6 Oct 20099
Rolling Stone was suitably wowed by Sunday's show which it reports was 'curated with eclectic bravura by Hal Willner' and turned into 'a riotous three-hour party, with a to-hell-with-genre rollcall of the many friends Friday has made in his art-rock pop-art film-score and noir-theater travels.'

And the members of U2 were all over the show: 'Bono the Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. were on and off stage half a dozen times; U2's Friday covers included 'I Want to Live' (done with techno drive and Joshua Tree-like space) and the crusted-glam bomb 'King of Trash.' Bono also took a solo spot, turning on his Irish Sinatra for the Shag Tobacco elegy 'The Last Song I'll Ever Sing.'

Jon Pareles in the New York Timesfound 'the concert juxtaposed delicacy and brute force, intimacy and irony. It had tender moments, like Mr. Friday's opening 'Apologia'; duets with Antony Hegarty (of Antony and the Johnsons) on 'He Got What He Wanted' and 'Angel'; and Mr. Friday's desolate 'You Take Away the Sun,' with the shimmering backup of Bill Frisell on guitar, Hank Roberts on cello and Mr. Seezer on piano.

'Martha Wainwright gave a luminous performance of 'You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart,' a ballad steeped in Irish tradition that was written by Mr. Friday, Mr. Seezer and Bono; Andrea Corr, of the Irish pop group the Corrs, was poised and gentle in 'Time Enough for Tears.'

Spinner said the show was 'a dream for fans as the hallowed hall saw incredible pairings, performances and different sides of well-known artists.

'Early in the night, after Friday and Courtney Love rocked their way through a steamy cover of Magazine's 'The Light Pours Out of Me,' Friday said, 'Only one thing can follow that,' and brought out Scarlett Johansson and Rufus Wainwright. That one-upmanship kept going until the end of the night, when after a magnificent solo turn by Bono, Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed came out to join Friday, the Edge and Bono for a raucous post-modern 'Sweet Jane.' How do you improve on that?'

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Adam Sat Down?
I forgot. One more thing. Of all the guests who attended GAVIN'S party, the only one I couldn't see was ADAM!! I was 5th row stage right and ADAM decided to sit down, rear of stage, beside the drum kit. Tired from the previous night's gig? I saw every guest artist but you Adam. Didn't even know you were on the stage..........the lady next to me told me you were there! And you're tall......it's like my Dad. I can spot that hair color anywhere if you're upright!! AGAIN, otherwise, AWESOME night, great talent, fun guests, read Willie William's diary from U2 and he designed the lighting......using just Carnegie Hall's house lights and he did a fine job for Gavin too!! Used colored light filters along with light and dark for his effects. What a GROUP effort for GAVIN GAVIN GAVIN!!!
It's over...
After long wait finaly the date came and we were there. The whole familly was there, Me (Ricardo, dad), Riky (12), Alma (Mom)and the little Regina (3). This jurney started in Mexico 3 years ago then we move our lives to Memphis TN to finally land in Atlanta to see those old friends since vertigo tour in Mexico city. The show, no coments from my side, I just saw little Regina coming up after a nap while Muse was performing, and she started watching, claping and almost singing with me. We all enjoyed but as everithing it has and end but we will keep it in our memories for lon long time.
Spectacular! Spectacular!
If you're an informed devotee of this band, you have to know this night was an all-star lineup of the U2 Family Album. It was Open Mic Night at The Dubliner, on Pluto (where the ZooTV satellite still spins in orbit), or a dapper descent into Hell for a bottle of milk... Yes, I was there, and I kept dissociating on the idea of the Virgin Prunes opening for early U2-- or this present manifestation of the Prunes kicking off the spectacle of ZooTV... wow. Courtney Love got it right: where early U2 was all angel-voices, white light, justice and love, it's clear the Virgin Prunes were alternately mumbling and shrieking much darker prophecies. As a long-time U2 obsessor, I couldn't help but sense the vamping spirit of MacPhisto or the flash-bulb assault of The Fly from U2's infamous "left-turn" period... and on this night all that decadence made even MORE sense than ever before. But this wasn't stealing from the thieves, this was saying "Thanks" and "I love you" to an obvious source of inspiration and deep affection running back for decades. And, oh look, there's Lou Reed to drive that point home! It was like spending real time with the cousin of your best friend- the one your friend is always talking about- and tripping out to realize he's all he was cracked up to be. So as much as U2 fans could take from the night (and it was mind-numbing)-- this night was all Gavin Friday, and has to have been one of his most triumphant moments. I'm in fan-boy bliss that I got to witness it- all for a donation to (Red). And I didn't even mention Lady Ga Ga... who left us all feeling a bit Ga Ga... Even now-- see? "Ga Ga." -Legendary night.
Viva la differance
K'pow Genre explosion, Gavin's jukebox pinata. ole, bravo and assembled musicians, amigos und starlettes of Gavin & NY's epicenter y Grande Dame , Carnegie Hall!
Eric Mingus
Most reviews of this fantastic show fail to mention the inclusion & performance of Eric Mingus,who is a singer,songwriter,bassist&poet who was asked by Gavin to participate.His duet w/Gavin was a show highlight(yet the 'powers that be'failed to recognize him or his special performance.Not to mention that his Dad played a legendary concert@Carnegie Hall back in '64,the reviewers(& some of the lightweight "luminaries",should have acknowledged this fine,undervalued performer a little more than they did.Overall,a fine show(but the music world still has a double standard).
take pity on us
Please tell me someone captured this night on video for a future dvd sale! Even if only bootleg quality. Take pity on us poor souls who were not lucky enough to attend....she said, as she folded to her knees, with pleading face and hands.
something special
I knew the night was something special. Great to read the formal 'reports' are honoring it as well.
Want to hear that!
Im from Austria and I'd really love to hear the concert. Maybe I'll get the chance to it at sometime in the future. Maybe via u2.com cheers and rock n roll from Austria!
To hell with genre
it sounds it has been a glorius and prolific night of music and art performances in good armony
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