'New Year's Day'

31 Jul 200910
In December 1982, the band arrived in Sweden with director Meiert Avis to shoot a video for New Year's Day, first single from the their third album 'War'.

The song, which made its 360 debut in Dublin a few days ago, was inspired by Lech Walesa, the leader of Solidarity, the trade union in Poland which helped bring down communism.

'Snow as an image of surrender,' explained Bono, talking about the lyric. 'And these little glimpses of narrative, which are really just excuses for the overarching theme, which was Lech Walesa being put in prison and his wife not being able to see him...'

Adam remembers the video: 'We needed snow so the director suggested northern Sweden. It was very basic, us performing in the snow, just kind of wrapped up, so you couldn't really see us. I think Bono sussed that to be in a video you had to look like yourself, so he wasn't wearing wooly hats or anything. I don't even think he was wearing thermal underwear, just the same clothes he had on when we got off the plane from Dublin.'

Edge: 'Bono's mouth almost froze solid; if you watch him lip-syncing his mouth won't quite work. But the video has an epic quality, there was something about that song that seemed to conjure up images of Dr Zhivago and European winterscapes. People always ask me: 'Was it difficult riding the horse, in the video?' And I have to tell them that was shot the day after we left. Apparently the four figures on horseback were all women, dressed similarly to ourselves.'

So there you go.... a random U2 connection from Sweden to Poland. (Maybe you can think of a better one...)

View the video here
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amazing song
unfortunatly i dont remember the first time i heard that song but new years day is def. one of my favorite. its such a beautiful and moveing song. i love it !!! :)
Very special song
That's one of my favorite song. I'm early 30s・・・I've seen New Years day of video clip for the first time. I felt fresh andThat's so cool ! I can hardly wait to see the U2 360°tour !
Form Argentina
I'm argentinian woman, but my grandfather on my mother's side was polish. This song is one of my favourite, I have got it for ringtone in my cel phone. And my birthsday is january 1st, so New year's day. What else can I say ?
New Year's Day
Amazing and hilarious story --back in the really old days of video/mime - so much change!The song just as poignant as the first time I heard it on first release! Have been following you guys for years now and am sooo excited about seeing you again at Wembley on 14/8. I think will have changed somewhat since the Joshua Tree tour I first saw you at :-)))) Everything you produce is MAGNIFIQUE!!!
My thought about that video
I'm actually 37... it means that it was one of the first video I watched in my life. Colours and scenery gave me an idea of epic: it was/it's like opening a book. Melody and lyrics, are in my opinion one of the must impressive about U2. This song, could be written in every year: it's having no age. I readed an interview to the Band on a special 'Uncut' publishing; Bono told it was particular for him, thinking that he was close to his marriage.. and Lech Walesa was not allowed to see his wife. Widely thinking about our time, I hope that also a proud Asian woman leader, will get the same success for her Country and her Freedom so like Walesa.
Very Special
This is a very special song for me in many ways, and one of the u2 master pieces indeed. Very cool video too, although it doesn't sound like it was much fun making it in the freezing cold.
of course the connection is in crowd actions on vertigo tour, Poland did the White&Red, and Sweeds the White. Poland is aiming to go White & Red again in 360style. So if you are going to Chorzow take something WHITE if you seat and something RED if you are on the field. more details: http://community.u2.com/topic/8982
Emotional !!!!!!!
I was driving the first time I heard this song. At the time I was listening to much heavier music but there was something about that song, I immediately went out and bought everything by a group called U2!!! 27 years later that song still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. When I hear it live I just cry. Thank you for that song and for all the great songs
My Connection!!!!!!
I will never forget when I first saw the video of "New Years Day" on MTV. I was mesmerized. The sound, the flow of the music, the look, and then I fell in love with U2. Its been a love affair that grew stronger and stronger thru the years. Now, I can't get enough. Ireland was a blast. Now I'm waiting for my 4 concerts in the states. Thank You, U2 for keeping the The Unforgetable Fire going. I Love you guys.
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