Stingray to Surrender

7 Nov 201184
Caroline van Oosten de Boer knows a thing or two about seeing U2 on the road. Founding editor of (2000-2011) and author of 'U2 Live - A Concert Documentary' (Omnibus Press, 2003), Caroline guesses she's seen the band play sixty-plus times.

Who better to kick off a new series in which we ask guest columnists to select their  own 22 tracks for the upcoming, live  double-CD 'U22' ?

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Read Caroline's 'U22' tracklisting then get in the comments below and tell us what you think of it.

'U2360°.  A tour named after a stage concept? The centrepiece a creepy 4-legged hulk dubbed ‘The Claw’ with orange pimples and pastel green trousers? You are having me on, right? But when the lights went down and the sound swelled, it worked. You see live concerts are as much about pyrotechnics as sex is about hydraulics. That is to say, not much. What really matters is the connection we make between our individual experience, and a lyric and a melody. That’s where the intimacy occurs. In short: it’s about songs. The songs are bigger than the performer – and U2 had a beautiful, relevant, new album full of gorgeous tunes to work with.

A live tape enthusiast since the early days, I have always preferred listening to full concerts - raw, unedited audience recordings - rather than the polished official product. Forced to select 22 tracks from different shows, trying to create a coherent document of the tour, I find sequencing a bitch. Do I roughly follow the flow of U2’s own setlist or do I create my very own ‘perfect’ show? It’s a bit of both. My U22 collection suffers from the fact that I have a yin for rarities and the fact that there are songs on the longlist, mainstays in U2’s shows, that I’ve either never cared for or never want to hear again in my life. (I’m looking at you, Pride.) This leaves me with an abundance of mellow tunes and little leeway to shape light and dark in the set. I had to drop in one or two tracks that weren’t my first choice. Compromise, that’s nothing new to you…
So here’s my personal U2360° live brought back to 22 songs, hand picked to create, hopefully, a credible souvenir of the tour. Claw not included.'

1.    Return of the Stingray Guitar

2.    Breathe

3.    No Line on the Horizon

4.    The Fly

5.    I Will Follow

6.    I'll Go Crazy if I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Remix)

7.    New Year's Day

8.    Electrical Storm

9.    Your Blue Room

10. Stay

11. Spanish Eyes

12. Miss Sarajevo

13. Unknown Caller

14. Zooropa

15. The Unforgettable Fire

16. City of Blinding Lights

17. Ultraviolet (Light My Way)

18. Scarlet

19. Mothers of the Disappeared

20. Bad

21. 40

     22.Moment of Surrender
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One treee Hill
Nice set list but missing one tree hill live in auckland dedicated to the pike river miners. not a dry eye in the house.
stared at the sun
Keep It
Nothing to change here. I like that this setlist has all of the rarities that are not played live on any CD. Yes, this setlist does not have the U2 greats (Streets, Beautiful Day, Pride, One..) but those songs have already been released on CDs live. This is a great opportunity to have live tracks of the No Line songs, Stingray (who knows if that next album will come out) and Ultraviolet (which hasnt been played live until this tour). Take advantage of this opportunity and keep this setlist!
; D
I love it But, don´t leave us
I like it!
I would go along with that set list !!
Out of Control.......
Nice and unique set list. But some musts for me are Unforgettable Fire....MUST! MUST! MUST! As with EBTTRT for the show (and heart) starter. Streets - because Streets is synonymous with U2. And Out of Control for innocence blossomed to full band sex appeal. We've got some big ideas......
rob berry
Not about the 'setlist''s about the
Guys, we've got a lot of good live recordings of the great songs, some new and a lot of classics. Let's make this about getting performances of tracks we haven't got live versions of...
Sweet Caroline ;-)
Maybe now you stopped with U2Log would make a clever move to hire you in their staff ;-) That would be nothing less than a sort of homecoming for you? -Change Stingray for EBTTRT ("Give Me One More Chance/You Will Be Satisfied" does it everytime for me ;-) and this is the perfect setlist. Well done! See you at Crossing Border.. Cor.
why mess around at all picking the songs i would be happy with 2cd set of glastonbury gig what a gig
Where's Streets?
Every show I have seen, the crowd goes nucking futs for this song just from the opening. It's such a recognizable song and I know most people expect to hear it at their show. It should be on the CD as well.
I like most of it, but is seems to familiar to the set list from most of their concerts during the U2360 tour. I think the live CD should have a the odd songs that were not played in their regular set list. One classic gem that was revamped for the 360 tour is Even Better Than the Real Thing. LOVE the new live version. According to me, that should be on the set list as well.
It's good but after New Year's Day would be a light concert.... thats not U2
Go for it!
I'd be 100% happy with this and echo the sentiments above about giving tracks not already released from this tour first call. But most importantly, Caroline, update the book! ;o)
I love your SET LIST Caroline ! its close to Mine ; Except MAGNIFICENT Instead of ; ) ???
this is a GREAT Set list , close to mine ... But MAGNIGICENT instead of .....
I'm so glad you put on Zooropa, Unknown Caller, Ultraviolet, The Fly, and The Unforgettable Fire. Truthfully can't argue with any of these picks
that looks about right
Good to see Caroline put in the rare songs like SE, ES and Zooropa and others. However EBTTRT should be in there also. for those with comments about the greatest hits like Pride or WOWY, go buy any dvd or live cd. this gift cd for the official fanbase should be anything but a greatest hits collection. that's what makes it exclusive and rare.
Lets Mix It Up
As a true fan it is hard to pick 22 but I would like to see songs that have not yet been released like Glastonbury, Mercy and Winter. This is an opportunity to mix a few of the new tracks into the NLOH and combine them with a little history, Bad and Out of Control. Every time I think it can't get any better, you just throw us more to love. Keep it up Boys.
Avion Espia
Love it!!
I just love this setlist!! So much!!
Unforgettable Fire
Like many, I'd love to have all 46 songs on the CD, but I will be SO disappointed if "The Unforgettable Fire" doesn't make the cut. I looked forward to it each show that I attended. I'd also like to see my all time favorite, "New Year's Day." However, I do understand the desire for the rarities. Let's face it ... this is an impossible task, but I'm still glad we were given the chance to vote.
Good job!
Well done, a very good compromise. U will never please everybody but this is a fine balance. Please consider releasing the rest commercially as a live 2 CD, I am sure it will sell like hot cakes. This will generate interest in U2 and help sell the back catalogue. After seeing U2 in Feb in Johannesburg I went out and bought every CD and DVD ever released!
Almost There!
Almost the same as what I have picked Caroline! Just NEED EBTTRT and UTEOTW.....
I'll be happy with any mix
I quite like this listing - Agree that it gives a faithful feel of the live show. However as a CD perhaps Return of the S-R Gtr might not work. Also NYD and I will follow are on so many live CDs and DVDs perhaps there's room to sneak on some of the slightly rare live offerings. Just a thought. Either way I'm looking forward to whatever is released and have cast my votes :)
and pride,,where the steets have no name
my friend your set list its good but where is the othters beautifull songs,,,like pride,,whith or whitout,,where the street have no name,,one,,,sunday bloody sunday,,this is a u2 hits songs,,never forget this u2 songs,,its my opinion...thanks boys we love you,,,u2 ever from portugal
Similar to my choice!!!
I am very happy that Caroline;s selection is quite similar to my own choice of songs. She also included some rarely played material and tracks from U2;s amazing latest album No Line On The Horizon. I hope that extraordinary songs such as Breathe, No Line On The Horizon, Electrical Storm, Miss Sarajevo, The Fly, Unknown Caller, The Unforgettable Fire, Ultraviolet (Light My Way), Mothers of the Disappeared and Scarlet will be on the cd (I voted for all the tracks mentioned here). I am looking forward to listening to it!!!
Set list pretty good but theres one song missing in that 22 song list you cant have a live cd without having WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME in it
A few missed calls.
Unknown Caller and Scarlet have no business on the record over show stoppers like Streets and One. I'm all for having some deeper cuts on this CD, but keep in mind it's supposed to represent the tour, and those tracks were there every step of the way.
Too many good ones to choose
The ones that don't make the final cut should be available to download. Many of the ones I voted for probably won't make it
get in the sound...get lost in the round
even better than the real thing got a total 360* facelift ....i think it should make the cut. other songs like no line & unknown caller or unforgettable fire document the beginnings of the tour while zooropa, blue room, hold me thrill me, all represent later stages of the tour....all the while a handfull of songs being a staple to the show.....i have experinced 4 shows on this tour, and i can honestly say no 2 were alike ....not that they ever are, but setlist wise a subtle differance every show, making the decision harder of what stays and what goes..........highlights for me were blue rm in DC, new years day in Boston, zooropa in Philly, and unforgettable fire in Gelsenkirchen, my 1st show of the tour, which hadn't been played in 19 yrs.
Just Perfect
I gave you an A. Great jobm great setlist. Love it
Almost Perfect!
Replace IGC with UTEOTW or MW!
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