'Swept Off Our Feet...'

10 Nov 201458
'Summer I was fearless
Now I speak into an answer phone
Like every falling leaf on the breeze
Winter wouldn’t leave it alone...'

Powerful performance of Every Breaking Wave for the 2014 MTV EMA in Glasgow last night.

As they report on the EMA site, 'Bono took to the stage with the band’s guitarist, The Edge, who played piano during the performance shortly after the show’s host, Nicki Minaj, accepted the award for Best Hip-Hop.
 'The band silenced the SSE Hydro with Bono showing off his incredible vocal ability dressed in a black leather jacket, jeans and wearing his signature sunglasses.'

Did you catch the band last night? Tell us about in the comments below.

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Hell yeah
Bono's voice from his guts straight to my heart. Can't wait for a new tour.
Like Pride
This s such a sovereign performance. A real classic one from the masters. The song has anchored itself into my mind daily basis. Thank You.
Oh my God, NO WORDS!!!!
I fell this song Deeply. This is the best And the most beautiful live performance ever!!!! I LOVE BONO, EDGE,LARRY ADAN. You really make me happy.
One of the best live performances ever!
Well done lads !
Up there with their geeat live performan
It amazes me how great they still can be live. Can't wait for next year.
Every breaking wave
Fantastic performance guys, some vocals Bono!!
A Sublime Performance
I feel this song deeply. I have from the first listen (and thank you, by the way, for the actual GIFT of this set of songs.) Since 1983, you have been family to me and I am very glad for you for this latest accomplishment. Blessings to you and yours, always. mb <><
Oh my God, this is an amazing version!!!
Wow lads, this is so beautiful & amazing, Bono, your vocals are stronger & more passionately than ever, Edge plays beautiful piano, the orchestral bit coming in was nice & then Adam& Larry......... Just perfect, just perfect !!!!!!
They are back in full form
I am at a loss of words to describe this amazing performance. As mentioned in earlier comments this was truly breathtaking. Cheers
I had the chance for two tickets but I could only afford one but they would only sell them as a pair. Our lads was just 24 miles from where I live and I missed them. So gutted is the only word I know to explain how I felt about missing the chance to go. Amazing, beautiful & emotional performance from U2 as usual. Roll on the tour that's all I can say. :) Love & peace folks. <3 ☪oe✡is✝ ╔══╗ ╚╗╔╝ ╔╝(¯`v´¯) ╚═ `. ¸.`U2!!
Best in years
This is best and most breathtaking live act maybe since 1997 Popmart and Please.
oh WOW!
If this is a preview of what is to come for the tour I may have to start saving up to see more than one show. It's just too beautiful for words, I'm so excited that my daughter is old enough to go with me now so I can share this with her. Absolutely amazing!
I thought I heard the Captain's voice
Wow!! What a performance!! Can't wait to see you Guys on road. On stage. In Brazil.
musical prowess
These guys are just too freaking talented + smart. I keep fearing that they will fall out of ranks or stop hitting notes or finding voids in music, but they still continue to grow. Every rare note that Bono misses turns into a purposeful inflection, and his passion is as contagious as it was in '84. Love just isn't a big enough word.
Passion to Music
Love this song. It leaves you breathless while sending chills up your spine. U2 is music and poetry in motion. Thanks guys.....you never cease to amaze and you still love what you do.......
Are we so helpless against the tide.....
Stunning.. Age is only a number and U2 (You 4 actually) prove it day after day, album after album, song after song... I own every album, b-side, concert etc etc and am still amazed and what you're all capable of producing. I will be as excited as my first U2 concert next time you're in Australia! Haven't stopped listening to Songs Of Innocence since I first downloaded it! Bring on Songs Of Experience!
Seriously Amazing
Bono you are actually becoming a better singer with age. This performance is fantastic, powerful, strong, completely controlled - I can listen to this a million times and the goose bumps will increase each and every time. I am super excited for the acoustical concert option this upcoming 2015 - bring it to back to Toronto boys, Massey Hall is awaiting your intimate return,(last played 1983).
Everything is ticking along nicely...
Great performances on Graham Norton, Jools Holland, Glasgow EMA's and the Late Late Show! Was also delighted to read that U2 turned down an invitation to appear on the X-Factor with Simon Cowell, stating that it "isn't our sort of show". Bravo for that. Good to see Bono will be appearing on the new "Band Aid 30" single (Do they know it's Christmas) being recorded in London this saturday. Organised as usual by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure, to help raise funds for Ebola victims in Africa. This new version will also include Chris Martin, Ed Sheeran, Sinead O'Connor, Elbow, Rita Ora, David Bowie, to name a few. Looking forward to "Every Breaking Wave" getting unleashed into the Universe. It will silence the "trolls" and cement this album in stone.
Excelent vocals and feeling in this performance…..his deep voice is the best ..... hopefully back to his best
I loved this performance the best of all so far. I had goose bumps, tears in my eyes, and a huge goofy grin on my face while watching this. I am so glad they had Larry come in on the drums during this. Loved it so much.
Brilliant..brilliant song!
Every time I hear this song, I get chills down my spine. This is one of the best songs you guys have ever recorded. However you choose to present it in concert, either acoustically or with the full range of effects, I will definitely need extra Kleenex.
That performance even won over my 18 and 10 year old daughters- the indoctrination seems to be finally paying off, lol!
What a treat to hear such a beautiful song sounding its best. Are there going to be lots of acoustic treatments on the new tour? Is the tour going to come to the Scittish Highlands. Surely the answer to both these questions is YES (please)!
brilliant, breath-taking and so on
U2 as I like them best...stripped back so the immense talent is the feature....awesome singing and playing .
Another "Hairs on the back of my neck mo
As the title says, what can i say, everything stops in my house when you guys are on the box, Cheers
Album Version??
As much as I like the acoustic version and it showcases Bono's vocals, I do prefer the album version with the energy and drive to accompany the melancholy. Hopefully we get to hear that on the tour.
Didn't like it.............
I didn't like the song that much at first and to be honest was pissed we got a "rerun" as we all heard it and saw it years ago live on the 360 tour. Then I heard it on the album it sounded better but still didn't move me, then I caught the version on the French show, Wow! Then on the Late Late Show, HOLY.... and I even started to "get" the song, and then this version, and now I can't stop hitting "replay" and screaming the lyrics everywhere I drive as I break windows and glass all over town! Just proves they know what they're doing even when we fans of 35+yrs don't always pick it up immediately. Can't wait for what our Tonight Show week brings! I would add that I think the last album drought we experienced deserves a 3 album before spring kind of an agreement don't ya think? LARRY!!?
Mind blowing!!
Beautifully done!!! Chills down my back!!
One of many performances that gave me goosebumps and shivers. Thank you U2 for amazing me all these years. You guy blow me away and I can hardley wait to see you live once again!!!!!
Breathtaking performance!
I knew that I would be surely enjoying U2's performance( the songs grew on me listening on and on), but the acoustic version of Every Breaking wave was just what I needed to hear- magical! Stunning!!!!! Thank you so much for making my night and showing the other musicians what the performance is all about! Can't wait for the tour to be announced- love you guys!!!!
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