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18 Sep 200917
The Edge (102.1 that is) spoke to The Edge (guitarist) about the remastered edition of The Unforgettable Fire, coming next month. After Bono had offered the host a little massage.

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So funny So great
I can't wait to see them back in Europe !!!!!! U2 members are not normal people, they have that little,heavenly touch that make each of them SO GREAT and SPECIAL!!! THANKS
Ouytside the Edge - looking in
Saw the opening show in Chicago - UNBELIEVABLE the was in Toronto for the first show in Canada - again it was unbelievable! I've been a HUGE U2 fan forever!!! I was outside the Edge around the breakfast hour peeking in.. wondering. What time were the boys there? Imagine my disappointment when I saw this clip on U2.com the next morning! Maybe next time the luck of the Irish will be with me!
I finally got to see U2!!!! Best concert ever!! I wish I could see them again and again and again....I've been listening to their music non-stop since the concert! Awesome in Toronto with the roof open.
How can one NOT love these guys! Great stuff, just wish I'd been there :(
carolyn forster Welland Ontario
I was there at the Edge!! I can't believe it!!! I was overcome with JOY. went to both shows and the screening of Rattle and Hum. Thank you for a beautiful time U2.
great moment
That's really funny. The host had trouble recovering he was so shocked. I'm a massage therapist and I'd say it looked like Bono was doing a pretty good job too. :) I just love that they seem so comfortable and present with their fans and whoever they are with. Saw them in Chicago---amazing of course!
So Jealous
I took both days off to see U2 and was not lucky enough to see them anywhere around town. I am one of their hugest fans and so jealous, but ecstatic for anyone who got to meet the best band in the world! I hope they come back soon. Can hardly wait to see them again!
Song Lists
Please play Standup Comedy and STYCMIOYO in Houston Please!
I was There
I was outdoor the radio station and Bono give us, to me and my husband, the best moment of our life. He tried to take a picture of us but my camera didn't work. But you know,it doesn't matter, I kissed him on his cheek and it was so wonderful to be so near of him, he is so...I can't find the words in english ! It was wonderful I can't slept for all the night after that. THANK YOU SO MUCH BONO!!!
Bono's giving the guy a massage and he never turns around to see who's touching him! Freakin' hilarious. I think I'd want to know who was behind me. Bono can give me a shoulder rub anytime! This girl loves you guys!!
On the edge waiting for The Edge.
I so wish I could be at these events. It hurts to watch all these people getting the opportunity to stand near these guys and get autographs and take pictures with them. They seem like awesome guys the way they work the crowds.
As if I wasn't already excited enough for Boston Sunday and Monday...the combination of U2's soulful, powerful, uplifting music with their rock-star on-stage personas creates a spiritual concert-going experience that just is unlike any other. Can't. Wait. Thank you boys!!
Can't Wait.....
Flying from Dublin to bOston tommorow for the two shows.. meeting sister whos flying in from sydney for the show.. hope to hear your blue room or when i look at the world...can't wait!
I went Crazy last Night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I tell you , I had the honour of getting to see these guys both nights in Toronto, let me tell you they were awesome! I just wish they were here for another show and another show and another show etc....!!!!
Joyfull Noise
They come across just as comfortable with 80,000 people or a small group. They have never forgotten where they came from. Just so joyful and inspiring to see. See you Sunday night at Gillette - It's gonna be great!!!
Awesome video, i can't wait until the atlanta gig in october, im skipping school to camp out : )
ha! funny massage!
how could the guy not know Bono was behind him...funny anyway... Bono is so cool with the crowds...
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