Satellite Of Love

9 Dec 2002
Bono is set to participate by satellite in Nelson Mandela's Robben Island
concert, raising funds for Africa's millions of AIDS victims.

Former South African President Mandela announced this weekend that he will
host a concert in February featuring some of the world's leading
entertainers to raise funds to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa.
Gray and Shaggy are other early names lined up for the show which will
held on Robben Island, a rocky outcrop off the coast of Cape Town where
Mandela spent nearly two decades as a prisoner of the apartheid regime and
which is now a museum.

'Mandela SOS' will take place on 2nd February, and be televised
Mandela was joined at the launch by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Oprah
Virgin Group founder Richard Branson and Diesel President and founder

'HIV/AIDS is not only a health issue but has risen to become a human
crisis,' said President Mandela. 'I am asking each person in every
not to be silent witnesses to this devastation but to answer our SOS by
raising both awareness and the vital funds necessary to fight and win
against this disease.'

Mandela, 84, one of the world's most revered figures, emerged from prison
become South Africa's first democratic president in 1994. He stepped down
1999 and has since become a vocal activist in the fight against AIDS.

'The concert will focus on the growing impact that AIDS has on human life,
not only in South Africa but throughout the world,' said President
'We must never allow those who are infected and affected by AIDS to become

Bono has just completed a week-long speaking tour in the US to raise
awareness about the growing AIDS crisis in Africa. More on this trip and
DATA - stands for Debt, AIDS, Trade in Africa - the campaigning
he has helped found here.

Africa has been hit harder by HIV/AIDS than any other region of the
More than 17 million have died from the disease and another 28.1 million
infected with HIV. Currently there are 11 million AIDS orphans in Africa
and without urgent action there may be more than 25 million by the end of
this decade.

'I am certain we will overcome this epidemic," said Archbishop Tutu, who
also a leading anti-apartheid activist. 'We overcame apartheid, we will
overcome AIDS.'

Tickets will be free and distributed by competition and lottery (details
which will be announced later) and 100% of all funds raised will go
directly to the following charities:-

The Nelson Mandela Foundation


Office for the High Commissioner for Human Rights

Robben Island Museum


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