'Make Yourselves Comfortable…'

30 Nov 20207

'Make Yourselves Comfortable…'


'Make yourselves comfortable,' explains Adam, 'Once this crowd starts telling stories we could be here for quite a while…'

And we are, for nearly two hours, with a crowd made up of Bono, Edge, Danny Lanois and Brian Eno brought together by Adam for U2 X-Radio to talk about the making of All That You Can't Leave Behind. (And with a little extra guidance from Cait O'Riordan, who presents the station's weekly 'Rocky O'Riordan Show')

What is it that's essential for any of us? That was the theme of the record explains Edge. 'All the songs were an attempt to strip away the unnecessary and hold on to the essential stuff...'

'What are the things you can't leave behind?' That was my question, explains Bono. 'A song about family, a song about your father, a song about your children…the leaving and arriving...'

As All That You Can't Leave Behind marks its twentieth anniversary, this is quite the deep dive into the ideas that informed the record and the players and producers who created it. 

Listen to the tracks and to the stories behind them with conversations between Adam and Bono, between Adam & Edge, between Edge & Brian Eno and Edge and Danny Lanois.
'Chemistry' , says Brian Eno, is the only word to describe the musicians in this band and the songs they produced on this record. 'Chemistry has some very surprising proportions…'

Hope you enjoy this second highlights show from U2 X-Radio - tell us what you think of this episode in the comments below.

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Band ahead of time
One of my favorites! I remember the emotion of legally download all the songs from the site before the phisical album were released! Ireaaly fell in love with all the songs one per day! sometimes have to wait all night long due to connection.
All You’ll Ever Need
What a fantastic album. It compares with Achtung Baby and Joshua Tree in that it’s all killer and no filler. I wouldn’t leave out any songs from this record. I always liked Kite but ever since my father passed away it carried me. All the songs are uplifting and positive. Like the title says these songs are truly all that you can’t leave behind.
You guys get me through the day.
Thank you guys for all the years of heart felt music I'm a front line worker and my day starts @ 4 am 7 days a week I listen to your music and it feels like my shift goes by so quick it calms me down inside and keeps me going this year has been very challenging from the begining of lock down to the present your music is inspiring to look towards 2021 where maybe we can hopefully go back to be normal and possibly more opportunity to see another concert the last one was slane Castle a bitter sweet at the time for the band but it was the best time of my life just turning 21 and my first time out of the states. Love always keira.
"I Love You" Update
Larry Norman wrote "I Love You" in 1975, and it was featured on "In Another Land" ~ (Solid Rock Records 1976). It's a folky-country-rock song about Jesus Christ; Larry's discovery that when he dug to the bottom and looked for love, he found the God-Man. Which is interesting since U2's attempt to get the bottom, the essential things, took them to grace, which in Christian theology, is the fundamental result of God's interruption of the dog-eat-dog, self-atonement, with the person and promises of Jesus Christ. Fascinating.
Too bad that in Brazil it doesn't have support for listening to the radio. But thanks U2.COM #ATYCLB
Since 1987...
Thank you for all the dreams, memories and self knowledge you gave me. Any time I listened to the first acords of "Where the streets have no name", I have the same Nirvana feeling. It's magical! Missed my normal life with our concerts...<3 from BRAZIL
Want more...
Thanks for this and for the chance, to listen to my heroes and all the stories behind the songs of #ATYCLB It´s amazing and even when we fans knows the most of the stories already - we never get tired of it!!!
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