music pub, which has never changed, and never will) It's a little tradition for Dubliners who hang out there. I think it would be nice to rediscover some old venues played back in the 70's. although some are no longer with us, but to reignite the Spirit of that time, in line with the theme of the album, if that makes any sense. U2 in the Olympia? Nice thought, but even U2 wouldn't be able to get tickets for that one...
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