Lifetime Achievement, Larry Mullen Jr.

24 Jan 201754

Larry was in Los Angeles this weekend, honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award from Yamaha.

As well as getting behind the drums to join other musicians including Nathan East and Butch Walker on a set of U2 favourites - 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For’, 'Angel Of Harlem’, ‘Pride (In The Name of Love)’ and ‘Desire’ - Larry took to the microphone for a self-deprecating speech, paying tribute to his bandmates as well as his longtime partners at Yamaha.

“I’ve spent the best part of my career sitting down, looking at the backs of three other men’s heads! That vantage point gives me a unique insight into the minds of singers and guitar players since I don’t always get to read their faces. So can I begin by guessing what’s going through some heads right now. “ 

A few years ago, he said, the first thing that would have entered his mind on hearing Yamaha were giving him something was “YES, a free motorcycle!”

"Luckily for the tour insurers there is no bike!  I’m humbled to accept the Yamaha Lifetime  Achievement Award. Like you I’m wondering if there’s been a terrible mistake. It’s worth mentioning Yamaha’s impeccable eye for spotting and investing in young talent, but there is a large part of me that still thinks I was just the cheaper alternative to Phil Collins and Neil Pert!”

Larry underlined his great sense of gratitude to the team at Yamaha, in particular Chris Gero and John Whittmann. "Yamaha have been incredible partners over 35 years. Chris has made it his mission to make Yamaha endorsees partners - not workhorses. That’s a great feeling when you’re out there putting everything into your music: to know that someone respects the art and the process as much as you do.” 

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Larry in the zone.
As noted, Larry led the Yamaha All-Star Band in a set of U2 classics.
I am a big fan of Larry always have been since day one, U2 would not be the band it is without him, he drums like no one else and deserves this award, couldn't have gone to a better unassuming person. Congratulations.
Larry, I liked to read what you said and notice you´re humble! That makes me your fan even more!
To long coming.
Well done and about time larry is getting this award and fair play to yamaha because for me larry is the best drummer around the world because he plays so much stuff around the kit not just the hi hats all the time so again well done larry you deserve this.
Well done Larry :)
yo Larry Congrats on the award......41 years on of consistent brilliance and never missing a beat...
Very well deserved! Such a classy and cool gentleman with such heartbeat transmitted through those drumsticks that have inspired and touched our souls.
Congrats Larry!! A very well deserved award.
Congratulations to the love of my life!
Yes, I know you don't like it when strangers say I love you ;-) but forgive me, its impossible not to love a wonderful, talented, selfless and unasuming man like yourself. I'm sure that I can speak on behalf of all your fans - we are thrilled with this very much deserved award and we hope to be lucky to hear U2 playing for many, many more years to come.
Congratulations for this well-deserved award, Larry! You're an extraordinary musician. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the world. Love you!
The best band starter.
Larry you can not imagine how much joy you have brought to millions of people by simply sticking a piece of paper to a notice board in a school. Congratulations on your award, well deserved.
Congratulations Larry!
Drummers are often overlooked, so it's nice to see him get some well-deserved recognition. Larry really has helped shape U2's sound throughout their career - which in turn has made him an inspiration to drummers all over the world, professionals and beginners alike. And we all owe him massive thanks for starting the band in the first place.
Amazing news, congratulations Larry we all love you. I have seen you play many times and your opening intros always get the blood pumping through my veins, my heart beats race a real joy and pleasure xx
the man gives the life of u2 band
congratulations for you larry,,you are a inspiration for the world,,we see you soon,,barcelona 18 july the joshua tree tour,,ok.loves from portugal 4 ever u2
Congrats Larry
Outstanding! Well deserved! Looking forward to seeing you in Chi Town in June!!!!
Congratulations, Larry! You have a big talent. This award is well-deserved!! Thank you for sharing your art with us; you make my life much better. :) Love from Brazil
Well deserved!
Congrats Larry Mullen! :)
Love Larry
Well deserved Larry.See you in July☘☘
One of a kind...a real inspiration.
One of My Favorite Drummers ¡
Larry is a Fantastic Drummer with Adam Clayton is really What I call "the Perfect Bass and Drums" amazing, Larry Mullen Jr. Congratulations and more than well deserved ¡ A Great Teacher Larry is.
The Larry Mullen Jr Band! Well done keep those sticks banging! ;-)
Nicely done.
Nice to see other members of the band getting their due. Larry is a world class drummer.
LMJr = Amazing Drummer
Such a great drummer. Ive heard 'that drum roll" from the new album "through the garage door" at Hanover Quay, and its brilliant!
Lifetime full of amazing things, Thank You GARYU2
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