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15 Oct 201430
The band were guests of Jo Whiley on her BBC Radio 2 show tonight, introducing live debuts for 'Cedarwood Road' and 'Song For Someone'.

The four band members were joined by a string quintet in the legendary setting of the BBC's Maida Vale recording studio.  'The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)' and 'Every Breaking Wave' were the other tracks from the new album, and as well as an extended conversation with Jo, the band finished up with 'Stuck In A Moment'.

 Catch the stream of the show - and add to the comments below.
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Consistent Quality
Simply superb, again. Thank you. Russrett12's comment below absolutely hits the nail on the head. Good work fellas, looking forward to the tour.
U2 on Graham Norton
Thought they came over brilliant. All this fuss about iTunes download, if you didn't want album Sharon and Iggy, or don't like U2, not everybody does, don't download it! or delete it and stop greetin. Can't see how it would affect up and coming musicians? People either love or hate them, there's no in between. Still have to explain yet they didn't support a certain military faction in Ireland years ago. That's just Scotland for you!
Enormous !
Cedarwood road is such a rock song ! Thanks for the pleasure You had to play together. Remember me songs like Gone where all the band play together live during Elevation tour
I always love the interviews with Jo Whiley, because they seem to open up just a bit more. And the songs sounded AMAZING!! EBW had chills down my spine and tears down my face. Utterly gorgeous. And Song for Someone was divine too. Thanks for bringing it, guys!
Best Live Band Ever
Listened to the acoustic versions and it gives me goosebumps! Unbelievable - the passion that Bono has when he is singing. Wow! The harmonies with the Edge and the music - fantastic! To the best live band in the world - it is a fantastic new album. Can hardly wait for the live tour.
Get on your Skates
Listened late last night. Superb work guys! Get on your skates and hurry down to the end of the yellow brick road and come to Australia. Tour-wise that is. Probably via plane and not skates but either way hurry lads! GREAT STUFF
hugs with The Edge
Edge Kenan said you best keep his NFFC scarf safe till he comes to the gig..
i'm with russ
U2's best material so far. Great live recording caught the rerun as ill and it was amazing. Imagine how the tours gonna be cant wait.
concentration cramp
Acoustic innocence
Innocent and in a sense I am, guilty of thinking that the entire new album should have been acoustic. The acoustic versions of the songs are far superior to the overly produced "pop songs" they turned into on the i-tunes version of the album. The lyrics are often dark and always introspective, somehow this comes through in the acoustic versions, but is lost on the album. Been following U2 a long, long time now (since '82) and I think they missed a trick here, an entire acoustic album could have been as contentious as "Dylan going electric". Just an opinion. Thanks though guys, look forward to seeing you perform these live.
nice listening, cool sound
Especially piano version of Stuck In A Moment sounds cool to me. Also strings arrangements fits to these acoustic versions of songs very much. Whole U2 performance + interview in this show would deserve vinyl issue, just like another sooner interviews (U2 Talkie, A Dialog With U2...).
U2 live acoustic live
Beautiful. The piano, vocals and strings. Jo Wylie a respected nd much loved DJ, excellent interviews. Loved all of it, thank you. Roll on Later w Jools......
so spring /summer& onwards for the tour , sounding great as ever & sounds like they will go to bigger venues also ,,, can't wait to see what they've dreamt up again , roll on 2015 !
Jo Whiley & U2 Last night
Entertaining and fabulous vocals.....U2 are back on the scene and not before time... bring on the tour we cant wait.. and thanks fro the free album x
Thank You, U2 for great evening! (:
It was so exciting to hear U2 in live, that I could not sleep almost all night after that show :D So great sound, above all the noises! This pure melodies keeps me captivated, there is no end to joy from U2's music :)
such a great songs...
thanks guys for this album...we love u2 in argentina!!!
U2 Live on Jo Whiley
Wow, Miracle sounds excellent - Bono's voice is phenomenal! Edge - harmonies are fantastic.
Class act
Enjoyed this very much, the strings were a nice touch, really enjoyed Every Breaking Wave! You all sounded fantastic!
Well isn't it a shame that people won't accept a gift from the world's greatest band. To all the nay-sayers, here's a big "FUCK YOU"!!! I realize not everyone is a U2 fan, but free means free! So get on your Galaxy or I4 or I5 or whatever the hell you spend the majority of your social time on and delete it for Christ sake!!! For the record, or "FOR THE CD", I would have paid to download it. Son gs of Innocence is fucking phenomenal. It's not The Joshua Tree or Achtung Baby or War. It is a fresh, brilliant new sound. This is the first album I can honestly say, I don't have a favorite song, their all amazing. I'm going out on a limb to say, Son gs of Innocence is better than The Joshua Tree. I'm predicting there won't be a number 1 hit on the entire album or even a top 10, just because of peoples ignorance for change and "new noise" that this band so intelligently can create, but in my opinion this album has blown it out of the water and by the same token, has never let me down. I've been a diehard U2 fan since 1983...I'm not just a fan...their MY BAND!! Russ-Wisconsin (USA)
Fantastic !
awesome :-)
what a fantastic evening. Thank you for the amazing live performance and for the great album. Acoustic sessions sound beautiful. That was my first time I could hear U2 live. I can not wait to listen the songs at the concert. :-)
Jo whiley
Listing to the show brilliant still amazing live roll on concerts songs sound brill live
just great
thank you for a fantastic & very special show case
Beautiful tones
Every breaking wave. Goosebumps!!! such a soulful song and even more so live. Epic
Touring again next year. Can't wait!
the shev
The shev
Sam I Sullivan is still wearing the same vertigo t shirt 10 years on.larry sort it
In the house
@toffees Adam and Larry slightly late but everyone's in the house!
Will this be rebroadcast for us USA dieh
We are all at work right now (in theory, taking a break!) Will this be rebroadcast for us USA diehard fans?? Luv you guys, whether it is U2 or U4....
Breaking wave,what a song bring on the tour would be nice to a do full acoustic tour in smaller venues
After miracle, EBW ? Always with Edge and Bono ? And with the complete band ? Iris ou Crystal Ballroom ? Great moments anyway !
Full band
Please can the real U2 show up tonight not half the band!
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