On Limited Edition 12" Blue Vinyl

25 Aug 202017

On Limited Edition 12" Blue Vinyl

Marking the 40th anniversary of it's original release, on Saturday, for Record Store Day, '11 O'Clock Tick Tock' returns in a special 12" transparent blue vinyl release.
The limited edition release includes the full length version of the track, as well as the original 7” B-side 'Touch'; plus two previously unreleased live recordings  - 'Touch' and 'Twilight' - from the band's show at London's Marquee club in September 1980.

Here’s the band’s first TV performance of '11 O'Clock Tick Tock',  for the BBC's Old Grey Whistle Test  in 1980.

 '11 O'Clock Tick Tock' was produced by Martin Hannett and recorded in the spring of 1980 at Dublin's Windmill Lane Studios. Released in May that year, the song was U2's first single on Island Records.

In a special collaboration with the charity War Child , £1 from every copy sold in the UK will go towards helping to protect, educate and stand up for the rights of children around the world caught in conflict. 
The release will only be available from independent record shops on Saturday 29th August on @RSDUK. More information at recordstoreday.co.uk.

12" Info

• 4 track 12” EP, cut at 45 rpm
• Pressed on 180gsm transparent blue vinyl
• Full colour gatefold outer sleeve
• Photo gallery on inner gatefold

Side A
1. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock – 4:13
2. Touch – 3:26

Side B
1. Touch (Live at the Marquee, London, 1980) – 3:26
2. Twilight (Live at the Marquee, London, 1980) – 4:27

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Great songs of the 80-ies
I play it loud and make some noise in my living room. Thanks.
Thank you
I've been a fan since a 17 year old putting Boy on the jukebox in the pub. Recently my 23 year old daughter had a psychotic disorder (no drugs) and I would listen to Walk On on the way (in the car on repeat) to the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit and back. Not only that but one day when she was responsive, she laid her head in her lap as she did as a child and said, sing to me. By that time I knew Walk On by heart so that's what I sang to her. Now, she is happy, in love and thriving. Thank you. You helped me so much. Her also.
Last live unreleased from The Marquee ?
Hi, I buy this new vinyl and the two new live unreleased from The Marquee are very cool. This is the perfect companion to "another time, another place" vinyl subscribers only. One question, is there still another live unreleased from this place ? Next step, the "All that you can't leave behind" anniversary. Thanks for the serious work.
Paul Lynum
Wish they would play it again
My favorite U2 song Would love to hear them play it again full like they did in the early / mid 80s
My shop sold loads...
...but still a few available from my Indie shop in North East England, Reflex of Newcastle I was thrilled when this was announced for Drop 1 of RSD this year as this was my first U2 single purchase 40 years ago when I was 1 1 years old, so a massive adreneline rush to be able to sell this 40 years on in my store.
U2- Record Store Day Aug. 2020
Got mine!! Canterbury Records in Pasadena, California. Soooooooooooooooon, Amoeba in Hollywoood will open New store. PW
U2 tick tock
Got my copy courtesy of Crash records. Leeds U.K
Play or don’t play open or keep closed.
I was lucky to get the last copy from sister ray in London,but the problem is store it with all the other u2 gems or break a habit of a life time and rip it open and play it.
Tick TOCK ...
Got my copy Lucky ME ; ))) I remember listening to the Red Rocks 11 O'clock track ... again and again in the 80's ; )))
I just bought my copy at Newbury Comics. I tried my local record store, but it was sold out!
Wow! Such a pleasure to watch that video. So young, yet serious about their art. I wonder if that was meant to be a cross of Yeshua/Jesus in the background. If so, it's great to see that. And Peter Rowan of course. Bono's mom crossed my mind during part of this video. No doubt she would've been proud of the force for good he became in using his voice to also be a voice for the voiceless! :)
Mick Harris 66
Vinyl Vaughan's Guernsey C.I. got me my copy, queued up early o'clock to make sure and chuffed to bits. The guy is so helpful and always does his best to get fans there wish list.
Added to my collection
Managed to secure the only copy received by the nearest record store to me. Had to drive for an hour and get there before the store opened, so glad it wasn't a wasted trip.
Got it
"We thought that we had the answers... It was the questions we had wrong" ❤️
11 o'clock tick tock
Hello all the members of U2. I love so much your reedition for the 40th anniversary of that single. This song is one of my favourite of all time. I love you my dear Bono. Please like my comment.
In the shadow boy meets man
Lucky to have an early delivery from an independant store! "Twilight" shall be played next tour
Subscriber download
This is pretty cool and all, but what about the people who can’t purchase this? Can U2 make this available to download for subscribers? Especially the live tracks?
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