'The Joshua Tree Singles Vinyl Collection: 1987 & 2017'

3 May 2017345

The Joshua Tree Singles Vinyl Collection: 1987 & 2017

There’s a good chance many of you could name the four original single releases from The Joshua Tree. With or Without You. I Still Haven't Found What I’m Looking For. Where The Streets Have No Name. In God’s Country. (Ok, we named them for you.)

For many fans, those songs were the soundtrack of 1987, two of them worldwide No.1's, and with the new tour opening in Vancouver this month, they're on the playlist all over again.

For our 2017 special gift to subscribers we're bringing together 1987 and 2017, in a unique limited edition collection of four 10" vinyl records. On the A side of each disc you’ll find the remastered original studio track, while the B side features a live performance of the same track from this summer's tour.

The label of each vinyl features previously unseen colour portraits by Anton Corbijn and the discs come in a sleeve capturing the original band member portrait from the 7" single cover, backed by a brand new live image from the 2017 shows!

As usual, nobody else will have a copy of this one-off vinyl collection and it won't be for sale online or in store. It's produced just for our subscribers. In the next few months, you'll be able to download all the tracks. We're anticipating physical delivery of the four-disc set from September. In a year that a special edition of The Joshua Tree celebrates its 30th anniversary, this is a unique companion piece…available only to our subscribers.

Here's the track listing.

Vinyl 1
Side A - With or Without You 1987
Side B - With or Without You (Live 2017)

Vinyl 2
Side A - I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For 1987
Side B - I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (Live 2017)

Vinyl 3
Side A - Where the Streets Have No Name 1987
Side B - Where the Streets Have No Name (Live 2017)

Vinyl 4
Side A - In God's Country 1987
Side B - In God's Country (Live 2017)

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I still haven't found what I'm looking f
Happy to come to joshua tree anniversary show at Berlin Olympic stadion
Opening Night
U2 put on a great show! Really cool how they started the show with just the lights and them playing, with no special effects. Loved the version of Beautiful Day that they played as well. However getting into the floor for the concert was the worst experience I've ever had at a show. Lined up at 6:15 to get in, didn't get in until 8:45, and completely missed Mumford and Sons who I was really looking forward to see.
Opening night in Vancouver!
We loved the show from Mumford and Son to the final lights up finale. Awesome seats to view the clearest video screen I've seen and the footage was many emotions from driving the highway in California high country to heartbreaking Syrian refugee camps. Good luck on the rest of the tour! Can't wait to receive more Joshua Tree vinyl! I have the remastered heavyweight side 3 "In God's Country" playing now.
1987/2017 Joshua Tree Journey
I had the indescribable experience of running (literally) from my job @ the LA Times down Main Street in the skidrow area of LA to be part of my favorite band's video. I was one of the early ones-got a spot directly under the liquor store's sign within feet of my boys!,, See you @ Rose Bowl
The best ever
Seen them the last time amazing can't wait for croker
Buffalo NY to Rosebowl
Saw them in 1987 and going to be at Rose Bowl 2017
Joshua tree
I was in croke park 1985 got hooked , joshua tree 1987 seen them in croke , then cork then in the kings hall belfast, 3 brill concerts , taking my 16 yr old son to croke this july , he's hooked too , cant wait !!!i feel 30 yrs younger, happy birthday dear leader
See you at the RoseBowl next week!!
Super vinyl
Thank you , what a super pressie to your long time fans! Love vinyl, more vinyl please.
Pure Bliss
3 years to the day, the big show. With, not without, my 14 year old daughter.
Amsterdam 29 July
Can't wait for the 29th of July, when je come to Amsterdam
Vancouver will rock tonight!! See you guys. :-)
Thor u2
Excellent item long live vinyl
Great idea love vinyl instead of horrible soul less downloads which suck! More vinyl please!
So excited!! Rain or shine we will be dancing the night away
see you in Amsterdam x
I need a record player! Cool present :) looking forward to the show.....
Michael Coleman
amazing collection I cannot wait it will be superb
Beautiful day
Out of control in Barcelona. See you
wow I'm old - love U2.
I can still remember going the the LA sports arena 30 years ago for the JT tour. What a magical night. They return months later to play the LA coliseum nights before they would head to Arizona for the Live shows that would become Rattle and Hum. Can't wait to see this again next week at the Rose Bowl. Rock on!
So looking forward to seeing you in Seattle, Sun. 5/14! What a perfect Mother's Day gift that will be!! We were able to travel up to see you in Vancouver, B.C. 2 yrs ago, and you were all so amazing! My Husband and I saw you our senior year in HS for your Rattle and Hum concert at the ASU Sun Devil Stadium....we just celebrated our 25th anniversary, and now we get to celebrate your 30th anniversary for Joshua Tree!! So Awesome!! Love you guys!! Thank you for the very special vinyl record set!! Love and Hugs to you! ~Karen
Joyeux anniversaire Bono
Happé birthday Bono
I have no words!!
I saw U2 for the first time in 2006 in São Paulo/Brazil. Now I am looking forward to see you guys again in Seattle next Sunday!
Thanks a million!
Thank you very much!! It's a very magnificent gift. Looking forward to seeing you!
Vinyl 2
Can't wait
Thank You
I Saw U2 for the first time in Rotterdam Feyenoord Stadium, exactly 30 years ago sins then I am addicted en now i,m going wit my daughter in the same age i was . Thank you for this gift See U in amsterdam 2 nights in a Row !!
Dang! Now I need to buy a record player (haven't had one in over 16 years) :-)
patricia corbett
i wait them.
It's a musical journey.
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