'The Enemy of Great..'

27 Sep 201313
What Bono told Letterman last night about ONE, RED... oh, yeah, and that next U2 record.

'People don't get excited about us being very good, who needs a new U2 album, there's loads of them out there.. we have to make a great U2 album.'

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Take your time lads ur next album will be epic !!!
Can't Wait
Been waiting so long - can't wait to hear and see NEW U2!!!!
What I Want for the Holidays
Cheers for a new album early in 2014! Can't wait for musical greatness... But: I want an album with four or five singles! And with loads of b-sides that are original tunes, not remixes... I want a number one, and two top tens... I want a tour that starts each show with eight songs from the new album, hammering the audience into bliss... I want every encore to include With or Without You, and include the extra verse, you know the one, "Yea, we'll shine like stars in the summer night"
How much longer do we have to wait... But then again if it is going to be great
World Needs More Great Music
Please get it do. We need it now!!!
Hope for a new album
It was nice to hear Bono and Letterman talk in a relaxed and humorous manner. Listening to Bono´s statements about the Spider-Man musical, his daughters´ work, social activism and the upcoming U2 album was enjoyable. I appreciate his ambition to make music that is truly great. For me greatness combines technical abilities, creativity and the release of sincere emotions that touch our hearts. I hope to hear a new U2 album soon!
I blogged about this!
In the interview Bono said “Very good is the enemy of great; you can mistake it for great.” Very thought-provoking. Read my thoughts here: http://wp.me/pdTSX-Dh
True Champion
Bono You are a true champion. Fighting so hard to help people. I agree with you that helping Africa fight disease is a really smart way to fight terrorism. By helping and not hurting, we win over people to love us. By the way, we love you too.
monica martino
How long? :)
I waited patiently for the Lord...I will sing, sing a new song :D
Did I hear well?
Bono mentioned a new album???? Ok, he said it has to be great??? Obviously. We need to be patient and wait???? Alright, just as long as they mention it from time to time, to keep my faith, I mean. ONE and RED, the best!!!!
Waiting for a New AWESOME Album
Yes Bono ! Sure your Fans can wait Waiting for a New AWESOME Album .......
Sure we'll wait...
...for a great U2 Album! You know your fans :) Thanks for posting :)
Soooo nice!!! :)
Amazing... Thank you very much for posting this!! I'm glad to see him!
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