'Photographs by The Edge'

23 Nov 20178

'Photographs by The Edge'

"I took these photographs without a clear sense of where they might end up. A re-issue of the Joshua Tree album 30 years hence was certainly not part of my thinking. I guess I took them because I felt that this experience and this landscape and this moment in time ought to be remembered, and possibly at some point shared."  

As the year of the thirtieth anniversary of The Joshua Tree comes to a close, people in Los Angeles have a special opportunity to see the photos Edge took when the band travelled through the California desert in late 1986.

The Joshua Tree, Photographs by The Edge,” are on display until Dec 17 at Arcane Space gallery   in Venice and also on sale to raise funds for GO Campaign,  a Santa Monica-based nonprofit organization that raises awareness and funds to help vulnerable children.

You can see the photos here and read more about the exhibition here.

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Like a painting
like a painting they are really beautiful photos Edge. I like the sky it inspire me a lot, hope for the next photos you will take.
Great Photos Edge!
Keep posting please - great pics
Zabriskie Point: It nearly killed me
Cool photos. Cool place (but not it the Summer months). It nearly killed me on July 16th, 2009. With my Joshua Tree CD in hand I tramped off to get to that place where the band had stood sometime in 1986. I soon realized they must have stood down the gully (as shown in Edge's photo). Big mistake! I never quite got all the way down and quickly became overwhelmed by the heat. I only JUST managed to get back up. My girlfriend was oblivious to my predicament and was taking photos of me (stop-motion like). My legs finally collapsed when I got to the top and I was rushed to hospital in Nevada with heat-illness. I was 10 when the Joshua Tree came out. It has made such an impact on me and how I perceive myself. It gave me some depth and clenched my thirst for soul. It also nearly killed me. Zabriskie Point (Death Valley). Good to visit in winter time.
Beautiful, like a Beautiful Day
It is amazing that these photos show a frozen moment in time where U2 constantly progress and look at that moment in time to continue to exceed in music which for many of us is running through our veins for decades now
Beautiful space, beautiful shots, beauti
I had the pleasure of stopping by the exhibit last Sunday evening and it was breathtaking. The Edge did a stunning job, embracing the scenery, the subjects, the atmosphere. That's so wonderful that these photographs were displayed for all to see, after hiding for a few decades. It's such a blessing to have the support of loved ones to encourage us to use and display our gifts and talents that perhaps we may suppress or keep in hiding. Well done, Edge. Well done, Mrs. Edge and fellow curator. It was indeed a pleasure and inspiration to witness.
very suggestive and evocative photo!! love it!
The Edge -Great photos!
Taken in the days before digital cameras? When you had to have the patience to figure out the aperature, film speed, get the lighting right, ECT. Before getting a decent shot. Awesome!
OH! MY! GOSH! This is absolute stunning!!!!
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