Lift Off! Here's What They Played.

30 Jun 200968

At Camp Nou, Barcelona, it's the first night of the new tour and here's what they played. Was it what you expected?

First show report here.

No Line on the Horizon
Get On Your Boots
Beautiful DaY
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Angel of Harlem
In A Little While
Unknown Caller
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding LIghts
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Pride (In The Name of Love)
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name
With Or Without You
Moment of Surrender.
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Can't wait...
to see you guys in Dublin! What a set list!!!
I agree with an earlier post below, this is a commercial list, not a fan list. I give them points for including Unforgettable Fire and Ultraviolet. However, they should have included Stand Up Comedy instead of I'll go crazy...(obnoxious pop song). Will they ever play anything from Zooropa? Enough with Beautiful Day, Pride, and Sunday Bloody Sunday. Those songs are played out. When I see them this fall, I hope they dust off Love Comes Tumbling, Walk to the Water, Seconds, Daddy's Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car, and Acrobat.
I can't wait to enter the San Siro Stadium next tuesday for my 3rd U2 experience! I am amazed from the track list playing so many songs from old album, and I really hope that ELEVATION will be included at last minute... BENVENUTI IN ITALIA!
There are no words to explain what I felt during this show! All I can say it was one of my dreams come true! N one of the best days of my life. U2 Rock big time!! Hearing the CD's now ...they feel so Poor quality compared to the original thing!!! LOVE U GUYS!!
Worth the trip
Travelled from nyc for the shows worth every penny. New album sounds great live! But the old stuff was amazing! Unforgettable Fire stood out for this old sole!!!
Mostly good...
I was really hoping they would play Stand Up Comedy and White as Snow (favourite tracks off the new record). Unforgettable Fire and MLK are brilliant, but (in keeping with my line of nostalgia), I wish they would end the concert with '40' (such a great song!) like they used to. If you've been a fan for over two decades, you tend to miss the "good old days" as well as appreciating the new!
Awesome setlist
I still cannot believe they played Ultraviolet!!! I can hardly wait to see them in Texas...
Wow! Absolutely perfect set list!
Angel of Harlem
I heard "Angel of Harlem" was performed in tribute to Michael Jackson, along with a short mix of 2 other songs. Humbling at least. It is truly all about the music.
I like the list, but not a fan of the set order. The new songs need to be spaced out throughout the show, and Stand Up Comedy needs to be added to the set. I'll Go Crazy if they don't stop doing that disco version of Crazy Tonight. Also, I would start the show with Moment of surrender, and end it with Unknown Caller
I'm not a huge fan of Elevation,but as a live experience it is second to none! I've never felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up like they did when the crowd sang along to that. It was the best live track i've heard by any band ever. I know the back catalogue is too vast to include everyones favorites,but I'm sure i can't be in the minority when I ask for this to be included. Wembley and Wales. Bring it on!!!
If I had to describe the opening show with one word I guess I would use UNBELIEVABLE. They amazingly bettered all known about what a good show should be and are definitely in shape. Best touch the contact to the International Space Station and amazing preformance of I'll go crazy tonight...Also liked the return of In a little while, ultraviolet, MLK...and Edge, Adam and even Larry!! playing around the outer stage. The still have the benchmarking in doing shows. Thanks guys for make happy once again.
why no FEZ boys
i was there lsst night,great night boys,magic,but why no being born,one of your best.thanks lads,worth the journey from liverpool.
Was there and delighted!
Lot's of good surprises, great list, great songs and a surprising and very good version of "i'll go crazy if i don't go crazy tonight". Just "Magnificent"!!!!!
Roll on Croke Park!!
Class list. only adjustments id love to see would be take out In a Little While and Angel of Harlem and put in The Fly and Bad, two brilliant songs live. Loving One and With or Without you
Moltes gràcies i moltes més!!!! It was a pleasure to be there, with all the U2 supporters (some in tour). Sharing is the key of life... and yesterday all of us were sharing the greatest night. As a catalan I'm proud that the band decided to start at Barcelona!!! Moltes gràcies un altre cop!!! Just to comment that the sound of the guitar and the bass was to loud for me... maybe my location! Una abraçada a tots i totes!
moment of surrender
Glad you played moment of surrender - thanks!!!!
Did not forget the fire!
That is a great set list. I can't believe that U2 actually has Unforgettable Fire in there. U2, keep up the great work! The fans love you and by this set list we can tell you love the fans. Ultraviolet - 2 thumbs up.
Nice, but Stand Up would have been brill
Good to see the boys dedicating the beginning of the show to the new Album, I hope they keep it up for the whole tour. I also like that Walk On seems to be slated to become a regular part of the set. Still I really would love to see them try out Stand Up Comedy live.
A few adjustments...
Maybe add Drowning man, and one or two songs from Boy, perhaps Kite.I've given up on hearing Acrobat live. I think its great that they opened with 4 new songs. Very different and exciting.
Setlist rate: 7 Drop In a little while, add Bad. Let SBS, ISHFWILF, WOWY rest them... Where are Pop, Zooropa, and Boy.
Cannot wait!
That is quite simply a fab set list! Love it! See you guys in August in Wembley :)
Close to perfect - replace "In A Little While" with "Elevation" and you are almost there. "Elevation" is just too good a live song to leave out. Witness the audience interaction on Vertigo Live in Milan. "Elevation" is one of your best cards U2 - play it!
ohhhhhh yessss
I had a dream from 13 years ago, and yesterday was met. u2 my view as close to the bridge ...... great performance, unbelievable, fantastic, unbeatable ........ I have no words to describe what happened last night. repeat the next time
Set List
Looks great hope they play that list in london, think Unknown Caller is the best song on the album
oldies goodies
Signori e Signore,it will be another time in milan s.siro to live & breathe the air of the week in enough to wait for.... Ciao a tutti!!!! Hy Y'all!!!
What a show...
the best show ever, the best show of my life, thank you to give us such a wonderful time... can't wait to see U again. And the tribute to Michael was just perfect.
Yesterday I lived great moments with the band. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!! Paloma (Madrid,Spain)
It was my first U2 concert and I hope I could see many more. They where fantastic, and the stage was a very very impressive stage. U2 have show us they're the best!!!
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