On The Bill in Europe

29 Mar 201019
With Lenny Kravitz, The Fray and Interpol supporting U2 for different dates on this summer's North American leg of U2 360, we've now got confirmation that Kasabian will be joining the band for the start of the European leg in Italy and Germany while Snow Patrol, OneRepublic and Interpol will join for other dates.

Check our Tour Pages for the very latest information on who'll be playing with the band on the night you have tickets.

We already heard what North American fans thought of the acts they'll get to see with U2 this year, so what about you Europeans? Seen any of these bands before? Let everyone else know what to expect.
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snow patrol ruuules!
yeeh!! i saw snow patrol first time last summer in gothenburg. i love their music soo much and their amazing lyrics. but never seen them live so it was a two in one for me u2 and snowpatrol :) i especially loved when gary nocked himself with the microphone so he started bleading hehehe! funny guys. but ...come on give snowpatrol to helsinki too! helsinki need them ...badly! xxxx
Just saw that Snow Patrol is supporting U2 in Denmark. That's fantastic news!
check out interpol,they sound promising. I give them a shot at my approval.same last year at the croker,glasvegas sounded terrible..Damien however....thumbs up
On the Bill in Europe
Com on lads, are you going to do a home gig? We are dying to see you back home, maybe play the phonix park? largest park in the EU!!!
Pedro Ribeiro
Interpol in Portugal
Not bad and I´ve seen Snow Patrol in Barcelona, but how about Lenny doing some shows in Europe? That would be awesome!
Delighted that Interpol are on the bill for Paris and Rome!! :-)
Gutted. wanted Kasabian or Snow Patrol. But got Interpol for the Paris gig. Never heard them though so we'll see. Anyone got any insight on Interpol? Gary, Scotland
Snow Patrol
Saw them at the Chicago gig, they were awsome - gutted they aren't playing Seville. Never Mind though - U2 are playing :-).
I am so disappointed! No Snow Patrol in Vienna??? That is so not fair! :-((( Why do Moscow and Athens get them and we don't? This is the worst news I've received in months. :-(((
From Montréal
I don't know Interpol, but I would of love to have ONEREPUBLIC.
Snow Patrol yaay
again :) saw them in Zagreb...amazing! Looking forward to the concert in Isanbul!
I watched U2 in Gothenburg this summer, and Snow Patrol was supporting. I hadn't listened to them much at all, but recognized the name because of the classic "Chasing Cars" Actually though, they were really good, and inspired alot more listening to them in myself. So if you get Snow Patrol as supporting, i'd say look forward to it. Besides, you'll get to see the best band on Earth afterwards anyway.. ;D
Kasabian! Yes!!! Interpol OneRepublic NO
Kasabian are a brilliant headlining band in their own right (T in the Park etc) - so glad I got Frankfurt tickets so I get to see them again live. However, I will not be going in early when I head to Paris so see Interpol and who on earth are OneRepublic?? What a waste of time these 2 are for support - rather stay in the bar for an extra hour.
Interpol Paris & Brussels .....
Interpol Paris & Brussels ..... Just can't Wait for the shows !
Snow Patrol for Helsinki
Would be great to get Snow Patrol for Helsinki! That way my friends would be happier to stand there for hours too :)
nat 2A
Snow Patrol - Great!
That is the greatest news for me - Snow Patrol are the support band in Turkey and Greece! I love them so much! I missed the show in Zagreb in 2009 but this year - no chance. I will be in Istanbul! Iliyana, Bulgaria
Brussels 22/09
Really happy Interpol joins U2 in Brussels! I know a few very nice songs of Interpol, so it will be a nice way to discover more! Looking forward!
Thank you
Well, OneRepublic is the band I do not really need. But Kasabian and Interpol are just great!!! Thank you!! Now I will see 1x OneRepublic, 2x Kasabian and 4x Interpol this year. Now I am really excited to learn who TBA will be in Denmark and Finland :-)
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