'Today, I met invisible people…'

12 Apr 201613

'Today, I met invisible people. People who don’t feel they exist. Some who don't even have a memory of another home because they were born in this camp….'

Writing for the New York Times, Bono reports on his visit to refugee families and camps in Kenya, Jordan and Turkey.

'Razorwire is a symbol of the refugee life...'
Ahead of discussing refugees and development aid at a Senate hearing in Washington, Bono was a guest of Morning Joe. Watch it here.

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Middle East and European refugee crisis
Dear Bono and the boys in the band, I am a retired teacher of modern languages. Month after month, day after day, we see - across all the media - images of thousands upon thousands of refugees who continue to risk their lives ( children and babies etc etc). All so horrendous, desperate and heart-breaking. Fellers, please do what you can to put extra pressure on the world's leading politicians to give even more support to all these poor people. A final thought - not just their journey to Europe and then their plight following their arrival. - further examples are the refugees in camps in the middle east - e.g as ISIS are pushed to their final defence of Mosul by the end of the year and their expected capitulation, there will be 1 - 2 millions more people who will be displaced. Even now, already, the camps are at breaking point for supplies and human support for the refugees. Bono and the boys, please please please use your high profiles to help in whatever ways that you can. Yours, David Hodges
Bono you give off light through the dark
You are one of my heroes, since Live Aid in 1985. I have always admired someone who has the ability to speak up about unpopular and tough topics, inspiring world leaders to help the powerless throughout the decades. May God protect you and your loved ones....
One lit candle, lights a billion
Thank you, Bono. Your tireless search and perseverance for what should be, is always a blossom of light. Actions speak fathoms more than words. Although, words ignite the fire that burns the heart into motion. Just help a brother or sister right next to you, right down your street. It all spreads like a wildfire. Keep on keeping it real. HE>i
i believe we in western Europe have NO r
Sure our society needs to advance, but this is a sick situation, there is no longer only a third world but also a fourth and fifth....... war and greed are bad consultances, we must no longer accept this, every person no matter were has the right on a good and prosperous life no matter what. 1 planet, 1 humanity....... ps sorry for the errors (sure there must be :))
Invisible darkness
It's not hard when you lose everything to feel invisible even in America.But in America we have trash cans..they don't even have that.Thank you for reminding me.I pray to Mother Mary for your Compassion,Talent & Safety during your travels.
To The B man from the K man
From another universal prospective the human race is a face in the crowd.
Celebrity well spent!
Thank you for climbing up on your big, fat, mic'd stage and giving your voice for the voiceless. Please don't stop Bono...bug the hell out of them all till the job is done! Humanity needs this. ...Now I feel like climbing up on my own little footstool to see who I can help and who I can nag!
a sad world we live in….
In what a sad world we live in? I'll never understand why human beings can be so inhuman. We will never learn from history. Since there is humanity, there is injustice, war, atrocities, violence .... wickedness. Bono, I want to thank you for your tireless work against injustice and thank you for your incredible love for people - no matter where they come from. I wish there were more Bono's in the world - and Mother Earth would be a better place! Thank you for everything!!!!!!
I'm always mixed feeling about humans and humanity. The hope is people who act trying to change the world. thanks Bono!
The world needs more bono!
I saw it
I saw the news article and thought it was well thought out and presented. But struggled to understand the expert witness material and opinion expressed at Capitol Hill, especially the 'comedy' remark. May have been lost in the reporting translation by Sky News perhaps.
Bono is 100% Right.
A sort of Homecoming !!
Bono makes a lot of sense here... hope they're listening.
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