'Let's Keep Going...'

1 Nov 20145
Rolling Stone couldn't fit everything from their time with the band into their cover story (which you can read here) so they've added an online-only story. Here's some highlights - read it all here.

On Keeping Going

'Why would you want to stop? This is actually the best bit. We're really enjoying this, let's keep going.' (Adam)

On The Songs Of Innocence Acoustic Sessions

'I saw the Edge with his head in his hands, and he said, 'It's taken us three years to finish this album, and you're saying we have to do another album in a week?' (Bono)

On Guitar-Based Music
'I don't fear for guitar-based music long-term, I just think we need some better songs out there. And I like my music to be a little bit more defiant. There's not a lot of defiance right now. It's gone very mild and meek.' (Edge)

On Decision Making
'Some decisions are not welcomed, or aren't popular, but I'm not in a popularity contest. I'm in a band.' (Larry)

On No Line On The Horizon
'Esoteric' would be a good way to describe No Line on the Horizon. It had a certain introspective darkness to it and I'm always going to be interested in the sort of darker, more melancholy musical mood. But we might have slid a little bit too strongly in that direction, and we wanted this record to be accessible to a wider range of music fans.' (Edge)

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One of U2's best songs ever, is "Moment of Surrender"...that song alone justifies the album!
Still love NLOTH
I know that there are mixed emotions about the album, but I found a lot to love about it, especially "Magnificent". And I would like to thank the author of the article for shedding light on Adam's bracelet. I always thought it was a fashion statement. Now it's that, and a trademark. Oh what we did when we were teenagers! (LOL!!!)
I think that NLOTH contains a lot of sounds and materials that we can find realized into SOI. I recently re-listend to it and there's some link between tracks like "Moment of surrender" and "The troubles", "Get on your boots" and "Volcano", "Unknown Caller" /"Breathe" / "Stand up comedy" and the new way of singing and composing lyrics (that we can find in "Song for someone"/"Every breaking wave", "California"). I think that SOI is also sort of compeltion of the new way in which U2 want to do music and songs in the best way they always did. Thank you, and.....let's keep going!
Let's Keep Going
Love it!
Avion Espia
About No Line On The Horizon
I think is one of the best albums U2 has ever made,but clearly the band didn't think of it that way. Maybe if they believed more on themselves and in their own music instead of believing in CD selling, playing No Line On The Horizon live could have given new life to the album during the 360º tour. But that's a thing we will never find out.
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