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23 Dec 200969
'They said there'd be snow at Christmas...' A year ago the band recorded a cover of the Greg Lake classic 'I Believe in Father Christmas'.

The single was released in support of Product (RED), raising funds to fight killer diseases in the poorest countries.

This seemed like just the moment to bring back that very atmospheric video. Take a look.

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Muchas Gracias.
Heart and soul
This song touch me Heart and soul. Thanks for U2
Makes Me Happy
Thank you for posting the video again. And thank you Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam for covering this song. I was knocked out last year when it first came out and watched it over and over and over again. So glad to see it back this year. It's definitely the best version of the song that I have heard and seen. Thanks for the great year boys. Saw you in Vancouver and absolutely loved you, again!!!
Beautiful Version
Definitely worth buying and for a great cause!! Hopefully Starbucks in Canada carries it!
Please put on iTunes
I also tried to join RED last year so I could buy this song, but it wasn't available to Canada. I love, love, love this song and would LOVE to be able to purchase it! (I'll have to check Starbucks in Canada to see if those CDs are available here....)
Feeling snow
This song and the "Winter" song both create the magical feel of snow falling. The music dances right into my ears melting my heart--but then I love what the northern climates bring and the unique beauty and fragility of snowflakes.
I Love It!
The best Christmas songs ever!!
Great Version!
It's a bitter-sweet pearl of a song this version and appreciate it and like it very much! Does anybody understand the last word before he starts ba ba...? chrismas is...(what??)
Oh, my God!
What a wonderful song! Thank you for you.
Merry Christmas
Beautifull version!! Merry Christmas from Spain to you guys!! And to all U2 fans!!!
This is beautiful; and I normally don't like Christmas songs but this is an exception. Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry your music brings more joy to my life than you can ever imagine. And will do to my wedding as well. Halleluja! Sending you all love, joy and grateful thanks at Christmastime.
I Wish you a hopeful Christmas!
I've been tired & blue, just what I need tonight ! Love the lines" all anguish, pain & sadness ,leave your heart & your road be clear " Rendition kinda Celtic ,with the Edge ringing & Larry's drums almost bodhran sounding.
Excellent Version from the Irish Lads. have a Happy New year and may there be Peace on Earth in 2010.
Merry Christmas!
I really love that song. That is just another gift from U2!!
Welled uP
Soooo beautiful magical it welled me uP... The LOVE cd is awesome...searched and scored one... Thanks U2... you keep freaking me out : )...
Beatiful song
I love this song ! Play it on your tour, 21.8.2010 ! Thanks!
Please make this available to purchase!!
I love this song so much. I've been searching for it everywhere. Can you make this available on iTunes as a (red) product??? I bought the product (red) nano and this would compliment it well.
I really like version. It's beautiful
Its amazing that changing just one word of the songs original release changs the whole meaning of the song..Thanks Guys..Merry Christmas and God Bless..See you In Philly July 2010
I love this song!
My favourite christmas song, didn't think that one could ever be improved. Love Edge's guitar on that too.
Love it!!
This makes christmas even more of a beautiful day. I listen every chance I get. Please let us buy it on iTunes. It is a must have for any fan. Merry Christmas U2.
love that little smile. And love this song
Love it!!
This makes christmas even more of a beautiful day. I listen every chance I get. Please let us buy it on iTunes. It is a must have for any fan. Merry Christmas U2.
And when you think a cover couldn't possibly be better than the original recording, U2 comes along and proves you wrong...Great song...Can't wait to see you in June!
I still believe
Thank you U2 for this beautiful song! With your irish accent Bono; you and the boys create a perfect christmas song bringing a day of wonderment and love to all that truly BELIEVE in Father Christmas. I love you Bono, Edge, Larry, and Adam...Merry Christmas 2009. Love, Valerie
p e r f e c t
I can't stop listening to this song :)
christmas song
a lovely song the music is out of this world should do more like it
Best Christmas song ever!
I love it!
Merry Christmas Guys!!!
Love the song, Love the Cause and Love you Guys! How about coming over and playing in our new covered stadium in DUNEDIN, NEW ZEALAND when its finished!
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