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16 Apr 201312
We asked you what you've been building 'from the ground up', a clever play on words designed to spread the word on our very fine music edition of the definitive U2360 book.

You tweeted images and posted video, underlining the innate creativity, verve and general comic timing that we expect in a U2 audience. We've added a U2FTGU:What You Made collection  over in our Gallery while this clip captures even more.

There were scores of entries that deserved a prize and such was the quality that our judging panel nearly came to blows over the final selection. Eventually, agreement was reached  and the five lucky winners below can each take a bow. A copy of the book, signed by Larry, Bono, Edge and Adam, is on the way to you.

Thomas Latour paid tribute to the unforgettable design of U2360 with an heroic homage in miniature, paying meticulous attention to detail. Introducing 'Baby Claw'.

Fans in Colombia want to see the band in their country. Marcela González started a campaign.

Eric Nadeau in Canada was in the right space at the right time when From The Ground Up arrived at the International Space Station. An historic image.

Mar (@u2Mar) in Xalapa, Mexico also captured a remarkable moment. Passing a building site she noticed a crack U2 construction team  all studying the book while waiting for a wheelbarrow load of new U2 supplies to be unloaded.

Finally Gene Fishel (@GFish4)  presented a U2360 wedding cake, made for his best man by his wife. 

There were so many videos that our friends in Zootopia made us this neat montage.

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great !!
I enjoyed 360 but the stuff you all made is amazing
Excellent work by all
Thanks ! from @ernau
Merci! Thanks!, I love you and love U2 music Eric Nadeau
Thank you!!
Thank you for selecting our wonderful cake!!!!!!! (Which was actually my groom's cake from my wife - I misnamed it best man's in my submission) We're both huge fans!! U2 rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, I'm so happy.
Its Great to See HOW U2 inspires US : )) Great Pics clip and youtube montage congrats to all the Winners !!
Thak U
Thanks a lot Guys!!!! I really love U!!!! thanks for everything!!!! thanks!!! I´m really in love with U2!! This is the best day of my life like U2´s fan
Great Contest
Thanks for running yet another great contest for the fans.
oh... my twin daughters are so disappoi
congrats to all the winners! but thanks put them on the web site, as the 6 one... they are proud of it !
It's good that I?am not the only One, who' s mad as the mist and snow of U2! Love the work! By, Detlev.
U2 construction team
These are incredible! I totally agree with Baby Claw, I do think he deserves a little bit more credit than the others. The astronaut photo is also awesome! Congrats!
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