2011 marks the 25th anniversary of  Q Magazine and, to celebrate, they've  launched a vote to discover 'The Greatest Act of the Last 25 Years'.
All the 25 shortlisted acts have been Q cover stars and you cast your vote by  moving the covers around the screen.  So if you want to vote, say, for U2, you drag the Q U2 cover and drop it at the top of the page.
The winner is revealed at the annual Q Awards in London next month.

Here's where it's all happening - your vote counts!


29 October, 2011
U2 Q
They Are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05 October, 2011
u2 le plus grand groupe du monde q
le plus grand groupe du monde le plus humain merci pour tout ce que vous faite pour notre terre lutte contre la famine aide au population merci mercy u2 est rentre dans notre histoire a jamais
05 October, 2011
DONE!! =)
04 October, 2011
my heroes =O)
Done - for my heroes! =O)
02 October, 2011
Love Q and U2
Voted! speaking of voting, Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry, i know this has nothing to do with the above article, and i am not asking for this to be printed, but could i just give a message to the lads and ask them to back SENATOR DAVID NORRIS is his run for the Irish presidency!? It was disgraceful the way he has been treated in the media and by the bigots in government. It would be MASSIVE PR for Ireland if he was to become the worlds first openly Gay president! The Gay community in Ireland, and Gay U2 fans worldwide would be very grateful if you could back him in some shape or form, or offer a view on him in the media. He has fought tooth and nail to get where he is, and has been a Human Rights activist for decades. I understand you may have particular views on this, but if at all possible, please do anything if you can to assist him, any of you at all. Let's push things forward in Ireland, we could do with it. Please forward this on to the band, guys thanks for reading this, and Godspeed to assist a fellow aActivist. Visualise it, you do that so well. It would be similar to Obama getting voted in. You have some power...pretty please?? Thank you so much! i'm just a regular voter, who wants to see Ireland shining brighter for a change. We have a chance, be part of it. U2 thanks for being part of my life, Your music has helped me through the darkest of hours, and i will always be grateful for that. East wall lifelong fan xxxx
Peter Nordsmark
24 September, 2011
U2 Q
23 September, 2011
Thanks for posting on FB, Larry! Done and good luck. Also I loved the bus tour clip - traveling with U2. That was fun.
18 September, 2011
400th anniversary's Quebec city
As i heard, you were supposed to be # 1 for this show, instead Paul McCartney came with his band and that's why i think for one night in the last 25 years, he deserve the gold. Please, don't mind my vote, cause many people here in Quebec waited for you enough.
18 September, 2011
u2 the greatest rock n roll band of the last 25 years enough said can t wait for the next album u2
17 September, 2011
Already voted!
The Q cover with U2 looks amazing! Of course I put U2 on the top. I hope they will be the winners. Good luck to U2!!!
17 September, 2011
No contest only a handful of the others should even grace the same list.
16 September, 2011
UK only?
I don't know about people saying they can't do it outside the UK. I'm in Alaska and I did it yesterday.
16 September, 2011
Done :) But I only put U2 to the top and mildly rearranged the others.
16 September, 2011
South Africa 1998???
Was it Johannesburg, March 21?? South africa has to be the best either the above or February 2010
16 September, 2011
Do we really have to organize the groups
Who cares about the other 24! OK - some of them are worthy of the time it takes to place them in the order. beckytjmom - I'm in MD too! :)
16 September, 2011
Love it!
I'm sitting at my computer in Maryland and was able to vote!! Are you sure you need to be in UK?
16 September, 2011
U2 is my miracle drug
15 September, 2011
U2 Q
It's done!
15 September, 2011
Who else??
No contest - of course it's U2
15 September, 2011
; )
yeahhh!! hppy gold ...
15 September, 2011
UK entrants only..
There's ten minutes of my life I won't get back...[Sigh]
15 September, 2011
ok !
ok it's done. 25 years...! I'm 34 !
Avion Espia
14 September, 2011
14 September, 2011
14 September, 2011
: D
Hope our Irish boys will bring home the gold.
14 September, 2011
Of course... =D
14 September, 2011
U2 Q
Q is very cool.... but 25 drags in a row for U2 locks stuff Up.... Happy Trails.... : ).
14 September, 2011
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