Two Hearts Beat As One

31 Aug 2022148

"The morning of our wedding day, August 31, 1982, I finally left home…"

It was forty years ago that Bono and Ali got married and to celebrate this special milestone, here's another original animation drawn from Bono’s forthcoming memoir "SURRENDER."

Watch the animation and in the comments below send your good wishes to Ali and Bono.

This striking short film created with Bono's hand-drawn illustrations is another great insight into "SURRENDER: 40 Songs, One Story," which will be published on November 1 and is available for preorder now using the links below.

"Two Hearts Beat As One", written on Ali & Bono’s honeymoon, is a song with special meaning for both of them.


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All the best
You've both been an inspiration to me for decades. It can't have been easy at all with navigating the music business and fame on top of ordinary relationship stresses. I hope you're well and continue to be happy.
First song at our wedding too!
29th December 1990, with only a handful of U2 concerts under our belts. Fast forward and the band are responsible for our fabulous globe trekking adventures from the UK, to Germany, Italy, Ireland, France (The Bercy return gig after the horrendous Friday 13th Nov experience), NYC and the land of OZ
For many more years to come
Hi you both Congratulations for this 40’th wedding anniversary and for many more to come. Big hug Mamen
un exemple de beautés
tenir un couple avec ses hauts et ses bas n'est facile pour personne, les affres de la célébrité et le rythme de vie imposé par un groupe de rock mondialement connu a sans doute complexifié la tâche alors... félicitation à ce couple qui tient avec la manière, sans perdre leur beauté et bonté d'âme.
Two hearts..
I just got married and I really hope that in 40 years my marriage will be so strong and beautiful as yours. Happy anniversary to both of you! Laura
40's of love
What an exemplary life course
Happy 40th!
Such a sweet recollection of your special day! Thanks for sharing it with us, your fans. Hope you enjoy many more happy years together.
A more than special passionate love
Sweetest thing and blessed union, congratulations on 40 years of marriage and in all songs made for this special love
Happy Anniversary
Congratulations. Wishing you many more memorable years together. PS. Glad you made it “out of the house”.
Happy 40th Anniversary!
Congratulations Bono and Ali! You have weathered through this chaos we call life. Much respect for you two. Celebrate with those closest to your heart.
You Are Both Blessed!
I believe I remained teary from word one. While I sadly live through divorce, my heart never let go of what you describe about your beautiful wife. God bless you with unlimited love, growth, intimacy. Forever grateful for the sharing of your anniversary in such a transformational way.
So happy you found each other and your love story continues. AYNIL♥️LIAYN
Happy 40th!
Amazing how your beautiful story sounds like the lyrics from one of your songs. Cheers to you and the Misses.
True Love
Congratulations on 40 years! This clip is perfect. My husband and I will celebrate 40 years on October 9th. It’s all about love…and carrying each other. All the learning, growing up together, sharing, caring, struggles, concerns, failures, fun, adventures, respect, communication…LOVE, that’s what it is…LOVE!
Marriage advice from Bono
Me and my wife (fiancé at the time) met Bono and I told home we were getting married in a week! He then looked at me and said “Be careful!” Congrats on your anniversary and since I’ve been been following Bono’s advice, we’ve approaching 18 years married.
Happy Anniversary and best wishes to you both on this special day.
Ali & Mark
We want to wish you a very Happy 40th Anniversary to a Ruby couple ❤ It is our 25th wedding anniversary this week, we met in Paris on Zoo TV, and got married on Pop - so as you so graciously always say thanks for giving us a great life - well back to you thanks for giving 'us' a great life. Many congratulations and Enjoy your celebrations Ali and Mark, Newcastle, England.
40 years, "40 "... a great number! God bless you and give you the strenght to walk together for many years ahead
40 years de pure love
Congratulations Bono and Ali for 40 years of union. It's not easy at all, I know (I'll be married for 10 years) but if you've reached this date together, it's a sign that you love each other and that you are already part of the other. May God continue the beautiful and making you very happy. Celebrate this beautiful and unforgettable date. You deserve!
You both have a unique relationship, so happy for you both…. 40 years wow ❤️ A wonderful family too. You both must feel so blessed
Happy 40 wedding anniversary ❤️
Love is bigger than....
Dear Bono and Ali, As someone who has been married and divorced twice, I admire anyone who has such longevity in their marriage, especially when one of the individuals is a rock star, surrounded by drooling women! I was a drooling teenager in the mid 80s with a huge crush on Bono (and Edge) and was so jealous of Ali I couldn't bear to look at photos of her. But now my admiration is sincere and I hold Bono and Ali up as examples of what a true marriage should be. My heartiest congratulations on 40 years, and thank you for sharing this wonderful video! I loved it!!!
She must have been a good teacher!
Happy Anniversary Bono and Ali!
40 Years!
40 in the scriptures signify completions and new beginnings. May you have both today and every day. Huge congrats.
Happy Anniversary
Bravo for love and light!
40 anni, 4 figli stupendi, sempre uniti…congratulazioni, vi ammiro e vi auguro altri 40 anni insieme ❤️
Congratulations Ali and Paul
May God continue to bless you and keep, make his face to shine upon you, be gracious to you, look upon you with favour and give you peace. Amen
Placed your feet upon a Rock
What a journey .I love that you Bono have held Ali close away from us just on the fringes of us the fans to know you are one. Like so many you never put on the alter your duo that so many have sacrificed on behave of success. Ali kept you real and you kept us entertained, Take it easy and God speed Happy Anniversary from NZ
Congrats on your anniversary, I was married 29 years last Saturday. We planned to get married on a Saturday all those years ago, was a huge U2 fan and Chris Roche rang me to tell me U2 had booked Croke Park for one night only, so 6 months before our wedding we changed everything, we got married on Friday, went to U2 on Saturday !!! And have seen the band on every tour. Delighted Ali you got together and helped to steer your husband ( and yourself and family )in the various directions you have travelled. Celebrate
Love to all
Happy anniversary Bono and Ali!! You're a truly inspiring couple. The sweetest thing! Love you both!! Best wishes from Brazil.
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