Ten For the Next Ten

3 Jan 201025
In his latest column for the New York Times, Bono comes up with his Top Ten list of ideas that might make the next decade 'more interesting.'

From solving the problem of intellectual property in the digital age to the first World Cup in Africa, from the return of the 'sexy' car to transformative health initiatives like Angiogenesis and rotavirus vaccines. Here's one of the ten, 'Viva la (Nonviolent) Revolucion.'

'As someone who stands here as a direct consequence of Dr. King's life work,' President Obama said in his Nobel acceptance speech, 'I am living testimony to the moral force of nonviolence.

So, he might have added, are the Germans and Eastern Europeans who came out a couple of months ago to celebrate the anniversary of the fall of the Wall. And so are the brave Iranians who continue to take to the streets despite the certainty of brutal repression. Like Neda Agha Soltan, they are living (and bleeding and dying) testimony.

The start of the decade ought to be a time for a little bit of hope - not the wispy stuff, but battle-hardened hope, forged in the grim, purposeful spirit of the times. So I'll place my hopes on the possibility - however remote at the moment - that the regimes in North Korea, Myanmar and elsewhere are taking note of the trouble an aroused citizenry can give to tyrants, and that people in places filled with rage and despair, places like the Palestinian territories, will in the days ahead find among them their Gandhi, their King, their Aung San Suu Kyi.'

Read the whole column at The New York Times.
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Come on People, we still are a bit thin, there should be 50 million of us by now
When you come to Brazil???
I'm waiting anxiously for this moment, I love you for what you sing and what it does, I am also social activist, and every work I do, every person who'll help me remember you !! I'm waiting!!!
Subjects for Thought
If only it were easier to take a thought and translate it into action...but that's the challenge. We can do anything, Bono and others have proved that. The ideas are out there and that's what I like. To be a catalyst is to be a messenger of the future!! Thank you for your article.
In response to GangsterQ: I think U2's music is so filled with politics, ideals, life... the concert would have been lacking without the political messages at the 360 tour. I loved the unity of the masks, and appearance of Desmond Tutu! U2 continues to rock and remain my favorite band since the early 80's! THANKS BONO for your list, it was thoughtful as well as entertaining!
Brilliant! Its all about hope and NOW is the time. Pollution is out of control and my son and I are very passionate about it and want to partner with communities everywhere to benefit all parties involved at local levels. We have a solid plan but can't open the 'right' doors. As our family motto wherever we go is (cubscouts too) "leave no trace'. We haven't done well with that with our little time on earth and everyday it snowballs. I want to help & share! ally
Ten for the next ten
Looking for and spelling out improvements for the future is something I admire! Bono, Yogic, MSLisa, Paulbaby and U2grace, I can relate to. Help make change happen join the ONE.org.
It is so simple. Isn't it?It seems we get too caught up in all of the "procedure"and "political correctness" to get anywhere, anymore,. And yet, here is this man, who has alot of the answers
I love you Bono but your list falls terribly short by ignoring the ultimate human rights violation and daily holocaust - infanticide. Until the abomination of abortion is addressed and condemned worldwide, all other righteous indignation is just snow on the dung heap. God may be a nerd but I doubt he's a relativist. Jeremiah 1:5 says, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you." Now there's some truth to add three chords to. How many Ghandi's, MLK's, Mother Theresa's, engineers, scientists, etc... have been lost to this selfish, loveless act. If sin is the cause of all evil, common logic says end sin. Start with saving the innocents first, the rest is meaningless otherwise. ...we eat and drink but tomorrow they die... on New Years day
ten for the next ten
Well I was hoping for more and found less. Have you no concern for the epidemic of autism in your country and in the US. Are you aware of the current CDC statistics that show autism is now at a rate of 1 in 100 children.( or 1 in 94 depending on the study) With 80% of those being boys Obviously, you do not consider autism to be something the world should be concerned with, why don't you check out the Somali imigrants to Minnesota and ask them what they think about vaccines. The Somali community has some of the highest rates of autism in the nation. Single vaccines in some cases can be beneficial, but mass overuse of them has caused and epidemic that is being purposely overlooked as vaccine manufacturers are protected from lawsuits and are using vaccines to make up for large dissappointment in pharmacuetical profits like Vioxx. Visit the website Age of Autism, where the families of the injured go. In fact, there was a young boy's video posted there awhile back who recovered from autism who sang your song Bloody Sunday to depict what he went through to recover.
new york times op ed
Rage and despair indeed are at an incredible pitch in the Palestinian Territories as i personally witnessed while working there to foster and encourage peaceful dialogues on both sides with NGO's, ordinary Jews,Palestinian Christians and Muslims. There are so many ordinary men and women who want ANOTHER way to co-exist. Yet, the politics are beyond all compare to prop up more of the same. Americans sooner or later will have to wake up to our culpability, the funding $$$ billions to perpetuate a modern day apartheid. Pres Carter got it, Bush Sr got it, James Baker got it, Obama gets it, but what he will do to galvanize us and the world to confront it still remains to be seen. Iran's threats will not go away, Al Queda will not go away until we begin to address this issue and then their radicalized world view will not dissipate for many years to come as the WOUND IS SEVERE 60 Years Deep if not deeper. Maybe, if -- the World Cup needs to find its way there next.....?? a new paradigm might be forged.. one of hope, a hope that seems ridiculous in the face of degradation, shame/humiliation, and yes, the oppressive dictum -- Might is always Right. I thank Bono, for raising the Palestinian/Israeli issue in this piece, in Cedars of Lebanon and, in the gritty Love and Peace lyrics. Rock star, or not, the plight of this land needs to be front and center. The despair, anger in the Muslim world stems / seethes from this situation and very rarely will anyone, much less a Rock Star even risk saying it like it is without a black lash of recrimination and name calling. Bono has his flaws which play out on the world's stage in this culture of celebrity yet his convictions on the particular subject of Justice, are not only authentic but informed. For this and much more, i am appreciative and will remain tuned in to 'our irishmen' and works to come. PS I Loved It Might Get Loud, Edge if you're out there reading the blogs:)
Eclectic List
Interesting. Thought provoking. Unpredictable. And my husband likes you more for the sexy car bit! Thanks for intriguing me, Bono!
an interesting decade
A lot of strong idea's for the strong world be live in. You are one busy person. Loved the quote "I am a living testimony to the moral force of nonviolence. Mmm quantum teleportation, beam me up seems a little off. Explaining the nature and behavior of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level has been a mystery for many.. The wave structure of matter, another mystery. While on the subject whats the pyramid being inverted all about, does it really make a difference what end is inverted lol I am having some fun. Having the rotavirus vaccinations being a part of every nation is an award winning deal. Some really great idea's and goals. Continue to stargaze, I just saw your video under a bloody red sky so awesome, loved your tan.. Thanks for posting..
I think it'd be cool if they finished Pop. I like the album a lot, its my favorite album, but I think itd be cool to see what they wanted in the album. I also think that U2 is a great band, my favorite, but I think they are talking about politics to much, to a point where they did it at U2360, with aung sun suu ki, and the speech by nelson mandela. I think itd be cool to see another '90s U2. You guys are nice, but I liked the concerts on dvd (Popmart, Zoo TV) where we werent constantly talking about politics. Great music, though.
Power to the peoples!
The artists revolution sounds extremely doable, and extremely effective! Go Bono!! I love his guest columns! I'm always looking for them!
Renas menas
No one on earth wants peace more than a soldier or a soldiers family. I love Bono and U2. I can't get enough, BUT, spare me the preachy, peace is possible with a great song and a can do attitude. I've seen how ugly the worried can be and in the same moment how beautiful it is. Hipocracy I can't stomach. Not speaking of U2 of couse but so many Rock stars with their peace signs get on my last nerve. Some can't get along with 2 other members in the band(STING) long enough to make a new album but they want 6 billion of us to break out in song. LOL. Keep it up Bono, Maybe you'll change me yet. God Bless your spirit. I wish I could be so hopeful.
Peace for all
This is time for a change of mind, the peace on Earth and the respect for the non human brothers only come with a spiritual growth. The human kind has a great power, we need to use it starting in the protection of the environment and stopping the killing of innocent creatures like seals, whales and barbarian practices like the bull and dogs fighting. The peace will come alone after that.
A New Decade , A New Hope ! !
Great Article Bono ! I Will Follow : Great Ideas. Abolish the Death Penalty and Torture now without exceptions.
It's all a matter of perspective ...
As a simple guy that gets up and goes to work everyday, it is becoming very hard to find much enthusiasm for these surgical strikes at worldly issues such as those outlined by Bono. As much a U2 fan as I am, this is one of those occasions that I miss my blue-collaerd rock star the most. Removing corruption in governments is the single most important thing that I see that can make a difference for all out futures. Waste, graft, and all its ramifications to our societies is killing our spirits and our abilities to live peaceful and content lives and is literally sucking the life out of folks. Its time to get back to the basics: Three cords and The Truth!
ten for the next ten...
yes i am agree, Bono for president
Rock Star & Humanitarian...
Rock Star and Humanitarian, love Bono's words of wisdom. I still remember the project One volunteers walking around the (360)stage holding up masks of Aung San Suu Kyi and Bono singing "walk on". It was an incredibly touching moment. That was just one single event, yet I wonder how many were touched and compeled that day to help make a change. Bono and U2 touch so many lives with their humanitarian efforts, and this article speaks volumes. J & M & L (Adam's girls)
Bono for president
Of science and the human heart...
Bono and the U2 team ! Please play "Miracle Drug" in 2010, because many U2-fans and many in this world hope that in the next decade reason is on our site.
Enjoyed Your True View
I agree...The Aston Martin is very 007 sexy...apparently size does matter vs appeal to the masses... My idea of a better world is eye contact a smile and a peace sign... Thanks...enjoyed your true point of view... and Bono... : ).peace...
Top Ten hopeful achievements
Enjoyed your article Bono! What hopeful achievements for this new decade! Thanks for writing! (PS My Dodge Durango is blaming you for self image issues.)
Bono Blew It
The last thing we need is another reason to waste money and resources on automobiles. If you (Bono) are serious about helping our planet and its people, promoting the waste that accompanies car use is a terrible way to go about it. What are you thinking? Chris Keam
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