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18 Jul 202020

'Vertigo 2005 // U2 Live from Chicago'

Now streaming on demand for the next forty eight hours, 'Vertigo 2005 // U2 Live from Chicago'.
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 'Vertigo 2005 // U2 Live from Chicago'  - 
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Paid annual subscriber? An hour after we begin screening the live show, we'll start screening 'Beyond the Tour' an intimate behind-the-scenes documentary originally released with the live DVD. (For 48 hours from from 1pm PST / 4pm EST / 9pm BST.)

'Beyond the Tour' - SCREENING NOW OVER.

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Vertigo in Full HD
You at U2 were able to remaster and relaunch these "old" shows (from 2006 onwards) on Blu-Ray. It is wonderful to accompany Vertigo in Full HD and half shows.
One of the Best Performances!
This concert, on Bono’s 45th birthday (and Jordan’s) in my hometown, simply one of the best U2 concerts I’ve seen. The energy was electric! Cannot wait to see you all in person again.
Thank you, U2.
I watched this great show in one breath and got a great aesthetic pleasure. Thank you very much to the entire U2 team for your work and creations. I wish you to remain the same great musicians and please us with new creations. From Russia with love, 2020
Thank you
I could not be more grateful for this. Couldn’t finish watching because I had a busy last two days. Can you please extend the viewing? If not, no worries. Because U2 rocks and especially in these times we need you more than ever! I will watch/listen to my DVDs from your wonderful concerts. Many thanks!!
Claire Pattison
Absolutely brilliant concert. Love the way the band slowly leave the stage, taking in and considering the audience. Can't wait to see another tour in London
I could not agree more THANK YOU
Great concert in the wake of Congressman John Lewis’s passing so many themes run through your lyrics and rhythms thanks for a great show Sincerely yours from Chicago
God Bless and Thank You!!
I've had to Miss Every U2 Concert in Life!!!! This was Perfect and So Touching..My Life is now a little more complete!! Hugs & Prayers!!
Beautiful memories!
I was privileged enough to attend that concert and I must say that I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the Vertigo Tour. What a blast! This Chicago Concert in particular was amazing. Great setlist, great performance, great vibe. The sound was perfect. Beautiful Day and Vertigo were delivered with energy, the Boy set was beautifully done. I loved Miracle Drug and Sometimes you can’t make it on your own. So many highlights! Had they played ultraviolet and who’s gonna ride your wild horses, I think I would have fainted because of too much happiness! Thank you U2 for your music. For the message behind those perfect lyrics. Thank you for bringing this tour back to life! Cheers!
Swinging to the music
I had a joyous Saturday evening watching this film, which offers so many amazing perspectives. It felt like attending a concert full of excitement, energy and enthusiasm coming from both band and audience. "City Of Blinding Lights" is a wonderful show opening giving U2 a chance to welcome fans in Chicago. With a powerful version of "Vertigo" Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam create a connection to their roots followed by a few songs from the "Boy" album. The rawness of rock´n´roll produced here is fascinating and every note of those early tracks is filled with true passion. The sequence "An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart" belongs to my favourites, with its mysterious youthful sensuousness merging into the heartfelt melodies of the second part. It´s moving to see how a boy who was invited to come on stage looks at Bono in awe as the innocent beauty of this piece unfolds. Later, Bono did a nice gesture by singing for his daughter Jordan whose birthday is on the same day. He also talks about how he discovered his love for jazz and pays tribute to the city and its music. "Sometimes You Can´t Make It On Your Own" is clearly the most personal song, letting Bono release a lot of emotion culminating in a long drawn-out note as he dedicates it to his father. With "Love And Peace Or Else" U2 move on the the show´s political part and having his eyes covered with the COEXIST sign Bono delivers a stunning performance. Some tracks from "Achtung Baby" are reminiscent of one of the band´s most innovative phases and especially "The Fly" amazes me through its heavy and fierce sound. A tremendous show evoking great memories of a great tour!
Vertigo Chicago show is brilliant !
I already had this fabulous concert on DVD. I gave up years ago hoping there would be a full HD release. Oh my goodness, the picture quality is astoundingly great, thank you so much for sharing this, U2 team. And the 5.1 surround puts you right there, it sounds sublime. I have over half a dozen U2 concerts on DVD/Blu ray. But Vertigo Chicago has always been my most favourite. Please, please , please , either release it on Blu Ray, or make it available for purchase in iTunes , or make it permanently available on If the latter , please make a menu, so we can directly access track by track depending on which track we want to see. I watched the whole 2hr+ on demand stream last night. I will watch it again tonight, before the 48hr window sadly comes to a close. By the way, I went to the Vertigo show at Croke park, Dublin. I saw Popmart in Philadelphia back in the 90’s (my first ever U2 concert) and went to Innocence/experience show at the O2 London and also the same tour at Ziggodome Amsterdam in 2015. I love U2, I’m addicted and glad to be.
Thank you!!!!
Thank you!!!! Much needed. I miss concerts so much this year.
Unforgettable memories
The first time I saw U2 live since then I became a bigger fan of the band forever. So many great memories that I will remember forever!
Thank you
What a Great concert to watch while being quarantined for Coronavirus. Lifted my spirits. Thank you.
They still sound the same, remember watching this on DVD years ago & never dreamt would be seeing them live in Adelaide, Nov 2019! Mad place called Vertigo! #U2Vertigo #U2getherAtHome
Karla Orozco
Perfect Timing
This was a special concert to watch especially now during these very trying times. It was exactly what my soul needed.
A trip down memory lane
Reliving this concert reminded of me what I was doing with my life at the time. A new job in public safety (Fire Dept) and meeting some U2 fans from Mexico whom I still communicate with to this day! Thanks for the memories
Blu-ray release please
Amazing, but already known material. Get these shows released in 1080p HD on blu-ray for collectors. Please.....
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