Music Rising Higher!

14 Sep 2006
U2 and Green Day will perform live, together, to mark the opening of Louisiana Superdome later this month. Before the football game between the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints, the two bands will perform a cover of The Skids track 'The Saints Are Coming' and a download will raise funds for Music Rising.

In the days following Hurricane Katrina, the Louisiana Superdome became a symbol of agony and distress. The NFL game on September 25th is the first event to come from the stadium since the Katrina devastation and the live performance by U2 and Green Day will be televised during ESPN's Monday Night Countdown pre-game show between 7:00pm-8:30pm EDT.

'My visits to New Orleans gave me a firsthand look at the devastation which tragically destroyed the lives of thousands.' explains Edge. 'The area's rich and spirited culture must continue to be restored. Providing musical instruments through Music Rising will not only help the professional musicians but all the churches and schools in need through phase two of the programme."

Music Rising, he said, is helping musicians regain a foothold on their future but will also ensure 'that one of the Gulf Coast's greatest assets, its music, will rise again.'

U2 and Green Day have been working in London this week in preparation for the performance and the choice of The Skids song - expressing frustration but ending with a statement of resolve - is an apt one.

"One year later, people continue to be devastated by Katrina's effects," says Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong. "We hope that by collaborating with U2, we'll remind the public that people of the Gulf Coast are still suffering and still need help to rebuild their lives.
"The Edge and Music Rising are providing support to schools, churches and musicians who lost everything in the storm, including their ability to make a living. We are honored to be asked and proud to be part of that."

The pre-game show and special performance on September 25th is sponsored by RealNetworks' Rhapsody digital music service. Rhapsody will also offer a live streaming audio webcast of the performance and game via

Shortly after the event, fans will have the ability to buy a download of the The Saints Are Coming via Rhapsody with all net proceeds going directly to Music Rising. Both the exclusive Music Rising charity track and select exclusive footage from the performance will be available for a limited time via

A simultaneous radio broadcast offered to radio stations by Westwood One worldwide will encourage solidarity across the globe for the people of New Orleans and the efforts to rebuild from destruction.

Music Rising Phase II will be administered by The Gibson Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Gibson Guitar.

Visit the Music Rising or Gibson Foundation websites.


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