'Meet My Monster'

17 Nov 201154
Matt McGee of fansite atu2.com is the latest guest writer to come up with their own personal wishlist for 'U22'.

Matt's been to a few U2 shows over the years and when the 360 Tour opened in 2009 he harboured a secret desire for 'a Zoo-TV like tribute to everyone who wanted a greatest hits show.' That explains the 'monster' 'U22' set list he's come up with below. Does it scare you? Or do you love it? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

'So this is how Dr. Frankenstein felt, isn't it? But instead of building a monster from disparate parts, I'm trying to build a Best-Of-U2-360 setlist, pulling in songs from three quite different tours that spanned more than two years.

Let's see‚ I'll take the heart of this tour and match it with the brains of this other tour, and then throw in some of the muscle from that other tour. Voila! Our 22-song creature lives!

I'm not usually big on debating set-lists, dreaming up set-lists, or anything along those lines. I prefer to count myself blessed that U2 is still touring and that I'm still able to see a few shows each time. But here's a confession: before the 360 tour began, I secretly harbored a desire for U2 to start each show with a barrage of songs from No Line On The Horizon, a Zoo TV-like salute to everyone who bought tickets wanting a greatest hits show. So, now that U2.com has invited me to play Dr. Frankenstein and build my own version of U22, that's how I'll begin! Ready to meet my monster?'

1. No Line On The Horizon
2. Get On Your Boots
3. Breathe
4. Magnificent
5. Unknown Caller
6. I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
7. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
8. City Of Blinding Lights
9. Beautiful Day (the Mark Kelly version)
10. Your Blue Room
11. Zooropa
12. Until The End Of The World
13. Bad
14. Where The Streets Have No Name
15. One
16. One Tree Hill
17. Ultraviolet
18. The Fly
19. The Unforgettable Fire
20. Moment Of Surrender
21. Out Of Control
22. '40'

Matt McGee is Founder and Editor of www.atu2.com and author of U2-A Diary (Omnibus Press, 2008).
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Awesome Setlist!!!
wow that is a really good setlist!! Cant wait till u22 comes out!!
The only way to end is with "40"
Love the setlist! I missed hearing the No Line songs during the last leg of the tour. They were great songs to hear live. The end is the only way a U2 show should end...with 40. Great job Matt!
elevation mexico saturday may 14th
I voted my turn now but, I forgot to tell that Elevation on that saturday was the loudest elevation crowd I ever heard since the creation.... I saw Vegas, Mexico et both shows in Montreal. And Slane back in 2001. Clarence hotel, the kitchen and Temple Bar. I'm from Montreal Ray Dion, fan since 1979.
What I like about Matt is that I think l
What I like about Matt is that I think like him... And I know a lot of us that think the same!!! I'm also pretty blessed my forever favourite band (the one and only...!) is still making records and touring... and that I'm still able to see a few shows each time! And yes, I also secretly harbored a desire for U2 to start each show with a barrage of songs from No Line On The Horizon... but starting with Breathe!!! I love a show when Larry starts the show... and ends the show!!! ("Many will see and hear!") And the best U2 record is always the next one!!! Raul Lufinha
u2 u2 u2 always
we love u2 ever,,,its on my blood u2 songs,,,this band its my life,,,thanks to all u2 fans...ttttthis is my life u2..i cant leave this band...rejoice from portugal u2 always
Looks good
Looks like a pretty good setlist.Hopefully some of them will make it to the final cut
Great ...
... set list ... so many great songs though, they could have U44!! Glad you included Blue Room ...on my set list also ... and recently read an arcticle where Bono says it's one of HIS favorites ... as many songs from Achtung Baby as possible ...
Great list
Most of this is on my setlist wishlist. Nicely done! I'm loving the universal love for Zooropa. This is the one song I thought i'd never hear live, and then they played it!! It's gotta be on U22.
One Missing...
...and I don't mean "One"! Got to have With or Without You!
scootermom and U2 fan
Elevation needs a place on your setlist. The only change I would make.Elevation is the best, I loved it live.
Real Thing? Elevation?
Great set list! I love how the "No line" songs are on it but I feel that "Even Better" should be on the CD it's a great reinvention of the song. I love the new remix. Elevation has sooo much energy in it too. The way Bono plays with the crowd is genius! I also like how "The Fly" is on here. :)
I hope 40 will be the last song of the album.... Great selection!
yeah @U2 !
great set list Matt ..love all the NLOTH songs . i was really sad when they dropped them from the set . so would love to hear them live again on the cd .
very good
i love the idea of ending with "40"
Lisa TK
I like it
Well done Matt!
Thats TERRIFIC ! N L O H Songs ........ J'ADOORRRRE ; ))))
zoo tv irony
the irony is of course, during the last part of the last leg of the tour, there was a nod and tribute to zoo tv with a barrage from achtung!
It seems very cool,specially with '40' at the end.
U22 Setlist
I am afraid that the subject of choosing a unique live CD is changing into a personally preferred set list only. These are 2 different subjects. I agree with the most loyal U2 fans, please help us to get the rarely played songs for the CD, the most popular songs are already available in many different versions, also from the 360° tour.
A proper end!
Thanks for finishing with "40"! It wouldn't be a proper end without 40!
Well Thought Out
I would be happy with that cd
excellent job
really love it!
Overcome Your Monster - Don't Become One
I could work with this set list...I like the heavy duty NLOTH 6 song intro. I think the latest album deserved much more attention and sales because it is great!! After that a nice blending of greatest songs ~ including Bad, which is never bad! One of the highlights of the tour for sure was the resurrection of "Baby" songs and surprises like Your Blue Room. No Stingray Guitar? That would be the only glaring over sight in my opinion...I'd still buy it though :)
Hmmmm, stis makes totally sense, love it.
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