'Thank You...'

31 Jul 201517

'Thank you USA and Canada... see you soon.'

Visual artist Oliver Jeffers, part of the #U2IETour creative team, captured the band on their walk from the stage.

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Alright Larry?
Thank you Oliver Jeffers... I keep returning to hear this. Great ending to the show and nicely captured. Alright Larry?
Thank you for making my summer great with two shows - Chicago #2 and NYC #2. Please come back to the USA in 2016! U24EVER!!!!
First Chicago-Paris next
Great show in Chicago can't wait for November 10th to get here!!!
I was with my girlfriend at MDS 19 y 23, we came all the way from Costa Rica , just an extraordinary experience, we need U2 to come to Central America...
Thank you so much for everything
Guys, thank you for the brilliant album and the equally magnificent shows. 360 took my breath away, but Innocence/Experience left me speechless. Looking forward to your next swing through the U.S.
Thank you also
I'm from Northwest Arkansas traveled to Denver for both shows there actually had a blast thank you Adam for Signing my Wikipedia U2 book. Then decide to travel to Chicago for the first two nights I enjoyed the smaller indoor shows not a bad seat anywhere thanks again for being here see you guys soon
Heartfelt thanks
Guys, I just want to echo all of the Thank You's that I find in this thread of comments. I was able to attend the first two Chicago shows and I was blown away. I have seen you all a few times before in concert and have always enjoyed the show (you guys are GREAT in concert. . . and in general!!), but felt that this tour took it to a new level. I CONTINUE to feel inspired by those two nights of shows a month later. Will miss getting to see Meerkat streams of your performances through the month of August, but wish you all the best in recuperation and rejuvenation during your well-deserved time off before the European leg. Here's to many more years of concerts! Thanks guys!!!
Come back soon!
I was in 3 shows. The 2 in Phoenix and one in NYC. This has been the best summer ever in my life because of the time spent with friends an family gathered just to see the shows. Thanks for all the memories and for your music.
U2 in Europe / Upset Inlaws
I don't know how I could explain a trip abroad to see U2 to my inlaws, and not to see them.... it's a toughy. "All Because of you" reminds me of the Pre-show music on this tour. Which I would love to get a complete list of......anyone? (Esp. a Bowie tune I can't get out of my head)
Thank you from Chicago ... Hope sooner r
To U2 and the i & e tour crew thank YOU especially for the 5 shows you did in Chicago! So many memories, emotions, and inspiration. Thank you for continuing the human rights emphasis at your shows...you are truly pilgrims on your way. I love this band so much and hope to see you again (several times) in 2016. Good luck with the European leg...they are in for a treat! Hope to see you on TV in November!
lisa peterson
Thank You for the Music
Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam, I hope you realize the profound impact you have on the lives of so many people. Thank you! Thank you for sharing your experiences, both joyful and painful, with us for so many years. I know that my life would not be the same without you and your music. And for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for the music, U2. Here's to many more years of life changing tunes. All my love always.
The North American tour is now over, the greatest tour I have ever seen by U2 This journey is far from over . Montreal is waiting to see you again with open arms and open hearts .We love you and will miss you till we meet again. The shows have been the best I have ever seen we are all looking forward to being with you again soon in 2016 Montreal is here waiting for you , the city is yours . Thank you for the best time we have ever had . We are all waiting . Thank you U2 for the most glorious times and sharing your love with us . Enjoy your well deserved rest . We will be ready.
Thank U2
Even after seeing 5 shows on this tour (all 4 in Boston & Sunday in NYC), I wish I could have been there last night. I love what happened on the e-stage as it was always different and unpredictable. I love how U2 used social media for this tour and wish I was at the @U2 party at The Cutting Room on Thursday night. The only question is can I swing a trip to Europe in the fall and see the boys from the north side one more time.
Thank you
Thank you for setting the bar so high and vaulting over it. Following the band since Boy and am increasingly impressed. Please give us a movie and live album from this spectacular tour!
Power... full Exit
Nice .... Great to see this continue even after they've left the stage !! Singing until they're out of sight.
There is no end to Same love... We get t
U2 thank you for all you do for all people. Thank you for celebrating marriage equality along your North American leg of this fabulous tour. Thank you for "Same Love" each night after you left the stage. You have opened your hearts like on no other tour, making among the best music of your career. I have enjoyed all 21 shows in all US cities, meeting your super fans, being the gay poster boy for the pride show in Chicago. I will carry these memories all the days of my life. Best of luck to you as you continue this fabulous journey into Europa and beyond. Mark Merriman aka Mooner
Reunion of the Heart of a Child
North America has been rejuvenated by the "Boys from the No. Side of Dublin". As a band who's always been known for supporting others, be it social and human rights or the next musical group. This Innocence and Experience project has succeeded in connecting the people to the band. I feel like they invited myself and all those willing to enter into their amazing lives by giving bringing us all into the heart. Best memory in attendance Chicago #5 in GA and bringing my 14 yr old son back to his mother after needing to get some fresh air as "Mother & Child Reunion" intro was being performed. So blessed to know you all ~ U2
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