'Setting The Record Straight'

21 Jul 201713

'We weren't really sure from the first show how it was going to work out…'

Zane Lowe of Beats1 with all four members of the band in a wide-ranging conversation about the roots of The Joshua Tree… and how they finally managed to play the entire album on the road this year.

From the 'sonic painting' of Eno and Lanois on The Unforgettable Fire... all the way to American Soul on Songs of Experience. Watch it all.



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October 10 Buenos Aires - THANK YOU :) A
Thanks a LOT!!!! What a GREAT AMAZING night for my Family and me!!! Energy, Authenticity, LOVE, you gave it all. You deeply touch me and shocked my Soul. I pray God for your soul, well being and for you to be able to continue your work for decades to come. YOU generate better versions of us, your impact multiplies through us. LOVE YOU Thank you, and thanks God for you And Please come back to Buenos Aires, we are lots of fans here who LOVE YOU and NEED YOU for feeding our Souls.
U2 29 augustus Amsterdam ❤
Wat een fantastisch concert op 29 en 30 juli 2017 in Amsterdam. Zo ontzettend genoten. Thanks U2
Nice people
JTT Brussels
Wonderful conversation!
It´s always a great pleasure to listen to U2´s sympathetic and honest words. The band´s personal stories about their willingness to connect with the audience, the way to create songs and journey to America are heartwarming. It´s true that the Joshua Tree album is still fresh and fits in our times. Considering political and social changes, we really need to think about new dreams Bono beautifully speaks about while citing a few lines from the great track In God´s Country. Once again, it´s amazing to go to that place of imagination and soul. I´m sure U2´s new album will take us there again.
Wonderful interview !
Thank you to all four of you for sitting down at the table, and sharing your thoughts.
Thanks for these 2 shows(DUBLIN last saturday,PARIS last night). 30 years ago,i bought 2 tickets for the original show in PARIS.But...it was too expensive for me in 87 to go and stay in Paris(i was 22,and in compulsory military service).I sold these tickets... It was amazing to be in DUBLIN this week end for...Irish life and the show on saturday. Last night,I was in PARIS with my daghter that grew up with "THE JOSHUA TREE"(she's 22). Thank's for all !!!!!
Thanks for a wonderful concert with my family in Berlin. Now, I am coming back for my 50th birthday to Paris - Stade de France, July 26, 2017. Thank you, U2, such a great band over all the years! What a gift!
what does insight rhyme with?
Zane did a great job of staying in the moment there. Awesome. What sort of scotch was that? ... or was it bourbon? ... Anyway, wonderful insights. Thanks everyone for lettings in for half an hour or so.
Love this
so much heart , soul and authenticity. I love love this band and all of you. Quality human beings and amazing artists that speak to my soul ❤️
Lets get it on lads!!!!!!!! Rob Dublin
Wow! Wish I was sitting at that table to
Love you guys. I wish I was sitting down at that table too. I went to the JT 2017 Cleveland, it was amazing. I was born when the JT came out in 1987, and it is amazing we are celebrating 30 years of age at the same time. Now, what is The Edge's secret? He looks exactly the same as he did 20, 30 years ago. LOL :-) My wish is to sit down with these guys and a pint of Guinness someday. (And you can dream...so dream out loud....)
The Larry Mullen Band
Lookin forward to Croker tommorrow We were there 30 yrs ago Music is still superb ------------------------------------what more to say? Here's to a great gig Stik,Smasher, Duffer, Spud,Fergimoto, & Ricardo and to the absent one Plug
Track • Where The Streets Have No Name
Bono, no matter what you think, you could not have written WTSHNN any better. The LA video/song is, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest pieces of art I've ever experienced. And there are 3 things that kept me alive in the early '80s when I was in a very dark place: Robin Williams, pianist George Winston, and U2. My first concert was The Joshua Tree tour at Oakland Stadium in California. Thank you for being there for me. I hope to be able to make one of your shows on the next North American leg. Peace, Ken Vail, Montrose, CO USA
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