24 Nov 201420
'I’m already working on the apology… for the apology,' said Bono. 'Because I’m very proud of what we did. It’s one of the proudest moments in U2’s history.'

Talking Songs Of Innocence and on the cover of the new edition of Mojo Magazine. 

Danny Eccleston has the story over 11 pages - here's a taster.
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No apologies
Just can't imagine why someone would be upset for having received the latest record for free in their iTunes. Pathetic really. Can 't stop playing it. No other band can release an album these days with more than one or two great tunes on it. Have my tickets for one of the Montreal shows, looking to buy more. Rock on.... Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all.
No apologies needed
Just keep bringing out new records of this quality and all U2 fans will be very happy!!
They need to learn...
No apologies needed, they need to learn to appreciate.
Jealousy rules !!!
Great show - a work to be very proud of - don't let the b's grind you down!!!!!
Well Done Lads!
No need to apologize! Great album, thanks for the gift!
"But no more apologies No more, no more apologies"
Thats it
Proud of the new web page entrance :) Go on! "If you go, if you go your way and I go mine..." Dublin, Summer 2014, as a visitor, somewhere a duo asked after tens of well played songs is there any U2 fans here. Waved. They played with a mention not a tourist thing now With Or Without You. Well it was quite a good duo alright. Had a serious flashback and had to hide behind my hair to keep all hot tears just flashing down, could not control the reaction at all. Out of Control! Croke Park 360 Frankfurt, Helsinki, Istanbul. - Miami, New Orleans, London, Belfast and Berlin.
I love the Crystal Ballroom ! Great tune
Born for this... :-) I just love the 70's-80's style you added to this track. Some influence of U2's in the 80's can be heard there as well. Good job!
You have no need to apologize
...to anyone at all, period! I have yet to meet anyone who has been upset/irritated/aggravated about the release, except for myself. And that was only because I'm still using a five year old flip phone, & don't have access to ITunes.
No need to was "I'm sorry"!!!!! This Album is sooooo great and perfect! It is so touching! And never forget: THE HATERS NEVER BEATS THE LOVERS....and we LOVE you, guys...no matter what!!!
That is exactly right people do get free stuff off the internet everyday & because it is U2 people are quick to whinge... I say get over it everyone good on U2 again for being courageous to do this. Personally I think it was brilliant & am grateful they did this. I love Bono & U2 they don't have anything at all to apologise for. Lots of love & peace to them all & speedy recovery & get well soon Bono xoxo Love all you guys.... Verah
Best wishes from nyc
You guys still owe us a week of late night show. Please get well soon and get back there !!!
NO Aplolgies!
No need to apologize!! The album is beautiful. perfect. So many fans agree, haters gonna hate. Bono, many prayers and love sent your way!! my hero! U2 love you all <3 Gina
U2 is above cool !!!
U2...and another great Magazine with excellent material...that I can't get...No Magazine-Retailer near me receives this........Sigh....
Walk on and Rock on!!!!
Let them criticize and let them hate....the world is yours to take and keep with your brilliant, heartfelt music and your feisty spirit...Keep it up lads!!! and Bono, please get well, hope physical rehab is not too bad....love y'all xoxo
Avion Espia
There's nothing to be sorry for...!
The launching strategy for Songs of Innocence could come at a better time! The music industry needed that noise, of movement! They are so still all the buzz is something to thank for!
To reach the top of the hill is good....
...to stay on the top of the mountain is Briljant! U2 have my blessings! Go on with make some noice... This is just the begin of U2 his journy. Good luck with what's next. Love and Light, Detlev L.
Yeah, the U2 have done something that no one has had the courage to do! I LOVE U2
MoJo Article
that´s right... they have nothing to apologize for... if you dont want the album.... just delete it. people get free stuff from the internet EVERY day and no one complains... but if U2 gives away the new album, everybody starts going crazy.
MOJO Article
Way to go, B!
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