Bono was in South Africa this week, to join those paying tribute to Nelson Mandela at Tuesday's memorial service.

'In Ireland,' he says, 'A wake is never without humour but it's fair to say we lean heavily on the melancholy… one thing I love about Africa is they accompany the departed with dancing, lots of it, and music full of joy.'

On Thursday, 'Ordinary Love', the song the band wrote for 'Mandela:Long Walk To Freedom', was nominated for a Golden Globe Award and today the band wanted to share Paul Epworth's new version.

'We think Paul Epworth's mix is a very soulful, uplifting one and we hope our audience will agree,' says Bono. 'Nelson Mandela's life and times meant more to me than I can ever tell you, I would need a hundred songs to do that… but this complicated little love song to Winnie and South Africa is the one that landed on our lap.

'I want to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press for believing in us and the film. This is truly a great honour.'


26 February, 2014
Ordinary Love - Paul Epworth Version
Wow! This version is so much better and I can't stop listening to it. Can we get a download of this version on iTunes please, or a hard copy single??? The first U2 song I've REALLY liked since Zooropa. Awesome.
25 January, 2014
Ordinary Love
I adore Ordinary Love,both versions. I believe U2 is just warming up and 2014 is gonna be an amazing year for U2 and for U2'ers!
20 January, 2014
Two great versions of the same song...
But I have to agree with Bono - this version is the better of the two and by far my favourite. Either way, I'm loving the song and it and sounds like a lot of others are too - I'm hearing it on rock radio quite a bit. It's nice to hear some new U2 on the radio right alongside classic U2.
10 January, 2014
Love Ordinary Love
I wasn't in love with the original version, but this version -- I can't get enough! Please put it up on Spotify so I can listen to it constantly. :-)
30 December, 2013
Ordinary Love
Juste magnifique!! j`adooore <3
27 December, 2013
Sarah Tumps
Can't wait to see you again. Beautiful song.
25 December, 2013
U2 - Once again you blow everything else in your path away, thank you for the past 35 years!
20 December, 2013
Yep, better!
I definately like this version better than de first! There's more going on soundwise. And I didn't like the fade-out of the first version, felt like I missed half of the song. Still a long way from the enormously diverse soundpallet used in Achtung Baby, but nice in a basic kind of way! Thanks guys, looking forward to the album!
20 December, 2013
I want more U2!
I can't never get enough of U2! Leaves me wanting to Hear More! Hope a new album is soon to come!
20 December, 2013
Still not feeling IT!!!
nice disco version but what this song really needs is The Soweto Gospel Choir treatment a la U2 duels xxx
19 December, 2013
Just when you thought it couldn't get any better! Love this version. Love both of them. Must have both now!
Dennis G
19 December, 2013
Great, but not as good as "This is"...
I wonder if there would be ANY possibility at all that U2 would put the "This is" (Aslan cover) song on their next album. I consistently like their new stuff, but that song in particular absolutely blew me away (the performance from the Electric Lady Studios...). To me, it's their best, upbeat, positive, "radio-friendly" song since Beautiful Day (too bad it's not an original, but who cares, right?). I just can't stop replaying it. If their goal is to start dominating top-40 charts again, that's a good way to start. I've grown up with U2 for the last 20 years. They're sounding better than ever. I'm so excited for 2014. Merry Christmas everyone!
18 December, 2013
U2's next hit?
If this version was released to radio it could definitely be a hit for U2. The work to get it out there just needs to be done. Please release it on iTunes and as a radio single!
17 December, 2013
This is an absolutely fantastic version of the so deserve to win the Golden Globe!!!
17 December, 2013
Ordinary Love=Extraordinary Song
A hundred (make that a thousand) thank you's for this amazing remix!!! Wow!!!
16 December, 2013
Mandela's legacy, the best prize!
My musical gods as usual with the best music and lyrics for one of the best men in our world. Golden Globe well-deserved. I'm sure Mandela is happy knowing about all this and the best would be putting into practice his words and his examples.
16 December, 2013
Love it. Awesome song.
15 December, 2013
A great song...again!
15 December, 2013
From NZ
Arohanui! <3
15 December, 2013
This is another example of how this band never gets old. How about a 3 pack , song 1 " Ordinary Love", (Paul Epworth Version), song 2 "This is" and song 3, "Sunday Bloody Sunday " ( Electric Lady Studio Recording) for " New Year resolution CD ......Think about boys......I think everyone would enjoy that..
15 December, 2013
Very...very...good version !!!!
15 December, 2013
Nice version!!!
First I didn't like the original version. After a few listens I like the song a lot. The remix does it for me! Great song!!! This is the new U2 I want to hear.
15 December, 2013
It'll be possible to have it on iTunes, please :D
15 December, 2013
much better
Tracy M
15 December, 2013
This would be awesome as the single
I left in love with the original version for the soundtrack on the first listen - and have been running to it every morning since we got to download it (playing it 10-12 times over 5km). This new version makes me love this song - and everything it stands for - even more. This should be the single version for the radio. AWESOME!
15 December, 2013
Wow what an amazing version. Nice guitar work Edge. If this is a preview for the new album. I will looking forward to it. Thank you U2.
Scott Cleaver
15 December, 2013
Far from Ordinary
Paul Epworths version stands strong along side the original and is a nice mix to an amazingly beautiful tune...lets keep them coming into the new year - Blessings to all over the Festive season Scott
15 December, 2013
Even Better Than The Real Thing
This remix is so, so great. Love it.
15 December, 2013
Ordinary Love
I love both version of Ordinary Love!!!! <3<3<3<3
15 December, 2013
It has a certain sex appeal
This version is a bit sexy, in a playful way, to the original. I'm loving on it!
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