That was 'U2 At The BBC…'

20 Dec 201745

That was 'U2 At The BBC…'

'Class act'. 'Absolutely brilliant'. 'Masterclass'

The one hour special 'U2 At The BBC' aired in the UK last night and an extended edition goes out December 28th… including more conversation, Every Breaking Wave and 13 (There Is A Light).

Did you catch it? Add your reactions in the comments below.

Meantime, broadcast times are being confirmed around the world including:
Spain: Movistar+ Movistar + Estrenos, Premium Channel  31/12/17 11.10pm 
Australia: Nine  31/12/17, New Year's Eve, 9.20pm.  
France: NRJ Hits,  01/01/08, 8pm
Ireland: RTE  26/12 11.10pm, RTE1 repeated on 2/18, 11.15pm 
Canada: Bell CTV, aired last Sunday, now on demand

And plans are being lined up for broadcast next year in Japan, the US, Belgium, Brazil, Italy and Germany and we'll bring you news when we get it.
If you have access to the BBC's iPlayer, watch the whole show again

Or check out some of the highlights online. 

With Or Without You

Beautiful Day  
Get Out Of Your Own Way

Behind the scenes with the band in Brazil

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All I want is ....the whole show ❤️
Great show ,. Can you please release the whole show maybe a gift.? Please, please please
Can't wait, can't decide
LOVED THE BACKSTAGE BRAZIL! Can't wait for June / Boston!!! I still can't choose my worthy guest (they are all worthy, makes it hard)
U2 at The BBC
@U2 #U2 please make available the full video “U2 at the BBC” for #u2 website subscribers! With English subtitles
This made mw sure I want tickets for the next tour. I hope they take some of the orchestra with them. And pack their suitcases with enough underwear for all! ;)
Thanks forever and ever!!!
I just wanna thanks U2 and to all the crew that makes this possible, thanks for keeping making music, thanks for your company, and thanks for always keep touching my heart and my soul and my mind
the pleasures of japan
look forward to next year.
I'm glad it will air but..
Will the extended version include All I Want Is You? I was disappointed to hear that it didn't air. I also hope that the extended version is what gets aired.
13 (There is a Light)
Can't wait to hear more new songs live!
Wow wow wow
Just watch it. Brilliant. U2 should happen to everyone! Still producing music that will live forever - to the band - thank you - love is bigger than anything in its way - see you in 2018!
U2 at abbey road....
fabulous another class performance tears in my eyes just wonderful........
U2 on the Beeb
Just brilliant. Mr. Clayton you are an absolute legend
Sign of life for me
It's a delight to follow this promotional tour, I do not remember one as interesting as these promotional events. This orchestra performance in the background on the BBC show is a wonderful Christmas present. The musicians shone without obscuring the very brilliance of the original composition. The orchestra has added a subtle elegance of harmonies in which the solemn atmosphere maked this event a classic. The new songs shone in a special way in this show, they it sounded so fresh, so crystal-clear. And the excerpts from lines of songs by Joy Division and David Bowie were sublime choices. I've seen parts of the others presentations on Instagram. "Lights of Home" is very cohesive in this arrangement with this protuberant drum, guitar and orchestra. While the performance of "Love Is Bigger Than Anything In It's Way" was able to grow in me a good will to visit Killiney Bay someday. However, I had a news yesterday that was greater than the feeling of having followed the details about the beautiful presentation for the BBC channel. In the first phase of the I&E Tour, at Innocence, I had the birth of my daughter, the firstborn, and I followed the tour by streaming (with headphones) while I was bottle-feeding at dawn. And that maked difficult to see personally the I&E Tour. I didn't go to any show. And yesterday, I was surprised by the news of the future brother, or sister. I'm already scared, if U2 will to record "Songs of Ascent" that it means that I will have a third child!? This era "Songs of" brings sign of life for me and that has be better monitorated on the future. We wanted a second child, but the idea was to have in 2019. This news has a kind of irony, since that the innocence phase included one child, the experience phase brings to me a second child. Now, I have to prove that is easier to keep the distance from the overdone attention feeling, since when you have two childs to divide the attention, that feeling is better dosed. I'm feeling radiant with the news of the baby-coming, but with a cogitative thinking of possibilities, since I'm going to have to rethink what to do next year. I was planning to make a family trip in September or October which could include a couple shows of the U2 in Europe, but this, suddenly, became impossible. I'm the kind of person the planning all the details of anything in life, but God knows how to tell us another priority in a quick way. In any case, I do not know what to do yet, it's all very recent. I'll see if I can concile another date, but I have to assume that it will difficult. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you.
I want to see all' show....
Great show, Great version...the band is on Fire...Great orchestra...i hope Sky Arte...for Italia...but i want bluray ♥️
Very Special
Thoroughly enjoyed this. Great to see behind the scenes at the Brazil gigs. Decent banter between songs with Cat Deeley. Plus an unusual selection of old and new songs performed with a 38-piece orchestra. I think this was my U2 Christmas present (although I'll also be watching out for the extended version on the 28th)!
This just made my day!
I am so excited that this is going to be broadcasted in the US! I really want to see”Lights of Home!!!” The 3 songs BBC put on YouTube was such a teaser....I want to see the whole show!
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