Tiny Desk: Edge & Bono

20 Mar 20239

Tiny Desk: Edge & Bono

Joined by a teen choir from the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C. here’s Bono and Edge performing for NPR's Tiny Desk.

Opening with Beautiful Day, they also played Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of, In a Little While and - dedicated to the people of Ukraine -  Walk On.

"All of these years trying to avoid a desk job." quipped Edge. "I'm getting into it."


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Still savoring this.
It's been "a little while" since you two did this at NPR, but I still remember how delightful it was (the next day?) to wake up and find it fed to me by Google or Facebook or something ....what a surprise and delight! What a perfect choice for NPR to have you do a Tiny Desk concert. I was still getting acclimated to Songs of Surrender and this was the perfect accompaniment. Enjoying the singing again, as well as the memory of the discovery. I surely hope that someday I hear the two of you do some numbers in an Irish pub. I don't care how old we all are as long as it happens for real sometime. Meanwhile, I'll listen to this whenever I nurse that fantasy!! Carry on, boys!
I listened to SOS and it wasn't until the 3rd time that I realized how magnificent it was.
From Portugal. Thank you very much for T
Sou fã dos U2 desde os 17 anos, desde 1987. Os U2 fazem parte da minha vida e estiveram presentes em todas as fases da minha vida. Perdi o meu pai na adolescência. Apaixonei me pela Inês e a banda sonora das nossas vidas tem sido composta por músicas dos U2. As minhas filhas...estiverem ao meu colo pela primeira vez ao som de Stay. Sou professor de História e dirijo o Clube de Teatro da escola. A banda sonora...U2. Obrigado por tornarem a minha vida melhor. Thanks guys for make my life better. O love The new álbum.
In a comfortable room
Great performances and vocals! It's much fun to watch Bono and The Edge play in such a relaxed way. With lots of stuff around this comfortable room offers perfect surroundings for a concert with an intimate atmosphere. I enjoy listening to these acoustic versions beautifully accompanied by this teen choir.
conor kavanagh
Loved it fantastic
I loved it Beautiful Day was amazing, I loved Bono says go on do an Edge. And he does a beautiful guitar sound. Oh and In A Little While, was just superb
I would enjoy my desk job if it was like this! Absolutely adore U2 and can’t wait to see them live again! They are the best and I am loving the this new album!! They never cease to amaze me!
Special Event
thanks so much for dropping in on Tiny Desk, it is an extraordinary venue, and you guys certainly did it justice. The magic and the comfort that you guys exhibited was truly wonderful.
Performance emozionante
Una performance veramente emozionante,sembrava di essere lì,in quel preciso momento mentre Bono e The Edge si esibivano. Non sono solo le parole degli U2 che ti colpiscono,ma anche la musica,i riff,l'armonia e l'atmosfera che si crea quando Bono e la sua band si esibiscono. In questa performance si sente la dolcezza e quel tocco delicatissimo che Bono da alla sua voce che ti fa scoppiare il cuore.Pagherei oro per poter cantare con loro.
Trimmed Back
Edge has trimmed back the U2 sound. Ever Brilliant. A four piece by a two piece with no hairpiece.
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