Sunday Bloody Sunday for agit8

13 Jun 201348
Last week, on a rooftop in New York City, the band recorded an acoustic performance of  'Sunday Bloody Sunday' - and dedicated it to democracy in Iran.

The track is part of ONE's campaign to harness the power of protest songs to demand action against extreme poverty at the G8 summit.

Remember the amazing reaction to Sunday Bloody Sunday on the 360 tour?  Every night it went out in support of the Green Movement that sprang from the 2009/10 Iran elections. The response from across the world - including in Iran - was phenomenal.

As the 2013 elections approached, the band were asked by Iranian human rights activists to contribute their music again.  As Bono says, at the beginning of the performance, 'Greetings from New York City to the good people of Iran...'

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Thank more magical moment...
i get it
i get it. thank you gents for being the activists you are. beautiful response for a people being redefined.
A M A Z I N G, it doesn't matter how many time since the last time allways great and the lyrics so true
Great performance!
This version of SBS is amazing!! And in this moment of the world, it´s so real... people still need to listen it and understand its message. "We can be as one". Thanks U2! Love from Brazil.
the best band ever u2
my boys you are simply the best band ever,i love you u2,,thanks bono,adam,larry,edge im so happy to see my band from portugal
I have been standing on the shoulders of giants for a long time now, I can see that slowly but surely, little by little, moment by moment, the Irish are taking over the World in the battle of love and peace as we all surrender
Wonderfull version. Love the acoustic vesion.
Russ Zara
A U2 Timeless Classic!!!!
Thank You U2!
Way To Go!
Another great job by U2! 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' has always been my very favourite song, and this acoustic version is just as awesome as the original! Fantastic work, as always.
U2 best band in a world
U2 acoustic magnifique c le retour du the biggest band in a world
Great acoustic version - loved it!
I agree with the other comments. Would love to hear an acoustic version of favorite U2 songs on an album/CD. This was a great performance of Sunday Bloody Sunday.
You guys should put out a entire acoustic album for some of the songs we already know and love!
Anytime - anywhere
A great song can mean so much to so many people. Wonderful version.
No !
I love this but it's time for a completely Electrifying New Album...No acoustic !!!
Great version of a monument. It reminds me the live at Mexico City in 1997 during the PopMart tour.
What an incredible sound and version of this song! It's a classic, I've always loved the performance of my favourite 4 musicians in all the concerts, and here, well, don't get me wrong but I got a dejavu with Streets and its video. Only missing Adam with the bass... I agree with the other comment, any acoustic album on the horizon??? And again, one more chance to see there are angels on Earth walking, these guys do know how to move us, how to help others, how to make us realise so many things.
U2 by moonlight
This is an amazing version of a song we all love. You made something familiar into a beautiful new version of what we already love so well. I fell in love with it all over again.
Wonderful !!!
Time for a complete U2 acoustic album ?... Love ya work lads Aussie mick
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