The Blackout

29 Aug 2017121

‘In the darkness where we learn to see…'

Tomorrow. August 30. 9am PDT / 12pm EDT / 5pm BST.
The Blackout, a new track from the upcoming album Songs of Experience.
Watch it here.

Next week. September 6th.
The first single, 'You’re The Best Thing About Me’.


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Raw and fresh
I love the electric energy and raw sound of "The Blackout". With its heavy guitar riffs and distinctive bass lines, it´s a powerful rock song that´s both classic and fresh. Lyrically, it truly fits in our times characterised by political changes and a feeling of uncertainty. Despite the darkness surrounding us Bono´s lyrics also succeed to express a sense of hope as they refer to "the light that we can really be". The stunning black and white images of the video capture the excitement and intensity of a live performance in a small venue where we can feel the great connection between band and audience once again.
Great song. It gets better and better with every listening. Powerful bass notes. Excelent lyrics. Bono again and again writing fine texts. I can't wait for the new album!
Top Tune!
Fantastic, strong song from the boys..can't wait to hear more. x
U2 deliver again and again and again
When are you guys coming Down Under?? It is time.
no facebook ;(
I have no facebook ;(((((((( Vivement the next week to hear that new song ! Bravo à u2 pour cet bel enchaînement : tournée / nouvel album and so a wonderful tour!
Love this song... a big punch!!!!
So new and different and modern... Adam Clayton is awesome! What a performance! A big punch!! LOved the lyrics! SOE
This is the next live bombshell!!!!
like its predecessors, this is what we'll be jumping to next tour. <3 Thank you
Great new track from the boys, can't wait for the new album!!!!
Great Song
Thanks for making this tune available to your fans. I can hear the guitar part that Adam shared from Jacknife Lee's studio titled songs of innocence coming to life in the middle of song. Glad to hear a rough rock and roll sound, not so polished, let's have some more of that!
15 second clip now THIS!
To me the 15 second clip sounded like a pretty okish or good b-side. But when I hear the full song it is really great and I love it! Top song ... so you know what this plus the two other tracks (the little things and best thing) I have heard ... Im expecting Songs of Experience to be one of, if not the, greatest U2 albums of all time.
This is the most disappointed For new U2
Terrible, even Boots is better than this One direction pop. Chorus.
a Great song as usual
love the new song! keep them coming - see you in Buffalo in 5 days!!!
Sleep of reason
”The sleep of reason produces monsters”, Francisco Goya. “There’s a radiante darkness upon us”, Francisco Goya. “I see only forms that are lit up and forms that are not. There is only light and shadow”, Francisco Goya.
Thank You
Again and again : Thank You !!! Another great song : thanx.
Love the sound
As far as I'm concerned it sounds old style a little bit, I've not found anything which have reminded 90's, but it's cool. Hope to hear it soon during next concerts!
Jonathan De Souza
Bass notes
Some of the best U2 songs need a gladiatorial scrap between Adam and Edge. The dynamic between these two drives the groove, pushing and shoving the song all over the place, and to a good place. You don't hear bass like this often enough these days. Adam- you own this one.
TOUR IN 2018!!!!
The Blackout is such an amazing song, Achtung Baby vibes with modern touches; such a punk rock song with strong lyrics and uplifting spirit! If you guys tour in 2018, that song should be your opener! And PLEASE visit GREECE! We are waiting for you once more lads <3 Keep up the great work, cannot wait for the new album to be released!
You blackout us with this awesome song
Love the energy and the Adam's bass !! Can't wait to hear it in studio version !
Waiting for SOE .....
Blackout: simply wonderful !! I ❤YOU guys!
Always as long for new albums, but alway
This song will be the next trailer of a great movie or advertisement.
Thanks boys!
Great song! Grazie A big kiss to all. Ciao Luisa
Thanks boys!
Great song! Grazie!!!! A big kiss to all. Ciao Luisa
2017 Joshua Tree Live CD
Love the new video. Please release at least one of the full 2017 Joshua Tree Live Shows on Cd or i-tunes. Thank you. Really looking forward to the new record.
oh that's good
Far out. Rare event, loved it from the first listen. So into this track. Can't wait to hear the album version and excited about the new single coming our way 6th September. Soooooo good guys!!! Everyone I've hassled and played it to thus far (fans of otherwise) agree too!!!!
Sounds great...can't wait to see you on Sunday in Detroit!!!
Songs of Experience Tour
Love the new musics from the album I just hope I can see you guys live, for the first time, in Portugal in SIE Tour. PS: please come to Portugal!!!!
Blackout Awesome
Can hardly wait for Songs of Experience. I'm pretty sure and excited that Blackout will be opener for tour next year. Can hardly wait to hear new single next week and also Little Things on Tour next year. Fav and best band in the universe....
The Best! of the Best!
First, The Little Things That Give You Away and now Blackout! I can't wait for the full album, I need it now! I hope they play this one live along with The Little Things at this coming concert in Kansas.
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