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25 Jun 201043
'Watching the DVD makes me think I'm at the show again.'
'Brings me back right to the show, the best night of my life...'

'U2360° At The Rose Bowl', the next best thing to being at the show. Don't take our word for it. In more than 20 cities across North America, fans opened their homes or crowded into local bars to hold screening parties to preview the new DVD.

'It felt like we were on stage with them,' says Marianne in Chicago. 'Clapping, screaming and singing with the boys.'

Already the DVD has broken sales records and shot to the top of charts across the world. From Australia to the US, from Canada to Sweden, DVD and Blu-ray sales have taken it to No.1 in 23 countries. No surprise judging by the comments of those who've seen it.

'In a blink of an eye,' says Jen, who hosted a party for fans in Denver. 'You go from feeling the heat of the crowd as they bounce up and down to Crazy Tonight to standing in front of Bono as he crooned the lyrics of Amazing Grace...'

'It€™s one of the best - if not the best - U2 DVD.' says Allegra, who took over Lochrann's Irish Pub in Frisco, Texas. 'We were blown away. The surround sound quality was amazing and seeing it up on the big screen really brought it to life! It really did make you feel like you were there!'

Not seen it yet ?

Watch City of Blinding Lights.

Watch Ultraviolet

And on the audio player on the home page take a listen to 'I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight ' and 'Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For'

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I went to one of their concerts last october in Atlanta. It was the best night of my life. I got this DVD and it made me feel like i was back at the concert it was amazing. i have already watched it twice!! its awesome!
"Thank you Live Nations. Thank you madne
It's outer space. Starting with the stage and finishing with a milky way which slowly was cover with red light creating galactic atmosphere. A sad astronaut from Zooropa fond his place in this tour too, it is him who's showing us this show from his spaceship's window. It's U2, how can it be the other way? The concert is fantastic. And in this case both meanings of this word count. It's obvious that this concert DVD eclipsed previous ones. Tom Krueger directed it and he also directed U23D, he really made it the way you can lose your breath. I'm seriously admired HOW the concert is recorded, how it is edited, how light and sound is made. And also they were able to make Bono look so damn handsome everywhere. Probably it's only my humble opinion, but light is a very important part of how the whole picture will be look like and here it's just perfect. It's a pleasure for eyes to see, ears are happy to hear, because music takes them away and you've got a sweet and warm feeling inside. There are alot of positive emotions, smiles, touching moments. During the watching your mood is getting better and when you realize that YOU too were there and you will be again your own memories add colors to this already positive gamma. You sit and think: "It's so damn awesome!". Guys had a good mood, it was visible. Bono was so excited by the end that you could see he was enjoying everything so much. Maybe they already know that they made a new record in USA with the biggest crowd attending a concert ever and they decided to rock that place at the whole 200%. Setlist was good. They left only best of the bests. I'm not the one who thinks that it became worse when they cut out Breathe. Yes, it was an opener for all concerts, but Get On Your Boots is good too.
I bought the Blu-ray edition and I saw it twice. I saw the extras and I think it's very nice the band makes possible the fans understand how do people run this giant show. I think only a World Cup final with Portugal can be as good as a 360º Tour show. FORÇA PORTUGAL!!! Portugal 3-0 Espanha
Are you serious?
I just watched it - 2 major complaints - why does the DVD start with Boots? One of the best parts of a U2 show is the intro thru band walk on which is totally removed in the DVD/Blue ray. 2nd, the editor and director should be never used again. There isn't one camera view that lasts longer than a 10 second span. Very annoying. This is a concert film, not a music video. Music and picture quality is great but totally overshadowed by too much editing.
Fantastic on Blu-Ray
Bought the Blu-Ray this week and cannot get enough of it. Shall be watching a lot of it for the next 7 weeks in preparation for Frankfurt. Shame they made "Breathe" a bonus feature though, it's such a wonderful opening to the show and maybe should have stayed in the original running order as seen on youtube.
I was at the show, GA probably where the fifty yard line is, and the DVD does not come close to giving you a feel for what the band is actually like. Too many cuts throughout the DVD, you never, ever get a sense of how the band work a crowd or the stage or the songs and how they do it together as a band...the performances are very good and the sound is perfect, but, i like the Elevation and the Vertigo DVD's better because you do get a great feel for the band on stage and they also accentuate the nuances in the performances of the different songs.
U2 360
I bought the delux and I have watched it twice and loved it even more the second time. I think this is one of there best concerts yet. I felt like I was right there with them and that felt great. I love watching Edge and Adam play there gitars and Larry play the drums and Bono doing what he does best. I think Bono has a wonderful and powerful voice that gets you right in the heart and he knows how to use it. Lisa
I bought the dvd a couple of days before it was to go on sale and couldn't wait to see it! I saw the show in Dallas but watching the show from all different angles was awesome."The Unforgettable Fire" is truly unforgettable. I loved it from start to finish. To really get your money's worth,get the Deluxe version,it's worth it! Thanks U2! Bono get well and we'll see you next year in Denver!!
Light my way!!
I have the blu-ray version... sound is great (DTS), movie is fantastic! great, great, HD pictures. The combination, of course, is thrilled! My favourite song: ultra violet. One, big and a full room of U2 sound (I hope the neighbours enjoy ;)). What a super song is this when it is played live. That's one reason why U2 is great, they make songs better played live. Most of the bands do the opposite...
crazy u2-dvd
now every generation gets a chance to listen to u2 on dvd; although i have to admit listening to u2 live is even better.
I just got the super deluxe edition-so worth the money. I loved all the bonus features and interviews. I am soo happy to have my first concert on dvd forever!!!All bands dream of having something as great as this...yet U2 has it.
Great, Great Show
I just got my Super Deluxe Edition and I watched everything! The show was even better then I remembered watching it on YouTube. Can't wait for it to come around again in 2011 in the U.S.!!
ramblin rose
Honestly, I've never been able to watch Chicago in one sitting, but I've watched the Rose Bowl 4 times now. It is absolutely fantastic!!
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