Live From The Rose Bowl (To Everywhere)

25 Oct 2009245
'What time is it in the world and where are we going?' Bono asked after 'Get On Your Boots'. Tonight it was every time on the clock, depended which country you were in as the U2 360°: show went out live on YouTube to millions of viewers on seven continents.

A record-breaking 97,000 fans watched the show live at the Rose Bowl and we've been getting messages from fans all over the world who were enjoying it live online : you were watching in China and New Zealand, in Iran and in North Korea, in Russia and Latin America, in Canada and right across Europe.

From Iceland ('Definitely the greatest economy class I have ever had...') to Peru ('amazing, incredible and exciting...') the whole world seems to have been at the show.

'It's like we are all there at the concert,' said Baadsilver on our Zoootpia live thread 'We ALL have our hands in the air and are singing... crazy tonight for U2.'

Or as one smart Tweet put it, 'This has to be the best U2 concert I have never been to.'

From Breathe to Moment of Surrender, felt like a moment of rock'n'roll history tonight. If you were watching somewhere in the world tonight, why don't you tell us what it was like in the comments box at the bottom of this page - and don't forget to include which COUNTRY YOU WERE WATCHING IT IN.

If you were actually at the RoseBowl post your own review and add your photos on our tour page, or catch the rebroadcast here.

Meantime, even though you know this, here's what they played at the Rose Bowl tonight.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
No Line on the Horizon
In A Little While
Unknown Caller
Until The End of the World
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender
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Just Watched Ultraviolet in Hi Def
Thanks Great show i actually felt as one with a global community. i sat in my kitchen in Chicago with my dog. looking forward to a new set list in 2010 on a hot July evening cant wait thanks again Great show
I'm from Porto Alegre (RS, Brazil). The show was AMAZING!!! \o/
the best concert???
in my opinion the best concert is London the 2nd!!
Shawn Montaigne
Val and I have watched the concert twice now. Unbelievable. We're really hoping to make the Anaheim show. Shawn and Val San Diego
in maine, usa
i live in israel but was on a trip to eliot, maine, and i watched the show in my friends' living room "with" a friend watching in southern france. that was our fifth and last show together for this year. thanks for the wonderful gift of seeing you live once again!
NYC - Pasadena, CA - MEXICO
I enjoyed the concert in NYC, now I can enjoy it everyday on U2be from Pasadena all the details that I couldn't see at NYC, I'll hope see you guys at Mexico City, next May 2010, I know is not official, but I'll be wainting for you!!!!! I don't care!!!
Hi buddies
i just want to know if u2 have planes to include Mexico in the 360 tour
Ground Control to Major Tom
We have Touch Down!!! What an AWESOME event! Not only was this an AMAZING concert, this was an uplifting spiritual and historical event! I traveled from SoCal to Las Vegas to watch the show on Friday the 23rd and relived it Sunday on youtube! “Thank you for giving us Hope U2”!
Hey everyone at U2 (and youtube), Wonderful concert concept. Enjoyed watching the show on the internet. Gave me a chance to put my new speakers to good use too. Just what I needed during a rather hectic time, a moment to enjoy some brilliant music. Great vibe from the concert too, hope it lands in Australia sometime later in 2010 (hint hint!). It's so great that Unforgettable Fire is back in the set. Unknown Caller, was simply amazing
I'm from Mexico!! The concert on youtube was wonderful!! I was singing with every song, the lights of the show are beautiful!! Mexico is waiting for you!! "SalU2"
In bed watching the show
It was midnight in Florida before the show started and me and my daughter (we had just seen them in Tampa) plugged our headphones into my laptop and sang along (I am sure my neighbors loved it) and watched the show...It was awesome and we love reliving the show again. The band is coming back to Miami and I already have our tickets... we are ready to lift off again.... Just can't get enough!!!!!
All the way from Glasgow
i got up at 3.30 on a school night to watch this concert and it was cool seeing the stage and stuff from a camera angle rather than through the arms of jumping screaming people (I was in the inner circle at Hampden)
u2 on YOUTUBE !!!!!
i was really excited !!! everyone in the youtube channel was going crazy. like ¨when is it going to start ¨ ?? did already started?? and refreshing the page like thousands of times just to check if it was on air!!!, and everyone was also confused with the time zone , some people tought it was over and left early, luckly i knew it was only a matter of minutes for the show to start !!... beacause i would gone crazy if i didnt got crazy that night :) i waited like 2 hours on the u2 channel for the concert to start, i plugged my pc to my home stereo to get the best of the sound, and finally i look a comment, well thousands of them, saying the show just started!!!!!! somehow i found a link that said click here to watch, and bamm there we are , thousands of fans !!!!!screaming, the smile in my face, i was happy really, altought i really wasnt there, i felt like i was !!! was singing the songs here in my room, and i got really inspired by u2 , i even suscribed here just to comment , it was awesome!! i had a really good time thnxs u2!!!. im looking forward to see another video on the life of edge!! first one was very interesting and funny too. thanxs for that bono, u r really cool. also waiting for it might get loud !!!! cheer u2 !!!! greetings From Mexico !!!!!!!! km3
Magnificent from Peru
the first show of my favourite band I´ve ever been to. Only U2 can be so big. Thank youu! come to Peru!
Vegas was better
Vegas was a better show and Vancouver as well. They should have just broadcasted Vegas 360 or Vancouver 360. Seriously. Was great to see everyone again since 2001. :o]
beautiful =)
it's being almost one week since the broadcast... Loved to watch it live, and feel part of something so big. First time I get to see U2 Live. and I have to thank U2, and everyone who made it possible! Oh, and I need to say how I fell in love with the "I'll go crazy" remix! any way we can get it? cant wait for the DVD! con amor desde El Salvador, Central America
The concert began at 1 in Uruguay and ended at 4. I get up for work 5.30 but don't matters I was in the clouds, I was happy For the few persons that couldn't go to see U2 (includ me) this was the largest and most impressive thing that could have happened. Thanks, thanks and congratulations to everyone who made this possible Thanks
that's because
california's the best ::))) loved the show, the crowd, the vibes. best U2 show this decade. and amazing grace before oh my. can't wait for Anaheim ::))
Great sound, not so great list
I dont know about you-all, but I think they need to get rid of In a Little While and Unforgettable Fire. They needed Bad and Pride. But I Still Havent Found What Im Lookin For takes my breath away. Only U2 could get 96,000 people to sing together like that
Fantastic experience
Saw them a few weeks ago in Atlanta when I was visiting that area --then to watch this show live was a special treat. The views, camera work and sound quality made for a incredible high-quality experience. Thanks U2 for always blazing new trails and taking all of us with you on the ride. Can't understand those who are unhappy over the set list--it is what it is--the entire tour in the US was consistent and close to the same show. Learn to love the music on "No Line"--there are some incredible tunes which I feel will have staying power. Moment of Surrender is a very deep and moving experience and truly a great piece of music. Can't wait for 2010 tour--back home in Philly and ready for tix to go on sale for 7/12/2010 at Lincoln Financial field!
Please!!! Come to Mexico! I've been waiting for you for a looong time! I have to see you in concert, 360° concert!!! 2 year ago, when you came to Monterrey, Mx, i saw you leavin' the hotel to go to the stadium, and i said "hello" to u and the best part of this is that you answered me!!! Tha't one of the best experience i've ever had!! Thank u guys!! I love you so much!!!!!!
Life Experience
I saw the show with my wife and two sons. It was incredible to witness the show with my kids who are just getting into music. We were all beaming after the show. It was a night that will stick with me forever. Thanks U2 What is the name of the song that Larry Mullen walks out on stage to. Thanks
Worth sleepless night
I wouldnt normally wake up at 3 in the middle of the night unless something really special happens. That concert was undoubtedly a special one for all of us. I did enjoy it. The only thing that I am really concerned is that Bono's voice is slightly deteriorating - perhaps so many concerts done so far has had some impact on his form. Anyway, U2 will always rock and cant wait to see you again guys. I hope there will be another gig in either Ireland or UK in 2010.
Piss Off!!!
It was so awsome to watch the concert. The whole thing was brilliant, but I had to piss wicked bad, but didn't want to miss anything cool. I felt like an asshole taking the lap top to the toilet, so it was a touch painful :). oh, and I didn't get to bed until 2:30 am. I had classes at 9 am with an hour drive to the college, so yeah, it was tough, but totally worth it!
A Beautiful Night!
This had to be one of the best nights of my life! Best concert ever! I struggled since April to get a ticket for this historical night. My sister got me a GA ticket the morning of the show and I left work to attend this epic event with family and friends. We got in the inner circle and there was only about 5 people between us and the stage. They made me laugh, scream and cry. It was my sister's 26th U2 concert, my third, but really my first. There was so much love and happiness in the air. Thanks U2, and Erika for making an amazing dream come true!
First off, Thank you Bono, Edge, Adam and of course Larry, for being there. I saw the show at the Georgia Dome and it was the best show I have ever seen...from Yes, to Genesis, Gentle Giant, Frank Zappa, Peter Gabriel, The Tubes, Asia...WOW! The YouTube simulcast was the crown jewel. I sure hope this makes it to DVD. I and many others would "Go Crazy" over it! I wish you many more great years of continued success. See ya in 2010...
WHAT AN unforgettable night!!! just amazing... really felt larry,adam,edge and bono right there at home.. singing to uS!!!... COME TO PERU!!! COMO TO LIMA!!! AND LET US PROVE U HOW INCREDIBLE IS OUR COUNTRY, CULTURE and lov for u guys!!! Peruvian people love U2!
Inspirational Addiction
What a show to be at. WOW!! Then I watched the concert on youtube the next night and was just blown away again. To think of all the people AROUND the world that were able to watch this all at once just gives you goose bumps. What a great moment. I can't stop playing the video and my friends and I can't stop talking and emailing to each other expressing how inspiring this show and U2 is to us all. Thank you Gentlemen! Your shows are just stunning and so filled with positive motivational Largesse. THANK YOU!!!!!
WHAT AN unforgettable night!!! just amazing... really felt larry,adam,edge and bono right there at home.. singing to uS!!!... COME TO PERU!!! COMO TO LIMA!!! AND LET US PROVE U HOW INCREDIBLE IS OUR COUNTRY, CULTURE and lov for u guys!!! Peruvian people love U2!
Of course it was U2 that brought us all together for a global experience. Watching "my band" in front of my dad and stepmom was weird (i'm 40 but they have mega-rams on their Mac). They we're amazed at how music concerts have changed environments but the music experience has stayed much the same. In Orlando, Fl it was "Beatlemania" all over again...
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