Thrill Me

9 Aug 201233

'Riddle me this, riddle me that…'

It was back and sounding fresh as ever on U2360 but maybe you'd forgotten the time Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me took the band to play in Gotham City.

With its genesis in the Zooropa recording sessions, 'Hold Me Thrill Me' turned out to be an inspired choice for the soundtrack of the1995 movie Batman Forever.  As this great find from our archives shows, Kevin Godley's animated video was also pretty special. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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Top 5 Easily
This is easily in my Top 5 Best U2 Songs list. The Achtung / Zooropa era was the best straight up rock writing that Bono, Edge, Adam, and Larry.
My fave
This is my all-time favorite U2 song.....the guitar, the vocals - it's the essence of a U2 song in every chord. Bono belts it with passion like in every truly great piece of music they make.
My fave
This is my all-time favorite U2 song.....the guitar, the vocals - it's the essence of a U2 song in every chord. Bono belts it with passion like in every truly great piece of music they make.
The Best
This is my favourite U2 song.Everything about it is so good.Love turning it up loud and blowing the speakers with that drum and guitar at the start!!!Awesome. Hope it makes the next live album.
love the guitar and distortion
Just a great full-blooded rock song. It makes an awesome 1-2 punch with Gone, its thematic cousin. Along with some others of you, I wonder how big Hold Me could have been if it had the higher profile of being on a full length album. I think the same thing about Window In The Skies.
My favorite Batman
It's my favorite batman movie in great part because of this song! So cool!!
amazing song, never liked the link to th
great song, great sound. but why sell it out to batman. just kills what the song is about. I think this could have been so much bigger if it wasn't for the batman tie-in.
One my all time fav U2 songs
You don't know how you got here, you just know you want out, believing in yourself almost as much as you doubt!!! Genius lyrics, from start to finish! Love U2!!!
Some of the best lyrics put to paper
This song is not only fantastic musically, it contains one of my favorite verses in any song, ever. "They want you to be Jesus They'll go down on one knee But they'll want their money back If you're alive at thirty-three And you're turning tricks With your crucifix You're a star " Some of the best, most relevant social commentary to date!
GREAT video!
Superb animation; really captures the comic book feel more than the feel of the rubbish movie. Yes that book was CS Lewis' SCREWTAPE LETTERS - a masterpiece of 20th century Christian theology - amazing that it was in this video (fits in with the McPhisto persona + the video's theme of dark identity, disguise etc).
animated video once again? :)
One of my favourites :)) Have You thought of making another animated music video? With You U2 as characters in it? It would be great, really :) By the new album for example :)
but is not every song like WTF COOOOOOOLLLLL
Thrilling video
With this video U2 used a very special kind of visuals, presenting themselves as comic figures in a surreal modern world. Mixed with film sequences and short images of ZOO TV it reveals a sense of irony that was characteristic of some works U2 created in the 90s. Great animated artwork going along with the power of straightforward rock and roll.
first great track off a phenomenal sount
besides the mighty HMKMKMTM... brandy + lenny kravitz 'where are you now', the devlins 'crossing the river', the great michael hutchence covering 'the passenger' ... plus others... i saw the movie on cable years after i bought the soundtrack... great symphonics in u2's theme as well as the usual majestic sonics... easier times back then... better times ahead though cos' sometimes the present seems a bit too shady, and that's no riddle..
Out of all the Batman movies I've ever seen Forever and Batman and Robin were the worst. BTW Dark Night Rises was freakin' awesome, better than both Dark Knight and Batman Begins. I know big call.. About the song though, Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me was one of the greatest rock songs ever. I wish both this and Ultra Violet were both in the encore. It should go: HMTMKMKM, Ultra Violet, WOWY, Moment Of Surrender / Love Is Blindness.
gosh batman
beatifull meditation of rockstar condition "You're a headache, in a suitcase You're a star" "They want you to be Jesus They'll got down on one knee But they'll want their money back If you're alive at thirty-three" great verse! insuperable. the book read in the cartoon ("the screwtapes letters") is the c.s.lewis book? are u2 influenced by lewis in your lyrics? regards from italy.
Holy haberdashery Batman !
Great trashy animated video this one, love it !!
Great then ever better now
Wish hold me, thrill me made the cut for U22. 360 brazil would had made a good entry. But it never to late for a sequel U222.
The Best Song to BATMAN BSO
Amazing... in Popmart.... and now in the 360º so amazing song
Where the streets have no name
many U2 songs are special to me-however the performance at the super Bowl following the September 11 attacks-did it for me. To this day I watch that over and over. When Bono opened his jacket and showed the american flag-I cried. This song will always bring me back to that day when U2 showed support & love for a hurting nation.
U2, thrill us!!!
What a sound!!!!!
Grande 3:16
Hard to beLIEve it's been 17 years!
It was absolutely magic when I heard it going down the Kennedy Expressway eastbound in Chicago. It was played and broadcast live from Sarajevo all those years ago in 1993. Pure Magic!!
My first time!!
This was the first U2 song I heard. Since then I became into a hardcore fan!!
Rock 'n Roll
Both song and videoclip are as Rock 'n Roll as Batman himself!
Thrill U
The song that hooked me.
HMTMKMKM brought U2 to my attention in a big way, and they have never left. I think, 17 years (!!!) later, the animation is far more interesting, making me wish the movie clips weren't there. However, the song remains the same...excellent!
The Greatest
This is the song that got me into U2 and rock music in a big way. If my highschool years had a soundtrack, this song would be the 1st single. I still play this on my guitar whenever the mood strikes me.
Thrill Me
The boys look so young....
makes me want to be a kid again
i remember that video...the movie and when the song came out...great song...great video...good memories
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