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9 Sep 2009125
Below, in alphabetical order, you'll see the songs the band have been playing on the tour to date. They've regularly been playing SEVEN tracks from No Line on the Horizon - along with tracks from EIGHT different earlier albums.

This time out are they going to surprise us with another track from No Line? Or with a staple from earlier live shows which has yet to featured? Or with something completely out of the blue? You tell us.

We're looking for you to predict one track you have a hunch they will add into the set.... and one track you'd die happy if they decide to play ? One hunch and one from the heart. Here's the list to date:
Angel Of Harlem
Beautiful Day
City Of Blinding Lights
Electrical Storm
Get On Your Boots
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
In A Little While
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Moment Of Surrender
Mysterious Ways
No Line On The Horizon
New Year's Day
Pride (In The Name Of Love)
Party Girl
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out of
Stay (Far Away so Close)
The Unforgettable Fire
Unknown Caller
Ultraviolet (Light My Way)
Until The End of the World
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name
With Or Without You
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koen van damme
Unknown Caller
A perfect song. Magnificent intro, great singing, and one of Edge's strongest solos at the end. Alibaba!!
I really hope they play this one from War....or Refugee. These are songs we don't hear live very often. I am so excited for Saturday night!!!
And if ...
Are they still able to play WIRE ??? I love this song !! and one from the heart : YOUR BLUE ROOM !
Play Levitation
Lift me up! Medium, Rare an Remastered. Get out of the kitchen and let them cook. Always, Summer Rain, Big Girls,. There is somebody... in a body......! A hard workin' man and brave...To be the bee and the flower...
After Crazy Remix...
DISCOTHEQUE MEN !!!! Or Mofo... And i thing that a new version of The Fly, like the Elevation tour's one could be cool. And the missing one in Europe from NLOTH : Stand Up Comedy.
? White As snow
Maybe they'll take it down for acoustic White As Snow. I want to experience GLORIA live!!
Hunch / Heart
My hunch is they'll add Stand Up Comedy, but it'll be a replacement for another "Horizon" song, not a true addition. My heart would love to hear Gone or Surrender.
Victor Enrique
Ultraviolet/All I Want Is You
Please don't leave out from the set list Ultraviolet and add All I Want Is You, at least for L.A. and Las Vegas!!!!!!!!
Even Better Than The Real Thing
Back to The Joshua Tree
They'll add Bullet the Blue Sky but I'd die happy if they played Red Hill Mining Town.
I've been missing a few songs from POP this tour, which I think is strange, because it will be great to combine a song like MOFO or DISCOTHEQUE with this tour-version of CRAZY. Somehow I think they're gonna replace Ultraviolet with Acrobat... God Part II would be nice to hear again
Best song on No Line
As the best song on the new album, it would be great to here Fez - Being Born. And how about, Bullet the Blue Sky?
In Dallas/Los Angeles....
Please play ELECTRICAL STORM and DROWNING MAN in Dallas or Los Angeles!!
hunch: I will follow (always seems to pop up somewhere on a tour) heart: All I want is you
this tour needs some energie
it would just burst if we hear the first chords for mofo it has been more than 12 years since pop mart and it would be brilliant if they decide to do omage to such a massive tour
Have a hunch the band will add STAND UP COMEDY or CEDARS, to mix things up, or otherwise something from BOY for the original fans. Would LOVE LOVE to hear BAD in Toronto- the ultimate U2 classic…gives us goose bumps every time.
Hunch and Die to Hear
Hunch- Your Blue Room or Levitate Die: Trip Through Your Wires, Electrical Storm, Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kill Me, God Part II, or Hawkmoon
Would like to hear...
Window in the Skies; but please, please, please keep playing Unforgettable Fire (I've waited 25 years to hear that live) and please go for Electrical Storm again. And the Crazy remix is awesome!
please u2, just play it!!
in god's country, last night on earth
Would be great if they played
Please, 11 O'clock Tick Tock, Indian Summer Sky, Out of Control, Acrobat or Two Hearts Beat As one
US Leg
Hunch - Something from Boy...a reworked A Day Without Me would be unbelievable Heart - Love is Blindness, Wire, New York, Please, All I want is you, Gloria I hope for you US fans that they play Bad. They used in sparingly in Europe but was lucky enough to hear it again in Cardiff. Not ashamed to say that it brought me to tears
i hope U2 plays
Stand up Comedy, and wishful thinking Fly or All I Want is You! Cant wait to see you guys @ Soldier Field on Sun. the 13th I have nothing but love for you guys!! If any of the guys from U2 see this, I just want you to now thank u thank u!! Thanks to U2 360 tour for reuniting me and my friends that I have not seen in ages, who are also goin to the show with me on Sun. XOXOXO
My request.
Acrobat,acrobat,acrobat.....!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and red hill mining town, one tree hill.
they must play..
Slow Dancing must be played!! I recently discovered this song and i have been playing everysingle day for the past month. 2nd choice Fez (being born)
Fast reply!
Wow, you guys are fast! Two missing songs already on the list! Thank you!
Drowning Man!
As far as the rehearsals went on in Europe, America has good chances to enjoy the beautiful "drowning man" and "your blue room". And maybe the great Remix of "Even better than the real thing". I would hope for Cedars of Lebanon from the new record and some old treasures like "Acrobat", "Love is Blindness", "Please", "Discotheque", "A Celebration", "Exit".... sooo many i would like to hear. so america enjoy this excellent show. looking forward to europe 2010!!!
Live -360
The Fly and Discotheque would really suit the 360 stage set up. Running to stand still and Bullet A medley of Please/Staring at Sun/October
You can't miss to paly Bad on the opening night in Chicago!!! Is a must!!! I would die unhappy if you didn't do it. And my hunch is "New Year's Day"
Why did you forget Pop?
I have a hunch (rumor) blue room is going to make an appearence. But why nothing from Pop? Mofo would be awesome with that stage!! But haven't heard no PLEASE or GONE? Or in a true day dream a long version of If You Wear That Velvet Dress.
My Picks
Still in set- Moment of Surrender Want in set- Angel of Harlem
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