Magnificent: Behind The Scenes in Morocco

1 May 200927
A few weeks back the band headed out to Fes, Morocco, to shoot a video for the new single Magnificent.

Setting up a performance space inside a local riad, director Alex Courtez also took band and camera crew out on the streets of this mediaeval city - amongst the traders in the market, on the ancient walls and playing with local kids.

This behind-the-scenes special is cut to the album version of Magnificent, not the single edit. Stay tuned for the new video itself... coming soon.

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This is a kick butt song for sure!!! Love it!!!
class is not the word for this song.
this song is great . nice one boys. can't wait to c u in august CARDIFF. bring it on.
Magnificent Video Tapestry - Magnificent Results
Awesome Sound
I love the sound of this new song!!! SO U2 and European - I LOVE IT!!! How cool it would be to film or be in Morocco. Looking forward to seeing their concert in Phoenix.
hahahahaha, Larry playing soccer! Great song, great video.
How do they come up with this absolutly perfect song of pure joy. Cant wait to see the finished version of this video already amazing as is! Amazing, amazing, amazing U2
Shane Blake
More behind the seens for the up comming on the rod tour. They all have a gret sense of humour nd it should be caputured more...........
It's magnificent
Just an amazing video shoot from start to finish, one of the best I've seen in a very long time.
We'll Always have....Dublin
Very Casablanca-esque! I now have ideas for my next house in Cleveland as well...WOW! I can also see Magnificent being the opening songto a roaring, outdoor stadium rock-n-roll show.....can't wait to see it live!
What Joyful Noise
This is a great video. U2 never ceases to amaze and delivers. Really looking forward to the video for Magnificent Fes is just so beautiful. Parts of this reminded me of the video for I Still haven't found what I'm Looking for.
Good right foot effort from Larry. Lovely technique. Maybe a career at United was missed out on many years ago. Never mind, their loss is our gain. C U at Wembley !
Following U
I was born to follow U2 in this space and time! Nice video guys. Cant wait to see the video and listen to the remixes tracks. Regards from Brazil. We've missed you!
Best song in the world!
Even my friends love this song! And believe me, it's not easy convincing people of these things where I live. I can barely get them to listen to the songs at all, let alone like them. At least there are enough U2 fans in my state to get them to come. I can't wait until the music video comes out, and, more imoprtantly, I cant wait until October 3rd!
I love this! THANKS! It is very cool, and looks like a lot of work...Sharing the behind the scense is much appreciated...BUT I wannna see the video hahah...I guess I need to patient a few more days...can't wait...I love the guy dancing hahaha
Great video!
The behind the scenes video looks fantastic! I couldn't hear anything on this one but looks like the final video is going to look great! Thanks for the sneak peak and the boys are looking good!
No Sound
Is this supposed to be silent?
I love it!!!! Kiss from Brazil. I love you BONO
love the song..
love the song the bits of the video being made look very apt for the song looking forward to seeing it in all its glory very soon...eileebo
Muito bom!
Nós brasileiros estamos aguardando ansiosamente esse grandioso clipe da melhor banda do mundo. Magnificent!
It just gets better & better!
Fantastic,. love it..............wish I could have been there!! Have been a fan for 29yrs & still can neverget enough of them, they make me feel so good. X
New video !!!
I believe that this video will be a masterpiece ! Cheers from Brazil, Luiz.
Love love love
I love it!! Can't wait for the video
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!! U2 at it's best!!! Thank you for sharing the sights and sounds of this city.
It's so fun to watch behind the scenes videos. Keep doing them! I loved it. Thanks!
pure sweetness...
great documentary of the video making - heck this would be a cool video as is...
That is a great behind-the-scenes video. I look farward to see the actual Magnificent video and the up comming decade video collection on dvd. I want MORE !!! U2 U2 U2 U2
so joyful!
i love this filming, it is full of life, emotions and beautiful things
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